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Monday, August 30, 2004

Whoa, it has already been a week since i last said i wanted to update. Lol. Guess that failed.

An update on the last week:

* Spent most of my time at home, bonding with my books.
* Went to watch the Malaysian Idol at the Shah Alam studio. - Got tickets from Paul Moss's wife. A very interesting event. The hosts weren't as low standard as i thought they were, they could come up with interesting things to entertain the crowd during comercial breaks. Even the judges weren't as uptight and 'woody'. I wouldn't mind going to watch again despite the confusing journey. ( Or maybe it was just me..hmm..fyi, i got lost getting to the studio)
* I am currently in the midst of my exams. Four subjects succesfully down, and two more to go! Woo-hoo!
* Had an interesting bonding session with my bflyz during one of the nights. *winks!* love you girls!
* Anticipating to wrap up the whole exam hoo-ha. 3 more days!

And for now, i am going to call it a day and retreat infront of my tv and not think of any study-related datas.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

An update on my weekend.

Friday : ~ The entire morning and afternoon of mine, were dedicated to 'trying to study', but to no avail. So in the evening, I consoled myself to a game of golf! Went to the driving range with Smo and tried my very best to hit the balls. After almost 4 years of not touching a golf stick, i was rusty to the bones. Forgotten all about the positions of the arms, legs, back and even my fingers. Luckily, I had Smo's gracious guidance to ensure my swing was as smooth as a baby's skin. Too bad for all the sores i got though. But then again, which sport/game doesn't require working of the muscles? As the saying goes, " No pain, No gain ".

Saturday : ~ Woke up frustrated in the morning due to the dream i had. It started off really good, but as it neared the end, it got a little too geeky. Urgh! So much for sweet dreams. I won't go into detail, only that it involves Adam Brody, the O.C hottie! ... *sLurps!*
My auntie and cousins came from Malacca for the holiday, and my mum and I brought them to Petaling Street for a look-see in the evening. ( Fyi, my plans to study back-fired again. Don't know why, i always seem to get dirsupted. ) We came back not buying a single thing, although we were very tempted to.
I missed lydia's party, and Dia, I am really sorry for not being able to make it, i feel awful for it, but i hope you enjoyed your party. You deserve the best coz you're the best! See you soon k.
Love you babe!

Today : ~ Liedeeuh!! I dreamt about you the whole night. Haha.. I guess the guilt kicked in hard. Well besides that, it's only the start of the day. So i'm crossing my fingers real hard to my study plan. Will update again.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Last day of the semester!

Three hectic months flew by like a jet plane. In a blink of an eye, before you know, it is the end of the semester. *woo-hoo!* ... yeah woo-hoo all i like, but that wont change the fact that i have my finals coming up and showing me their ugly faces in a weeks time. yea, woo-hoo, woo-hoo. Sometimes, i just wish that i am a working adult. With no notes and exams to crack my head in and no worries about not being able to catch up in studies. But then again, if i am a working adult now, i know i will miss my student days. No worries about taxes, pay-leaves, less than two months of holidays in a year and crazy bitchy bosses. I guess, regardless of being a student or a working adult, you will have your own set of dislikes and stress to face. hmm..

Well, judging from the two, being a student or a working adult, i would choose the former. Being a student will bestow me unfixed income (dad's the boss), long holidays, fixed workload no worries about bills plus i get to donate my money to the Mall foundation. Much better don't you think? I do.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I uploaded new pictures in my website. Go take a look. =)

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Dearest Lydia a.k.a Lie-dee-uh,

Happy Birthday!!!

I have told you and i will repeat it again,
You are the most wonderful friend, and person,
Anyone could ever ask for.

Despite the busy lives we now lead,
You were always there for me,
As I always have been for you.

Love you babe!

Friday, August 13, 2004

I saw something today which saddens me. I was on my way back from college, while driving through Genting Kelang, this stray dog rushed out from the shophouses onto the busy road. It ran towards the other side thinking it could beat the cars. Not knowing that a wira was infront of it, than the dog, not being able to stop in time, banged itself into the wheels of the Wira and bounced back to my lane. Luckily, good samaritans in the car infront of me quickly stop to let the dog recover from its crash.

When i saw that, tears immediately threatened to flow. I thought of my dog, who will act equally silly as that stray dog, and wonder, if i would lose my dog to accidents like these. I can imagine the pain that stray dog is in now, and only wish that someone kind enough, will care for him.

As i passed the dog who has ran to the other side of the road, limping, i said a silent prayer for him. A prayer that in hope, he will be alright.

Monday, August 09, 2004

..sHop, shOp, shoP, till i dRop!

Sunday ~ I spent the weekend catching up with the dramatic ideologi of sales. I couldn't resist the temptation anymore, so i headed to One Utama right after swimming with Mei-Ee. The journey there from college took us about an hour because the Kepong-Selayang link was closed due to the crack in the Fly-over. Our determination showed through when we didn't let the massive jam kill the mood, though it did made me sleepy. lol.
Here's what i bought :-
*+* A top from Fos
*+* Bikini top from Arena
*+* A pair of socks from AIIZ
*+* Belly ring from Dragonfly

My big sister came back for the weekend. Gosh, i really missed her. It was great to have her back again, although it felt like she never did leave Malaysia in the first place. =)

Today ~ I went to One Utama again today with my mum and my sis. One thing i like about someone coming back from overseas is that, i have excuses to go shopping plus, i get extra money for that! *smirks!* I met my mum and my sis after my college. Followed my sis around as she wanted to get loads of stuff. We scouted around for my sister's bikini and ended up with the same one as i have from Arena, except for the colour difference. I couln't find the bottom to match mine as they were out of stock. So i guess, i'll have to head down to Mid-V's Arena.
What i bought today :-
*+* A pair of sandals from Monaco
*+* Cheongsam top from CA
*+* More Bras! =p

So there you go. A weekend of yours truly. =)

Thursday, August 05, 2004

I thought of Kian Peng today. It all started off, when i saw this guy in my college who looks just like him. When i first saw that guy in college, I actually thought i was seeing Kian Peng. He has the same eyes, same face structure, same skin color, same body size and his teeth is even similar to Kian Pengs'. I really wanted to go up to him and ask if he was my best friend, the one whom i had lost 4 years ago.

This brought back alot of memories of him. And while i was going through all the keychains that we used to send in form 1 and 2 (the wooden ones with messages), i came across the keychain he sent to me just before he passed on. It is a wooden star with the message, 'Hope your wish'll come true.' It really touched my heart to know that, he actually thought of me, even before he left.

My childhood friend and my best friend, I really miss you.

I have been feeling quite emo this couple of days. Problems with Smo that had lasted with 3 days of cold talking. We still do talk like normal, just without the lovey-dovey tone. We are working things out now. Let's hope it works. *prays*

Sunday, August 01, 2004

I am supposed to be studying right now. Spent 3 hours convincing myself to study, so i read the first chapter for half an hour, and after that, decided to reward myself by pushing the notes aside and come online. I am so going to flunk tomorrow's computer test.

For so many days, i have been craving for nepalese food. For those of you who have not tried nepalese food, you are missing good food! They are dee-lish i tell you! *yum!*. And after being blinded by A&W's waffle for so many years, i finally found another place that deserves my loyalty, Pan's Bakery. Their pancakes are to die for! Well, not only the pancakes, they have many other food that are as delicious. Not to mention, the good price! Staying true to their concept, 'Quality Food for Mamak Price', this one definitely is my favourite place! For now.

Back to the shopping aspect, i still have not shop yet! Argh! Somebody please tell me i am not missing anything, because all i am hearing is, 'There's so many things to buy!!'. The good news is, my mum bought 3 evening dresses during the weekend, and due to size similarity, I can wear them! yay!