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Friday, December 23, 2005

jumbly doo

2 more days to Christmas, and still no feeling of the festival in me whatsoever. What is wrong with me? I think it could very well be due to the fact that i have not been to the malls in the last few days or rather weeks. And the only mall i go to is One Utama. No doubt the streets were all decorated in beautiful lights, still no christmas feeling. -_-"

Last night i performed with the igemz for the Earthquake Charity Musical Offering in PGRM, KL. And the highlight of the night was when Farah from Malaysian Idol 2 fame sang for the closing. Wow was she amazing! Bah, Daniel can go eat shit! It really was something coming down from our performance, and there she was standing right at the back stage waiting to go up after us.

I must admit, i felt really intimidated by her. Lol. Compared to her, we or rather i am like an ikan bilis.

But anyhoo, i hope enough funds were raised during the Charity..

I will be leaving to Frasers Hill with my family tomorrow morning. We have been going up to Frasers during Christmas ever since dad got an apartment there. Only last few christmases have been spared..

And I remember once we went up there just before my sister's stpm and my spm so that we could both study in a nice environment. :)

I love Frasers. It is so laid back and peaceful you can hear yourself talking in your head. Literally. And having afternoon tea at their british tea place with plush sofas by the fireplace or outside the garden is such a huge difference from the back home pj.

There is only one town place, and the roads go in circles. I remember how my cousins, my bro and i would roller blade down the roads of our apartment. Up and down the hill. Just feeling the cool breeze against our face.
Thinking back now, it is so darn dangerous.

Anyway, because i won't be here to wish all of you, i wish for everyone to have a Safe yet Merry merry Christmas! Lots of love! ;)

And in rememberence of all the victims of the Tsunami disaster one year ago, may you be well and happy wherever you are. Same goes to their family members too.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

super me :)

In just a matter of a few short days, people all over will be "Merry Christmasing" to each other. But it also will be the one year anniversary of the Tsunami disaster. It seemed like it was only a few months ago that it was 2004, and now we are getting ready to usher in a new year again. I can't wait to enter a new year, however i am also not willing to part with this year. So much has happened, so many memories.

The Academic Honours list is out, in which i made it into the President's list! Yay!

It is not everyday that i get recognition for my academics. Positive recognition.

Just the other day, while i was happily eating apples with a fork, i had a cute conversation with my dad.

Daddy:"Better start getting organized, your classes are starting soon! That time, don't go out so often already. You've got a mission."
Me:"What, to save the world?"

I am very sure he has a wise meaning behind that whole mission, like keep up with your studies or something. Just that ever since those super hero movies came out, a 'mission' has always been associated with saving the world. More so when i practically grew up in the whole superman/batman era.

But i know what he means.. Yes daddy, i will try my best to save and protect my education from flopping against evil. Don't worry! You can count on your super daughter, me.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

the poison of expectations

Sometimes i wonder if it's wrong of me to expect much more from something that should have been more than enough in the first place. Expectation is a dangerous thing. Too much of it can hurt you, and too little of it can't take you up. But how do we know if such expectation is good or not?

Is expecting something to turn out the way you want it to the same as expecting someone to know how you want them to be?

Too many times in our lives, people spend their time expecting things to happen, expecting what might be in the future, dwell in it and end up making themselves worry for nothing. Not knowing that the next step to expectation is just a simple step of making it happen.

By putting on a facade and bottling all misery inside while expecting others to read you, is actually making you feel worst. As they say, "The bigger the expectation, The bigger the disappointment".

I've made this mistake many times in just a mere 19 years on this earth. No one is obliged to read you, well maybe psychologists. Not even your boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands/wives. Too many times of trying to read something/someone, makes you close the book, seal it up and never open it again. It is suffering, just by expecting.

We all do this. Expecting people to read us. Expecting people to understand.

But how do we stop expecting?

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Genting with the girls

Genting with the girls was great, full of girly talks and cards. It is such a pity that yeing, aiz and reen couldn't make it with us though, because if they did, it would have been one hell of a noisy room.

Just the four of us there on thurs and fri was noisy enough, what with all the squeals, jumps and bangs and whacking of moths, imagine another additional 3? Lol.

I love my bunch of crazy girls. :)

Poor yeing is going through a rough patch in her life right now, i really wish there was something i could do to help lesson her stress and drama.

Be strong and firm girl, you know we have your back! muahs.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

only child for now

The holiday season is at its peak right now. Why that's of course, they don't call december the holiday peak for nothing. And just today alone, my sister has left to New Zealand for two weeks to visit her friend, and my brother gallivant all the way up to genting with his friends.

I am the only child at home again. I remember when i was younger, how much i used to wonder how it would be if i were an only child. No sister to boss me around, and no little brother to annoy. Ahh.. life would have been so easy for me, so i thought. But now as i think back upon those times, i really cannot imagine how my life would have been without both my brother and sister.

All the fights and squabbles and the laughter and fun, are all fondly and lovingly remembered.

My, how we've all grown up so fast. All three of us now have agendas of our own. It's so hard to go for one family dinner now where all of us will be there like we used to every weekend. Sis is already spending 3/4 of her time in Singapore and Jinn is always off training or expeditioning(?) some where. Before we know it, no more weekly family dinners for us, and the only time all of us will be having dinner together is only during celebrations and festivals.

Sigh.. so sad.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Rat Who Lives in My Kitchen

For the past half a year or so, a rat decided to make my kitchen its crib. This rat ate whatever it could sink its teeth upon, cakes, chocolates, kuihs, bread rolls.. everything! And it did it in the smartest way that at one time, a bread roll with red bean paste still in the plastic bag was left on the kitchen counter, this rat bit a whole through the plastic bag and lick only the red bean paste.

A good taste this stupid rat has. Expensive chocolate wrappers will be licked to its cleanest, buns will be nibbled, and it has even opened my grandmother's vitamin bottle and pop a few. So much so that until this moment, this stupid rat has grown almost 2 times the size of a normal rat. Those you see on the road side i mean.

Every single time i go down to my kitchen in the middle of the night, right after i switched on the light, i will stand at the doorway and allow it to run away from sight. And conversations about this rat among my family are no more in an emergency tone, more over, it is spoken among us like how we will talk about our dog, or another person.

Example 1:
"Mom, the stupid rat ate the cake." No exclamation mark, nothing.

Example 2:
"Wah, do you know how fat is the rat already? Every day eat nice things."

And the cutest thing is, this rat only eats sweet stuff. We placed chicken wings in the rat cage for about a week now, and every morning, the chicken wings remain. Nothing is touched. Only once, when i came down in the middle of the night and so the cage's door closed, but no rat could be seen. -_-

We have already given up hope in catching it. We will try, but if we can't catch it we don't know what else can be done.

Stupid rat.