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Monday, May 12, 2008

Mambo and more

Mambo last wednesday night with the coursemates was absolutely fun! It's always when things have ended that you just started to appreciate it. Come two more weeks or so, everyone would have jetted off to their choice of place.

A few of the girls (px, fei, jw) were supposed to come by my place to get ready before we head to kl, but these perempuans, took their own sweet time. So while waiting 'patiently' for them, i took out my ol' skool curlers from way back world war one heh, and started curling my hair.

This is the outcome...

But my hair, being naturally straight and artificially sraightened as well, went back to its original form even before we stepped into the club. Lol. How sad is that
Haha, that last picture was supposed to be focusing on my backdrop with minimal narcism. Lol.

Apart from this, my London cousin just got here on Saturday. The last he was here was 8 years ago, so i've brought him to a few places, namely the Attic and Sungei Wang. haha. However, my aunt has brought him to more places for shopping la. He'll be here for 3 weeks, until after his sister's wedding. So there's still loads of time for all his shopping spree. (Almost a decade ago, his sister came during one of our sales and bought up a storm of heels claiming "it's practically free!" haha the exchange rate at that time was like 8 i think. )

I wanna migrate there..

My holidays have just started! I've got to start packing for my tioman trip. Sun, sea and booze fun! Ahh Bliss!

After this, Spore and Hanoi! :)

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Blogger *shereen* said...

Yo, I understand you are at Tioman now is it? When you coming down Sg ar? I might go back this weekend.
I cannot tahan. : )

13/5/08 12:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man,..........how I miss those days......eat, sleep, eat sleep onli...........

13/5/08 4:14 pm  
Blogger Lynnie said...

reen: not yet..going later tonight :p

anon: haha when you have it, you dont want it, and when you dont, you want it. vicious cycle. lol

13/5/08 7:00 pm  
Blogger ≈Pë¦ Xzàŋ≈ said...

the bites damn itchyfying la babe...urghhhh

and my parents said my tone got not much difference. :`(

17/5/08 1:35 am  

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