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Monday, January 25, 2010

Who cares when we're making money? Says our leaders

So many disasters, man made or natural, so many deaths - it's disheartening to watch or read the new portals these days. People around the world are facing these traumatic situations with the rest trying their best to help ease the pain and give relief. But what are the Malaysian leaders doing? Debating about the use of a word, defaming each other and having serious discussions on petrol pricing & mykad identification in petrol stations. WTF?

I am very upset by the miniscule brains of these so-called leaders of our country and am sad that we as a country with "first class" infrastructures have such short-sightedness and caveman mentality.

There's no words to describe how shallow we must look to others looking in. To be honest, I am glad to be called an immigrant, as I do not want to be a native descendant of a stupid fellow amused by a chiwawa kicking a mouse deer into a river till he named a state after the tree he was sitting under when that happened. How stupid does this statement even sound?

But who am I to pass a judgement on such stupidity? I'm just an immigrant.

(ps: This is not a remark against all, but only to our incompetent leaders and their statements.)


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bangkok Bang Bang of Fun

As most will know, Bangkok is deemed as the shopping haven for shopaholics and non-shopaholics alike. Their vast array of activities allows people of all ages and interests to have a good time during their visit. I am no different from the many other girls who frequents Bangkok with the shared love of shopping and at a bargain no less.

After ushering the New Year, we packed what little essentials we / I needed for the trip + 2 sets of clothes in a ginormous suitcase and headed to the Land of Smiles or more commonly known as the Land of Shopping for the first trip of 2010.

Prior to the trip, I was tasked to draw up the agenda since I have been to Bkk twice and the admin work - print out e-ticket, print out hotel info, payments, 4 days itinerary and a list of interesting places to visit, etc. And I have to say that I did it as a professional tour agent could. Didn't I bf? So armed with these information, we excitedly hopped onto a plane and flew off.

Long story short - I failed as a shopper for not filling up my ginormous suitcase till it was about to burst like I did the last time. I bought what I thought was necessary, and closed my eyes to the other things that were nice but I wouldn't wear due to the abundance of blogshops selling them back home, and altho they were almost 1/2 if not 1/3 of the price.

We did visit the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Local Bangkokian Musuem. That was about all the touristy things we did. Oh, and apart from being conned to touristy dinner outlets with exhorbitant prices.

I think the reason I am recapping this, is that I realised how selfish I was this trip. My main purpose was shopping and spending time with the BF and my thought was that, I've already kind of seen the touristy places during my last 2 trips, so we can skip those. What I didn't realise or was too blinded by selfishness to see was that, as much as this was a shopping trip for me, it was also the first trip to Bkk for the bf.

We could have visited so many other places like we would, if we were someplace else.
We wanted to pop by the Rooftop Bar which was just next to our hotel - we didn't, because we/I was tired, lazy.
We could have chilled out at the F&B + live band section at Suan Lum
We could have visited Chinatown for food or tried out Vertigo Grill overlooking the Bkk skyline (Our reasoning was that since we had 'expensive' dinner twice already, nvm la)
We could have visited Patpong night-life or the ChaoPhraya river cruise if I hadn't insisted on walking around still after the malls and shops closed at 7pm.

This street dinner was the best of our trip!

Thinking back, my adamant mindset to shop until I drop in Bkk restricted us from visited many other places. Now that i've learnt my lesson, and will only shop at 2 places and at the right time, shall we make another visit this CNY bf? hehe. I promise we visit all of the above that we didn't, and ok a few more temples for praying.

What say you? Ons? :)

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