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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

call me miss moody

I know, this has become a drag... I'm sorry, but i gotta have a place to let it out don't i? ;)

I promise i'll try to make this the last one. Until next month that is.. heheh


For one, a ripple moves the entire ocean. And i really do not blame that, not entirely. Because it is not up to me to make any judgements, where i myself am guilty as well for being imperfect and jugdemental. Even this post itself is going to sound judgemental, and it is.

Playing the diplomatic role can be tiring. At the end of the day, who do we see at the finish line cheering you on? After 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years even.. who will have the patience and loyalty to wait at the finish line for you?

Loyalty, this is a heavy word. We can be close, but are we loyal? Loyal in the sense that we would fight for each other eventhough we would place ourselves in a disadvantage position. Loyal in the sense that we would defend each other from harm although if we don't, we are to gain. Loyal.. How many do you know that would do that for you?

We talk about others being there for us, but how often are we there for others? I know i am guilty for not being there for alot of people when they needed me. And i'm truly apologetic for my behaviour. But this is not to say that i am always in space, out of sight, out of the radar.. I am always there. Just, not physically...

Mentally, i am always there. With all whom needs me. However right now, i'm starting to think that maybe i have to protect myself further from thorns that will hurt me in the long run. Protect myself from those who only take and not give.

I am sad. I am drowning in my own thoughts. But i am not depressed. It's because apart from these troubles, i know that i still have people that i can count on. As they can count on me. Those who won't judge me as much as the rest. And those who are a little more loyal. I have also my dreams and future that keeps me sane. My future of a wonderful life, surrounded by people who love and care for me. Now tell me, isn't that everyone's dream? :)

For these past week, i've been doing alot of thinking, (which probably explains all my blog posts, which is probably detrimental to my health, but who's keeping track rite?) and i've come to the mental agreement that there are some that must be kept, and than there are some that no matter how hard i may try to hold on to, in the end, it will slip away from me. Like it always does.


I hardly take a deep breath and breathe in the beauty around me anymore, like how i used to. I would watch out for the colours of the sky, the different shades of green as reflected by the trees, the rich colours of the flowers etc.

My thirst for life have momentarily been sucked out from me. I may have met the dementors and been given the kiss of death. Haha.. which reminds me, Harry Potter book is coming out soon!

Talking about books, my nose is currently buried in Wally Lamb's 'I Know This Much Is True'. It's about a set of twin brothers, where one is mentally ill (siao) and the other is normal, and the normal bro is set to find out why the siao one is siao, while he is ok as they are both identical twins so in a way, they are each other. So he sets out to find out how to cure and save him while stumbling upon his family history that may be the answers to his questions.

This book is very mind stimulating. It really makes you examine your own personal feelings towards your family members and even to the people around you. It's so thought provoking that i am now thinking nonsense all day. Hahaha.. No, i'm just kidding. Wally Lamb has a way of weaving his words with your thought and emotions, that you feel what the character feels, and you think what he is thinking without writing it out for you.

Now that's a good writer there.

Aiyo, i just realise how long this post has become.. I will leave you with a saying from the book that popped out and knocked my senses into place.

"With destruction, comes renovation"


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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Baa Baa Black Sheep

In everything or where, there's bound to be one black sheep standing out like a sore thumb.

And i'm fucking tired of all the childishness and mess that comes with it.

Don't quote me on that tho. :p

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Monday, March 19, 2007

don't let the sun go down on me

I am now mentally and physically exhausted.


I don't know if this is the reason why i am feeling so emotional these few days. However, it doesn't help when i turn my attention to that. It makes me more emo, though it really doesn't concern me these days, as i know it shouldn't. Although it will have to, no matter what.

I gotta start thinking about my own well being for now. Have started to dream nonsense again. And i dislike it when it happens.

It's really the tiredness that is getting to me.

Someone take me on a holiday PLEASE!


Sunday, March 18, 2007


Hungry boys and girls, the time has arrived! Here are the pictures of the food at Lafite as promised! :)

Try not to wet the keyboard as you drool over these gastronomic images ya! hehehe

This is the Perspex tower of the Showcase Luncheon, where the appetizers and lusty desserts are placed.

California Ball- fresh crabmeat wrapped in avacado and rolled in rice puffs.

My main dish for lunch that day, Beef Truffle.
See the white thing that contains the sauce? That's a bone.

For those who love scallops, you'll enjoy this!
Scallop Tzatziki

Lamb cappucino

Good leh!!?!?! hehe.. this is only a portion of what is on the menu. They have alot of unique dishes that have been prepared in Malaysia before! So for more details on its taste and variety, head on over there for your answers! :)

Hahah damn hard sell man. But really, you gotta try it to believe it
I is no lying ok! :p

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Monday, March 12, 2007

beautiful snow, bites!

I am starting to realise that i probably have bitten off more than i can chew.

A robot wanders aimlessly waiting for its buttons to be pressed
A machine relying on a sane one to control it
A kite soaring majestically in the sky
Only to have a string tied to it at the very bottom.

*Okay, i don't know where that four lines was heading, but it just came out as i typed non stop without even thinking. Haha..

Ok, i really need my rest. But before i forget, i've 'gotten' the pictures of the food at Lafite! Hehe.. now all i need is to find the time and patience to load em up. :p

Wait for a while ya my dears!


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Help the Needy!

Hey guys, I'm currently in this new thing called Uberme. It's something like friendster, only cooler. Haha. And the big news is, i'm their ambassador! Yeah yeah..i know. But do me a favor can? Join it with me!

It allows you to blog with much more features as compared to friendster and blogger and you can upload videos easily as well. Just give it a try! Maybe you'll find that it's not that bad. :)

So if you do join, don't forget to add me ya! Just type "frozenrainbow" and poof! out comes my page for you to add. :)

Tolong tolong ya! Help the Needy!



Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My first fine dining experience

For two days in a row, i ate at Lafite. Not that i'm complaining, i am merely just gloating. Haha.

Lafite is one of the top fine dining restaurants in KL. What now with its new chef de cuisine, Chef Kevin, it has taken a totally different direction. Every has been twisted. Things that we usually only get to witness on discovery channel, about those foamy food using nitrogen and other creative things, we now can get it in Lafite.

Actually, we're running a PR campaign for it, that is why there are all these food reviews for media that somehow allows me to sit in and host them for a few reviews. Which means, i get to makan for free! Bagus ya? :) I think so too!

But really, you guys should try it out. They are having a Showcase Luncheon right now where it is only RM68++ per person. It includes a buffet appetizer and dessert where its array is fascinating, and also a main course.

However, you can only go for it on weekdays, 12-2.30pm. And they are closed on Sundays. Other than that, you can also go for dinner, where there are more choices and even crazier dishes. It's amazing what this chef whips up!

Just last night, he brought a vase of "pussy willows" made out of chocolate sticks and self-made popcorns, and also a pot of "cherry blossoms" made out of zesty cotton candy and chocolates disguised as sand. Sounds simple rite? But it looks so cute.. and it tastes good too.

Chze Hong, you should go and try it out! haha.. since you love food as well. But, u gotta book first before you go as the place is always full.

It's a good experience. :) I'll post of some pics of it when i can 'get' them. ehehehehe

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

I thought i had it.

There were so many things on my mind that i wanted to write, all of them just swimming in and out like a rave party. And then when i sit myself down comfortably, ready to pen it down, all of a sudden it becomes a see through glass with no substance to be collected.

Writer's block.

It's not good! What more when i need to write at least an article a week to secure my gold, and i don't even know where to start. Or what to start with.

Question: Does anyone have nice hangout places to be shared? And i need to know the place, the atmosphere, the food, the drinks etc. Please help ya! :)