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Thursday, March 30, 2006

He loves me

One way to tell he really loves you

He shares his regular plate of fried rice with you, giving you the spoon while he uses the fork. He does this willingly (it better be) eventhough it is already 3pm, and it is his first meal of the day.

A hungry boy wanting to share his food with you.
Now tell me, isn't that love? :)


I have been having migrains every day for the past 2 weeks.
*sniff sniff*
How do i make it go away?

Monday, March 20, 2006

weekend getaway

My brother's phone line in his room which incidently is the phone line for our internet connection died on us last friday. *poof* it did, just suddenly. So now, i'm at my uni's internet lab and the connection here is slow as hell. Oy, no internet at home is suffering.

Came back last night from spending the weekend in Singapore with my family. We stayed in a service-apartment on orchard road, Somerset Orchard. It's a nice cosy place with an equally cosy residents lounge that served us our continental breakfast complete with CNN and newspapers.

Naturally, grandma, mom, sis and i did what all women does best. Shopping! Boy, i was walking till my legs hurt and mom was still going on like an iron lady. Came home with 5 bags and countless of clothes/heels among us. What supposedly was a trip to visit my sister turned out to be a shopping frenzy. Ay, who says it doesn't happen all the time? ;)

Simon will be home tomorrow! I can't wait to see him and hug the air out of his 'wealthy' tummy.. heh

I'm too insecure to be surfing around the net in the lab with students constantly looking over my shoulder and peek at what i'm looking/reading. There's no privacy at all. I hope my internet connection at home will return soon enough. Till then, take care little children! :)

Lot's of love from the turtle lab,

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

no pain no gain

For the past few days, the inside of my bottom left cheek near my jawbone had been swollen due to the swelling of my gums thanks to my ever-growing wisdom tooth. I say ever-growing because i have been peeking half the top of the wisdom tooth for about more than half a year now, and it still remains this way. Sigh, my orthodontist have told me before that if the pain persists till i'm on the verge of banging my head on the wall, i will have to operate the tooth and get it out. I have a small mouth. 4 tooths up and down have already been plucked out and there's still not enough space in there.

So far, the pain just irritates me coz i can't eat properly. grr.
And i'm still not visiting a dentist for that consultation on whether it needs to be operated out because i'm very lazy and also a chicken.

Time really flies. It's already middle of March and is the time of the semester again, where all the assignment datelines are here and preparation for that same assignment's presentation goes into full gear. Am currently stressing on my english assignment now, coz i passed some work to be done by one of my members yesterday, and today, i redid everything that member has done because it just isn't right. Miscommunication. But wouldn't that member know anyways?

Anyway, gonna get back to finishing up my work. Simon's leaving on a business trip with his father to Cambodia tomorrow. He'll finally get to taste for himself if the soup in that famous suki soup chain is that tasty. ;) Will definitely miss him.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

brownie points

Simon and I was walking past a billboard featuring Zhang Zi Yi last night,

Simon: You know, ZhangZiYi kinda looks like your mom.
Me: Haha.. Yea, the eyes i think
Oh wow, wait till i tell my mom you said that, it is so gonna make her day.
Simon: Like that ar, tell her she's prettier!

And indeed, my mom's day today is made!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Holiday for me

I just got news that me and my singing group, Igemz will be going to Bangkok in May for a performance in conjuction with Wesak. Not too sure about the details and the duration of stay yet, but what is confirmed is that, this will be an all expense paid trip! The only thing we have to pay for in Bangkok is shopping! Woohoo!

Thankfully for me, this is the time of my semester break. Believe it or not, i have not been to Bangkok only Phuket and i have always wanted to go there. The cheap stuff, flea markets..Heaven! Now, all we need is a confirmation of schedule from the Thai people and we're good to go.

This will be such a good exposure for all of us, performing and singing live in front of a totally different crowd, an experience we probably only get once in a lifetime.

Ahh..Something to look forward to in May! :)

Monday, March 06, 2006

gender equality - yes / no ?

For my english assignment, the topic that i'm doing on is Gender Equality, and one of the questions in my questionaire asks, "Is it important to achieve gender equality?". I admit i am a hypocrit, because to me, it isn't important at all. Yes, women shouldn't be paid less compared to men, and women should receive the same recognition and all. But, i kind of like being the weaker sex here. The kind that given a chance, i wouldn't mind letting men take the reins while i sit back with a cuppa. Of course the occasional girl power is an ego booster.

Call me shallow or whatever. I do agree with some of the answers that disagree with that question as well. Women and men are made totally different. We can have the same opportunities, but being equal is like everyone having the same qualities. There are certain things that only a woman can do - child bearing, and there are certain things that only men can have - penis and a large ego.

Things that keep the world in balance. I dunno.. this is just my opinion. It is really a very subjective topic that has been debated over decades. It's all about getting the same amount of respect and understanding from both sexes. Equality between gender will not necessary be a good step.

What do you think?