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Monday, February 25, 2008

back to routines

The internet line has been atrociously crazy the past week, which resulted in me not being able to check my mails, do my usual blog hopping, etc. So irritating man. It disconnects every one minute or so. =/ stupid.

So what's up with me?

Apart from the ever mounting assignments and midterms, i've been lazing around the house, watching tv like a bum and resumed my habit of eating up a storm. CNY really ruined my momentum for eating in small portions. No matter, coz it gave some pretty satisfying results. Hehe..

Not to sound too chirpy but the BF's COMING BACK FOR THE WEEKEND! Lol. Since he has a thurs off, might as well take fri and the weekend to come back. So he'll reach on wed night! It's as if he never left! ahaha.

My sis will also be back this weekend! Coz this is the last weekend where my dad will be here before he flies off and be an expat. So, it's good to have both of them home. :)

Last but not least, can u believe it, i have no holiday plans for after my finals! Sigh.. simon! Bangkok again? ;p

i really want lor.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

It's February 14 again! The day where lovebirds all around take this opportunity to show their significant other how much money they are worth using presents worth exorbitant amounts and lavish dinners. Heheh.. So nice hor.

Simon and i went up to Awana coz my dad could get us a free apartment with a jacuzzi in it. So we packed up ourselves and headed there for a supposedly 'valentines' getaway.

It was a nice and relaxing trip with nice weather, nice company, combined with a dash of luck, coz being over 21 ALREADY :p of coz must go into the casino rite. At least for me.. after so many years of lingering outside playing kiddy rides just because i couldn't go in when everyone else could. We won half of what we took out, which isn't really alot la, and we could have won more, but duwan to take that risk, later lose all.. I'm not very much a risk taker, unlike him. I prefer a more slow and steady style of gambling, that's how i won back the money we supposedly lost!

Didn't take many pictures. Sigh, i haven't been camwhoring much..

Here's a few..


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Last of the pig year

The lack of updates for this blog is just not good.. but not like i have anything significant to write about anyway.. heh.

Well, i've been busy with my uni work and simon. What? I want to spend whatever time i have with him before he leaves for another god knows how long. Yes yes, it's just a bridge away, yes yes, i can always take a bus down for the weekend. But, it's not the same aint it, when you can't just randomly go to him whenever you feel like it.

On the other hand, CNY is just around the corner.. like just a sleep away! I wasn't really feeling it until last night when simon and i followed his mom to kepong. I tell you, those people there really damn semangat CNY. The roads were filled to the brim with people in their cars clamouring to get to the night market to get supplies for the next day's reunion dinner.

When i walked into the night market and saw those firecrackers and other illegal fun stuff, i felt it man. This is what CNY is all about.. the noise, the heat, the illegal stuff! (ie: gambling, firecrackers, etc.) hehehe

Without hesitation, we grabbed a few boombooms for our use. Not as much as we'd like tho. But nvm, it's better than non no? :p

So, today is 'nin 30 mann', where good food starts happening. PX told me about what this fortune teller said, since this year is the start of the lunar cycle with rat being the 1st, if you have a good year this year, you will have good years for the next 12 years, and vice versa.

Dunno whether true anot.

But here's to a GREAT year to me, myself and oklah.. my family and simon. hehehe.. okla, all of you too!

To all chinese,

To everyone else,
Happy Holidays! :)