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Monday, August 01, 2011

Month number 8

First day of August! Where did the earlier half of my year go? What a quick half a year it was before I opened this page and poise my fingers to create this post. A touch of what had happened in the past 8 months since my previous post:

1.      - My girl YLY had her beautiful wedding ceremony in Phuket. The whole group, boys and girls packed our bags and gears and celebrated their union by the Andaman sea.
2.      - Sold the first house, and bought another in the span of 2 months. Now we are in the final stages of minor renovations before our things can slowly trickle in to fill up the spaces. The only thing I’m looking for now that is proving to be a major hurdle is a nice, large shoe cupboard.
3.      - My girl YLL (extra L, one less Y than the above friend), recently got herself engaged!! What’s more exciting was the fact that we were all involved / there when it happened! Never would I have thought that GTHY was as romantic as he is. Super excited that we have another wedding to look forward to! J
4.      - Since the last post, I’ve clocked in at – Bali, Langkawi, Phuket, Singapore (twice), Hong Kong (twice).  

Another exciting travel plan coming up end of this month where the fam, sans bro and grandma will be heading to London for a 10 days break. Although my cousins have stayed at my house countless of times since our younger days whenever they are in the country, this will be the first time that sis and I will be returning the favor.

I'm sounding a little choppy at the moment, give me some time before I get back into the groove of writing again.

In the meantime, hang tight and hopefully another post will be up soon. :) 

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