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Friday, March 16, 2012

Be still, my beating heart

I have one weakness. One that has caused quite a few stirs in my relationship. It's so bad that sometimes all I want to do is to have it constantly and not let it end. Throw a mental fit when it does not go on and on. 

My weakness my friends, is my Judith McNaught novels. 4 favourite novels of hers to be exact. Paradise, Perfect, Something Wonderful and the classic, Whitney My Love.

The writing, the story line, the witty banters, and most importantly, the romance and chivalry. Oh. My. God. I want to live in her novels! One thing I love about her novels is that her heroines are never the weak, 'oh help me I'm lost', swooning women you read in other romance novels or in Disney movies. They are always strong, witty, beautiful and gets their happy ending. Sort of like a Mulan movie in words. 

I will be in MY zone when I read her novels, mentally picture the scenes vividly and feel those emotions flowing through the pages. 

And whenever I am reading on the of four novels and am in one of my PMS-y moods and am itching for a fight, I would frown at the bf and say "why can't you be like him?". The bf, who is used to my nonsensical outbursts will simply say, "one day, I'm going to BURN your books."


But honestly, I do read and love other more serious books as well, like Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, Anne Frank, The Tiger's Wife by Tea Obreht, Princess by Jean Sasson, Harry Potter (haha), etc. But nothing gets to me as much as McNaught. 

I remember after I read my first JM book last year, I was on a business trip with a colleague and I look to her still with my dreamy eyes and said "Now I get why she is so famous."

Okay, I really thought I needed to write this down because I've not been this obsessed about an author since JK Rowling. Although I am probably 20 years too late to catch the bandwagon but I'm still a fan no less. 

You have my heart Matt Farrell and Jordan Townsende. Shh, don't tell that to my boyfriend. 

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