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Sunday, January 28, 2007

As sexy as a pregnant cow

Since few months ago, every time i ovulate, i get heaty and i get cravings. And i mean serious cravings! From sour to salty and i've been eating up a storm.

I would crave tom yam one day and then pickled lettuce the next day. Even chicken stock soothes my craving. haha.. Yes, i've been that desperate as to eat chicken stock.

Can someone please tell me what is wrong with me?? And most of all, because of all these insane cravings, i can never seem to be full. Although my stomach will grow to the size of a lady 3 months pregnant, i still have space for more. Ask those who have eaten with me for the past week. I've ate and ate like a bottomless pit, and the result of that? The weight has been piling on at a record speed! Even my own mother is appalled by my eating habits.

I now do not walk. I waddle. Literally.

Even a top which i rarely wear unless i feel bloated because it's 'loose', became a tight fitting top for me few days ago. :(

I'm not complaining! Those who know me long enough would have known that i welcome any extra weight i can get. But it's human nature to yak about things they wish they had and when they do get it, they talk about it even more. This is exhibit A.

Anyway, enough about my weight gain. I do not like working. I do not abhor it, but i don't like it. It takes away too much of my time. I don't even have time to think when i come back. Oh ya, the upside is, i get to eat at the restaurants at a 50% discounted rate. That is if one of the employees bring me along with their card. And meals at the cafeteria is free. Tell me how not to put on weight??

I'm digressing.

Come March, almost all of the staff in my department will be leaving for one reason of another. Leaving me all alone in there with my boss. That's a really scary predicament for me because knowing my boss's temper, i am so gonna get into alot of trouble.

But apart from that, i am starting to feel quite comfortable with what i'm doing there right now. Maybe it's because i'm not doing much yet. Haha.

Last note: I don't like wearing skirt suits and black stockings every single day!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pictures' up!

I finally got the time to upload pictures!

16 Dec 06- Nee Sern and Swee Feng's Wedding
Gah! Because i'm feeling super tired/sleepy/lazy, the rest of the pictures won't be posted up. For now. However, i'll leave you to view them to your fancy from these links! :)
I'm nice aren't I?! heheh
Click away! -
Nee Sern & Swee Feng's Wedding
Hong Kong part 1
Hong Kong part 2

Thursday, January 18, 2007

After 1 and a half week of interning..

- been selfish and looking out for my own ass
- learnt to be patient and stayed out from trouble
- learnt that there are different types of press releases. Unlike what i've learnt in uni.
- been having free meals everyday! Sometimes even to the restaurants in the hotel. ;)
- learnt how to be a good PA. haha

Things i wish i would have done differently
- Stayed at the convention center and watched Il Divo!!! I had the 'all access pass' and i gave it back when the show started to go home. -_- Somebody ought to have slapped me then.

I'm starting to get the hang of things around my workplace. Although i cannot wait till it all ends in April, i will take this time to learn as much as i can and at the same time contribute to them as much as possible.

Oh ya, before these events become redundant,
* Hong Kong was marvellous! The food was marvellous! The weather was gloriously marvellous! Everything we could ever hoped for for a getaway.

I've not walked so much in years! But because of the weather, we didn't feel tired or frustrated. Instead, all we wanted to do was just to walk to as many places as we could. Haha.

Anyway, i'll update more about it next time. Pics will be up soon! I hope.
I don't even have ample time for myself. Sigh.. Working seriously is taking away all my time!

Oh, Happy 21st darl! ;) Though it's all over and celebrated, just wanted to wish you again. hehe.

Till next time folks!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Corporately Crawling

Finally, after days of worrying about my placings, i started my internship today! But, i feel that they weren't too used to having an intern around, hence leaving me to read the press kit they showed me over and over again.

I kept asking them if they needed help.. but to no avail.

"You can bully me you know. I let you bully me!"
"i dunno what to bully you with le.."

"Do you need any help with anything?"
"Erm.. i dunno how to pass to you le. "

Sad.. hopefully when my pc and phone line comes (tmrw if i'm lucky) , i'll be able to do something! You can even throw me a press release or feature article or a write up.. Anything!

I think they're plan is to make me stick close to the secretary and learn from her, so that when she goes to labour, which is prolly another month or so, i'll be able to fill in temporarily. Sigh.. she's my only friend there too. haha

So basically what i did the whole day was pose on my desk in full suit completed with black stockings and 4 inch pumps which i've got to wear everyday. Hehe.. not such a bad thing if you're lazy. I am! But i gotta have something to write in my daily reports, that is gonna be such a hassle if this persists.

Till next time folks! Wish me luck! ;)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

stressed up

My internship is still in a limbo.
I am accepted by one of the most prominent pr person in Msia, yet i am not certain when can i start.
Please oh please whoever up there and everywhere, please let me be able to meet her and settle it by this two days so that i can start by this week.
PLEASE help me!

I don't want to graduate a semester later.. :(