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Friday, July 28, 2006

bfless till sunday..

Whoa.. thank you for all your suggestions and input on which car is suitable etc. However, we'll just leave this issue till sometime end of this year to be decided. ;p

The bf is all the way in Zhuhai, or back in Guangzhou..not too sure, with his Dad for a business trip. Poor dear always gets asked to go for business trips with his dad when he hasn't even officially started working yet. Haha.. Hope he's enjoying himself there though.


Thursdays is when i look most forward to
because my classes ends by 11am and
Friday's class starts at 11am.
Most of all, thursday is one day away from weekends
when we can spend more time together than usual.
But now, the weekend comes without you in sight
However, i still remain gleeful
For it brings the day you're coming home closer!


Saturday, July 22, 2006

you give me empty words

Argh, my computer is currently infested with Trojan Horses. And it's infecting all my word documents changing them to applications. My assignments, my datas.. ALL infected!!

Damn it wey.

Luckily i've managed to transfer some important documents to my dad's laptop by resaving em as word documents again and quickly transfering it to the other laptop before my comp changes it to an application.

And to happen at a time when most of the assignment due dates are looming. :~(

/think happy.

Daddy told me last night that he most prob will be getting another car for me at the end of the year when my bro gets his licence, so lil bro can have the car i'm currently using. hehe.

He's thinking of maybe a wira. And i told him last night that it's not necessary, i can share the current car with my bro, we'll figure out a way, he can continue taking the school bus if he chooses to go for form6, blabla.. help him save money. And he said, "you think after he gets his licence he will take the bus?? he'll be fighting for the car!"

It's kinda true. Then, i thought about it, because i'll be going for my industrial training next year so having a car at my expense will be very much more convenient than relying on public transportation or working out a schedule of the car-usage.

So i flipped through the newspaper today and browse the cars for sale section.. and found that there are other second hand non-malaysian made cars that are around the same price range as a second hand wira. Hmm..

Hehe.. maybe we can work something out. ;)

Friday, July 21, 2006

My Word!

I just realised that this week is the first time in 9 weeks that i've not missed any classes. haha. usually it's one to two lectures a week that i will convince myself that i am too sleepy to drag my ass out of bed. BUT this week... boy, was i a good girl this week! ;)

Let's all hope that i keep this up eh!

Poor simon is down with fever and some other discomforts since two days ago. Poor boy.. do hope he gets well soon though.. so that we can go and eat kenny rogers. haha I'm just kiddin. I'll be going over to visit him with orange juice in a while.

Have a great weekend people!

Monday, July 17, 2006


15 July~ Birthday of Chung Jen-Ai, mummy of a very cute young advertising model baby, A-vys Chan!!! ;p Happy belated Birthday darlin! Muahs muahs xoxoxo

I was informed last week that i will be a bridesmaid in December! haha. I'll get to wear a tailor-made bridesmaid dress which will be identical in material and colour with the other bridesmaids.
BUT.. i get to choose my own design! ;p i can't wait..!

Simon and i brought his little niece out for dinner on Friday, and boy was that little girl on her best behaviour! (cute/not running about/disturbing ppl/wanting to eat everything, etc.)

"Uncle, one shchawbewwy aish-kweem pish"

Wah..cute giler wey. The last time we brought her out was to one u last year, and it was havoc. She wanted all the sweets she saw, she wanted to drink the whole cup of coke, she wanted to finish up the sweets we bought for her in one go, etc.

This time, it was much more pleasant, much more fun. We could even have nice conversations together. All three of us. Haha..
She's so lovable, and a maknenek.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

2 More Weeks

is the deadline for 1 individual thesis proposal, 2 advertising assignments along with self designed ads, and 1 very dry communication theories assignment.


and not forgetting the food poisoning that visited me yesterday, that left me feeling all woozy and stoned up till today. Of all the times i ate rubbish and things that were past their used-by date, nothing happened to me, not even a tingle of tummy ache.

However, the food i ate the day before were all normal looking, fresh from the stove (or so i hope)..
..the irony.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

go watch a good show today!

What supposed to be my last saturday morning of sleeping in late was spent watching the chartiy premier of Pirates of the Caribbean in KLCC.

Dad told me about it last night and since mom couldn't make it to watch with him and some family friends, i went! Lol. A movie date with my daddy. It was RM100 a ticket anyway, better not waste it eh? ;p

Nonetheless, it was a good movie! Though at some parts, i found Captain Jack Sparrow quite irritating.. but, overall it was entertaining.

I've still got some time to kill before i head out again for dinner with simon..
Should i do some work??
*procrastinate procrastinate procrastinate*

Thursday, July 06, 2006

i am guilty as charged :(

I'm moving into my 8th week of classes and i have not even started my thesis proposal which needs to be handed up in the 10th week. How do i even start with it??? Anyone with an experience in doing up this proposal who is willing to lend a helping hand? Or brain for that matter. And this is only just the proposal.. think about what will happen when i actually have to do the thesis?? Oh guacamoley!

This craving and urge of just putting down every assignment and work to go shop till the dawn is upon me. Again. Well, i actually can do just that.. it's not like i'm doing anything productive otherwise. I want to be doing something productive!

Sigh, i'm crying out empty words here.

Ooh, thinking of happy thoughts (to distract myself from the nagging voice asking me to get started on my work), i made it into the president's list again! Yay for me! :)

That's me and the course's top student, Edmund. I saw him reading what looks like a mini dictionary when i walked past him today. Must have read all the books that needed to be read.. tsk tsk.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

like a virgin, tagged for the very first time..

I have never been one to give a shit about tagging/forwarding emails because it will bring me good luck, etc. But because i am tagged by stupid peixzan :p heheh, i'm going to oblige.

The Rules--> Once you have been tagged you have to write six weird facts/things/habits about yourself. In the end, you need to pick six people to be tagged and list their names.

1. I have very bad sinus since young, so most of the time you see me, i will be sniffing or rubbing my nose.

2. To really know if i am freezing cold, just touch the tip of my nose. If it is cold, then i am feeling cold.

3. I love to go shopping and buy things, but i don't like spending. ;)

4. Everytime before i bathe, i have to wet the shower cubicle first. I like to see the walls wet le. This is one damn weird habit that i still can't figure out why i do it in the first place. *shy*

5. One of my toe is crooked due to growing up in ballet shoes. No space for it to grow..

6. I like things to be well planned.

I'm not gonna tag anyone. But if you feel like being tagged, then shoot ahead!

Omg. I just realised i am like a person with obsessive compulsive disorder. Oh Gosh Holy Moley! But rest assured, i can be spontaneous and fun too.
Yes i can.
Yes i really can!