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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back to reality

Tioman was loads of fun! Snorkelling, lazing on the beach, hanging out with friends.. when's the next one guys? :) One thing though, during one of the many snorkelling stops, as i was trying to find a way to get down from the boat, i banged my head pretty hard on the pole/railing. It was so hard that i heard the loud 'thung' first before i even realised the pain. A large blueish red-ish bump appeared not long after that. Gosh, it's still painful as of now.

Apart from that, everything was relaxing and nice. As there was no coverage for both maxis and digi, we were practically cut off from the outside world. Save for one person's phone with celcom line. I kind of liked that feeling of distancing myself away from my life back home. Without the worries, etc. Cowardly, but true.

I am also a few shades tanner. Which i feel is a good thing, seeing that being tan gives the illusion that i'm somewhat toner and more slender. haha. Not that fair and flabby.

Today was spent lazing around the house and packing for tomorrow. I even took some time for a little pampering- eyelash extensions! Haha.. i look like bambi right now. I love it! Maybe i should sign up for the one year package.

This year will be the first in many years that i will not be home for the Wesak Day celebrations. Every Wesak, i will either handle/sell/visit the Brickfields MahaVihara/BUBS food fair. I feel a little heavy hearted for breaking the tradition but life is all about moving on ain't it? :(

On the other hand, news on the earthquake stricken areas makes me sad. I feel so helpless knowing that i am able here but can't do much to help them. I've been looking through Mercy Corp website finding for ways in which i can volunteer to help those victims. Doesn't matter where. I don't want to just donate money, i want to be there, helping hands on. Are there any NGOs conducting relief efforts to them?

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Blogger mcc said...

Tzu Chi n International Red Cross is allowed there; what wld v do with the situation liket that??? Wondering still.........If v r able these situations at all......

18/5/08 5:01 pm  

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