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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Whoa..it's been quite a while since i last blogged, and not to mention quite alot of things had happened. I will not bore you into details of what exactly happened but just a rough picture of the happenings.

Langkawi Trip
Reached the bus station exactly 10 minutes before the bus was supposed to leave. Talk about bad start. The bus ride wasn't exactly cheery as everyone wasn't really that warmed up yet and the only ones that knew all of them were yeing and reen, so the rest of us just sat and talked among ourselves. In the end, everyone warmed up and we all had a blast!
The weather in langkawi was hot! And i mean really hot..being under the sun was as bad as standing right under a mega watt spot light. Luckily for us it didn't rain so we got to enjoy the island to our fullest. We moved around the island on two rented vans. Our van was in a bad condition, but at least it's better than walking. Our 'beach resort' was really nice too. The rooms were huge, we could place four queen sized mattress on the floor and still have space to move around, plus we only paid like rm120 per night, what a bargain! We spent the first day shopping around for duty free stuff and loading our fridges with liquor and chocolates..heavenly!
We spent our nights down in the beach, after our liquor session, lying on the soft white sand talking while looking at shooting stars till the kitchen in the resort opened. And i must tell you, swimming in the middle of the night while you're a little tipsy is a wonderful thing. Too bad, we couldn't go into the sea water for safety reasons.
The second day there was spent going to another beach to jet ski and ride on the banana boat. Super fun! In the night, we had a barbeque by the beach, what other better way to end our last night there..
Overall, this is one crazy fun trip with equally crazy fun people.
Well, these are the ups of the trips, what about the downs, or more specific, the scary part. You know beaches have always been a place where ppl claimed are prone to all these dirty things, well, we've had our own encounter of dirty stuff too, till we had to visit the temple after we've reached home. Everything was cool after that.

Attack of the cousins
Two of my cousins came to kl last week, and we've all been busy since then. Once us cousins get together, all hell will break lose. So all in all the seven of us did everything together and went everywhere together. Like peanut butter and bread. We visited all sorts of places, had multiple meals a day, had our nightly routine of card games and not to forget did crazy stuff on and with the lrt. Since they came, i didn't even have time to check my mail nor to update my blog. Madness. They just went back an hour ago, and here i am, stuck right infront of my com again. It'll be another 3 more weeks till i get to see them again. Fun times man!

I am now currently hooked up on The Sims. My sis just installed the Sims Unleashed and the Sims Makin Magic, way cool! I'm gonna go back to the Sims now. Toodaloos!

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Prom last night couldn't be considered a success as the event was quite disorganised, but anyhow, i'm am very sure that it has been a very memorable event for everyone present last night. Everybody looked superb in their dress/gown/tux/suit whatever, except me of coz. My dress had this little extra cloth like thingy in the front, right at my tummy, and that made me look like i was 3 months pregnant or something. Embarassing!! Last night would probably be the last night that all of us classmates/schoolmates have fun together, the next time everyone meets up altogether again's gonna be a nervewrecking moment for everybody, spm results! Argh!

After everything, we headed down to hartamas for a drink. Lepak-ed there for awhile, then we all decided to go search for aquas. lol. That was really interesting and eye-opening for us. I didn't know they have aqua prostitutes here too! Disgusting! Eeew.. but i kinda pity them though, it's not like they brought this upon themselves, they are born like that. What can they do? Pitiful. Then again, it's just not right for them to be on the streets searching for customers. After that, we went to this hill, can't remember the name, i think it's gasing hill, to watch the sunrise. It wasn't much of a sunrise though, as we reached there at bout 7 and it was really cloudy so we could only see the rays and not the ever-so-beautiful sun. What a bummer!

So here i am, looking at the com screen with my eyes half opened, thinking of what to do after this. I should be packing my bags for langkawi tonight, but my lazy side decides against it. Well, what can i say, my lazy side always wins. I can't wait for langkawi! hmm...i can hear the chocolates calling my name! =) chocs and booze, here i come!

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Prom is just two more days away! I have been spending everyday finishing up on the last minute decisions and the last minute of money collecting with the rest. Hectic! Now i fully understand what yeing said bout the last week to prom is the worst nightmare. I totally agree with her. Well, i'm crossing my fingers that we are able to get everthing done by then.

This is one of those silly descriptions about ppl who are born on a certain date. You will find all these in different styles, like tree names, colours, fruits, sesame street names and so on. They're all practically the same. I usually delete all the emails off my inbox once i receive it, but as i was really really darn bored this morn, i took some time of my precious clock and tried it out. And it turned out to be quite true, i think.

This is mine.
*CREAM* Competitive and sportive. Don't like losing and always cheerful! You are trustworthy and very out going. you choose love carefully, and don't fall in love easily. But once you find the right one, you won't let go for a long time.

This is my boy's,
*YELLOW* You are sweet and innocent. Trusted by many people, and have a strong leadership towards relationships. You make good decision and make the right choice at the right time. And always dreaming of a romantic relationship.

So what do you think? true?

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Hey peeps! I'm back!! The cruise was marvellous i must say, really different from the last cruise i went. Maybe coz of the company. My cousins were a bunch of crazee whackos, in a fun good way! The sailors and crews are really cute! Some off them even have really good singing voices..they really wow-ed our socks off and left us completely breathless. Food there wasn't an issue as we had 6 meals a day and the food was ever-flowing, never ending. All six of us cousins took part in mostly all of the games held there, and we practically won most of them that we joined except for the bingo which we were all very unfairly unlucky. damn. Other than that, it was all mostly a family affair for us. The prizes that we won were like, free coke, free popcorn, free cocktail or free mocktail. Cheapskates! The best prizes that we won were the 2 hour free karoake room, (which i won in the karaoke contest =p) and the 1 hour free pool (which cuz en won in i can't remember what).

While we were in phuket for a day, we didn't do much shopping there, darner, instead we went and visited many different types of temples, watch a cobra show, and the highlight of the day was when we went to Simon Carbaret. It's a transvestite show, really eye-opening! Some of them really looked very much like a girl, or should i say, much better than a girl. They have the boobs and the looks. Everything. My dad took a pic with one of them, and that she-man pressed her boobs to my dads arms, and he told us that the she-mans boobs were really hard! Well, what do u expect rite, they're fake! Did you know that phuket has the most advance sex-change technology in the world? That explains it all huh. I wanted to take a picture of the word Simon Carbaret to show it to my boy and tell him that, that Simon is a pimp haha, sort of, but the bus was moving too fast so all i took was a blur pic. Bummer!

Well, time really flies, before i knew it, it was time to go home. Oh yea, there was this one cute sailor, really really cute. I rarely saw him on the ship only when we were boarding and docking. So there i was, sadly walking down the ship thinking that i could never see that cute sailor again, it was then i saw him sitting at the terminal, he handsomely sat there guarding the bags, and the next thing i knew he smiled and waved at me..ahhh!! Syok sial! But unfortunately, the camera wasn't with me, if not, i would have ran straight over to him to get a picture taken of the both of us.. Argh..wasted!! Sigh, nvm. What's over's over. Overall, i give this trip a 9 out of 10, it would have been a perfect 10/10 if i had the camera then. =p

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Spend last night packing my bags, i can't seem to pack appropriately. It will either be, too many spag tops, too little baby tees or too many halters and too little spag top. Plus, i don't have enough shorts and pants. I really have to go do some last minute shopping today to get them. hehe..another excuse just to get my mom to go shopping with me. What is a girl who doesn't have enough cash to do? Depend on the ever faithful supplier of vitamin Ms, MOMMY!

Sometimes, i feel so drifted, like i don't belong anywhere. I know it's so wrong of me to think this way, but you can't always control the way you feel can you? I've always been optimistic and see the rose, not the thorns, but how long will it be till this remedy wears off? Anyway, i'm going off tomorrow, this might be a good opportunity for me to reevaluate myself. To see where have i gone wrong or worst yet, what have i not done right? There's always light at the end of the tunnel, i just have to find my way to it.

Take care darlins! Love all of you lotz! *muaks!*

Thursday, December 04, 2003

I didn't do much today, tried to post ai's wedding pics but to no avail as i don't know how to fuckin do it. Urgh! Dia u gotta help me!! Time is really running out and we're still in the midst of planning the prom. I just found out that money would really be very tight and we gotta really save and not spend on nonsense for it. hmm..i need some guidance. Luckily yeing's back so she is able to help us as she has experiance in planning prom. She planned the prom for last years sri KL.

Going to a swimming party in caryn's place tonight. It's some sort of a booze cum swimming party. Should be really fun! =)

I miss lilian, she's all the way in china. I wonder what is she doing. Hope she's having the time of her life there.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Ai's wedding was really beautiful, so emotional. Can't believe she's already some ones wife, whereelse all of us are still some one's girlfriend/admirer. Time is really passing fast, the next thing i know, we've all become aunties. Fun! She looked so pretty in her flowy white dress, just like an angel. I'll post the pics once i get my hands on them. =) All this got me thinking, how we wont get to spend as much time as we want with her and there won't be anymore slumber parties, clubbing, drinking, crazying with her, as her life will revolve around her new family. But i guess that's the how it is once u're married. Gosh, i better stop now. I'm getting all teary and emotional. Anyway, i better go get ready, we're gonna go eat bak kut teh with ai and her hubby in a while.