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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lunch time rant #2

Have you ever wondered what would life be like now if you had done certain things differently in the past?

What would become of me if I had studied overseas?
Where would I end up if I had accepted the PR job in Singapore?
Who would I be if I hadn't been in a 5 yr relationship?
Would I have grown this much if I hadn't gone through everything I had? The good, the bad.

Something I ponder about occasionally.

I believe there are alternatives to everything. All of us are provided with choices. It is what you choose to go with that makes a difference.

People always complain about being left with no choice. But sitting down on your ass and complaining about being left with no choice, is already a choice you make. You could have gone looking for other alternatives. It may not be an excellent option at that time, but at least it's one step closer towards something better.

There are two people in this world- one, who accepts the choices in front of him; and the other, who makes his own choices.

Which are you?

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Monday, April 27, 2009

A year ago.

I've been preoccupied with online shopping sites lately. VERY preoccupied i should say that it's slowly getting out of hand. I know I know, I am controlling. But a dress or two never hurts right? heh.

Another week and it's May. This will mark one year since I had graduated. It has been quite a journey from then till today, one that I believe have mould me further to become who I am today.

The time when I was freshly out of university, full of eagerness towards jumping into the working world. No fears of the economy or recession or strategizing to achieve high profits, no worries of monitory responsibilities. Untainted by the ugly side of being in the workforce, unguilty of playing office politics to protect yourself, unafraid of bullshitting your way to an A.

How many times have grown ups uttered the sentence, "Enjoy your student life while you can". I understood how good a life it was, but I never fully comprehended the depth of the meaning until now.

I am not detesting working. I like what I am currently doing now. Just that, once in while, during mornings that I am dragging myself out of bed or am suppose to make decisions that involves money, I would think "What I wouldn't give to still be a student".

Especially now, when I would have ample/more flexible time. For L.

To pacify myself, I am thinking back about the nice weekend I had. Full of quality time spent. =)

Four more days to our little runaway.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Lunch time rant

Arrggh... must. not. be. brought. down. by. sorethroatcoughfluheavyheadachingbody.


I remembered I wanted to write about a convo i had with the bf last night which was very interesting to say the least. But.. I can't remember it for the life of me now.

Maybe I should put a separate column for 'Interesting Convo of the Day' in every post, making it an official musing. I'm sure I'll have plenty for this section. Haha.

So Dad has been offered a lucrative job offer. Not too bad i say. Now we'll have a new car and driver to use.. hehe. Trying to see if he can fetch me to work every morning so I don't have to pay parking. :p And if he's as adorable as Chuong (pronounced as Gerng), my dad's driver in Hanoi.

Dang, how am I going to record backing vocals tomorrow in the current condition of my voice?

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Friday, April 10, 2009


This sucks.

Knowing that you have a lot to do, but can't seem to do it - no one's answering your call, the un-rest situation there, long national holiday, greatly missing people....

Usually when I'm feeling like this, I find solace in buying things online. Even ugly things that I know deep down I may not wear/use. As long as I buy something.

I don't even feel remorse when it comes and I take one glance at it, think 'Shit. Bad choice', throw it into the closet and not think about it for another year or so.

Sometimes, I act like i'm a hotel heiress with thick wads of paper to splurge with. But truth is, i'm becoming pauper like hell. I thought I could run away from monetary responsibilities when Im back home but no. I still have them here, perhaps even more.

I’m just rambling away, can you tell? Everyone in the office is either typing away furiously on their laptops or staring at their screen with a furrowed brow. It’s all too sombre.

Even when I was in SG, we never really had such sombre, quiet situations. When the air gets too thick, usually one person will start shouting with frustration. Then the rest will join in. Here, I think even a squeak will send all eyes on you. I guess it’s the space factor. Everyone is in a 4 by 4 office sitting side by side. But ok la, this is Msian style to increase productivity – don’t disturb me, I’m working.

Eh, I am not complaining ok. I am fine with sitting alone in my corner minding my own business. Just that, it’d be good to feel more relaxed. People here have very heavy workloads on their backs.

Eeee… it’s lunchtime. No one seems to be moving.

Miss you.

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Monday, April 06, 2009

Convo between the bf and me on Sunday

When i have kids next time, i would prefer my first child to be a son. You? Do you have any preference?
Actually, if my kids come out human also i'm damn happy already. Scared come out monkey or animal... As long as human, i'm happy. Boy girl all, doesn't matter at this point.

-_- Malo.

Knowing his character, what he says make perfect sense. Coz highly likely monkeys produce monkeys.

hehe. You know i l u.

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Reading it again and again to drink you in.

You're not here today. It isn't that I am not used to being away from you. But the mere thought of you being far away tugs at my heartstrings.

Even though it is only for a day or two. Even though you're still within the confines of the country.

It's weird how attached I've become to you. I guess it's the same thing at your end.

Thoughts of you, of us keeps me company. How your eyes never fail to pierce right through me with unspoken words exuding such love that engulfs me warmly...


On a brighter note, another twenty minutes and it's Friday again. The weekends are here!

House hunting love?