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Monday, February 27, 2006

The curse of Monday, strike 1

My day today didn't start off to a good start. All through yesterday, i had the thought that my class today starts at 11 where in fact, it starts at 10. Not helping also that i had a midterm exam in that same class. So i woke up today, got ready and left home at 10.45, thinking 'okay, i'll reach earlier and i might have time to cram some information before the midterm paper'. I walked in, everyone started staring at me, and i wondered why isn't everyone getting ready for the test? Mr Sham, my advertising lecturer looked at me, "SueLynn did you just come in?"

Oh god, that was when i looked at the white board and saw, 'Advertising MidTerm 10.15-11am'. Aiks! And it didn't even don upon me that i'm late, i just thought he made the exam earlier so it won't disrupt the lecture at 11 and nobody told me about it.

But thankfully, Mr Sham is the nicest lecturer ever. He just told me everyone had finished already and gave me my paper and asked me to do it outside because they were discussing the answers already. Luckily, it was Mr Sham and not any other lecturer for i would have been scolded and not be able to take the exam.

Only when the class ended did i find out about my sotong blurness.
MeiEe: How come you were late?
Me: I didn't know exam started at 10.15
MeiEe: Huh? But class memang start at 10 wert!
Me: WHAT? Oh yeah..

I'm so stupid. It didn't even occur to me to check my timetable beforehand. And apparently, i told simon yesterday that my class starts at 10 which i don't remember at all! I felt terrible for not apologizing to Mr Sham for being late, as i really didn't thought i was until later. So i sent him an email saying sorry. Oh well, things happen.

Let's just hope the rest of today goes well.

Friday, February 24, 2006

attack of the birds

Four birds dropped down from the sky in front of my uni today. We were happily walking out of the building while noticing unusual behaviours of students surrounding the front, and then when we were just a few steps away from the entrence, someone said "careful! don't step!".

Ai! Looked down and there they were. Those poor little birds, lying motionless on the ground. They were all stiff and dead, except for one though, it was still breathing, its eyes were so expressive, as though asking us to save it. Although it is still breathing, its body is already stiff. Their wings were all at the sides of their body, as if glued to it. I actually thought it was some sick joke some idiots were playing. Because if a brid were to drop down from the sky and died, its wings would have been spreaded open or at least, in some odd angle. But no, the wings of these birds were at the sides, much like how it would look like if the birds were standing.

So sad. It created such a commotion. Is it bird flu? Will there be holiday? No exams??? Sigh. Many students were taking pictures, some for their own preferences, some to send to TheStar, and some, for their assignments. I'm still waiting for the pictures so i can include this whole hoo-ha into my newsletter assignment. Heh. I'll post them up when i have it yea.

It's friday today! Which means, i have classes from 8 to 3 tomorrow. Oh where is the mercy? And it also means, i have to fetch my brother to his tuition down the road. Yes, fetch him in my car to the next road. Sometimes, when i feel all happy, i really don't mind waiting till 8 and drop him off before i go out for dinner with simon. But other times, he really tests my patience.

Asking your older sister to shut up when you need a favor from her isn't a wise move you know. He really has to learn manners. Going through the angry teenage syndrome doesn't give you the liberty to snap at your family members. You have issues doesn't mean other's don't! It's time you grew up. Mentally.

Another thing that gets to my nerve is the stupid judgements people give. I don't mind if it's contructive judgements which benefits you and me, i say bring it on. But if it's some stupid lame judgement which really doesn't make much sense or the aim is to hurt. I say go fuck yourself.

* That was just some ranting needed to let out some steam. No big deal. The smoke will die out in half an hour.

In the mean time, try to be nice to people around you. What goes around comes around. Think of those birds. They didn't deserve to die. OR maybe they did. Either way, be nice.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ready and Roll !

As of now, i have 4 mid terms coming up, and 5 assignments to kill! All in a matter of less than a month. Boo!!

Ann left for Melbourne already and i didn't meet up with her before she left. I'm so sorry Annie!! However, do take care of yourself there alright? hugs and kisses! :)

Hmm, it has been sometime since i posted pictures eh? So since it's the stressing season, here's a picture to cheer everyone up. I don't know about you, but i'm speaking for myself.

Everybody with me now, AWWW..! :p

The cutiepie is simon's nephew, Aden. This picture was taken last year, as you can see from simon's long hair, when he is about 7 to 8 months i think. Now, he is so much cuter!! Babies are such amusing creatures. Sigh

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Emo-ing about Nothing

Oprah Primetime today was talking about the bird flu, and how serious it may and will get. Because the bird flu virus now can only be passed from chickens to humans and not humans to humans yet, the doctor that came on the show said that in the future, the virus may evolve thus enabling it to be passed from humans to humans. Everyone will be at risk! And for now, there still isn't any cure for it.

When it happens, everyone will have to be quarantined at home for weeks to months out of fear and safety.

This reminded me of a dream i had last week, where i dreamt a war broke out and all telecomunication channels are of no use. In the dream, i was with my family and simon was with his, and there was no way we could contact each other. Everyone was fleeing everywhere, finding for someplace safe. I remember in the dream, i knew i would never see simon again. The feeling was so heartwrenching i woke up feeling so emo. It's like, all that we ever dream of our future to be will never be fulfilled.

Wah...so emo man.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day

It's the day of the year again where every nice restaurant, florist and shops like memory lane generate more revenue in week than they do in a month. Price of everything is jacked up to a riddiculous amount.

I spent this day of love having McDs for dinner with simon. It isn't like we have no romance whatsoever in our relationship, but somehow there really isn't a need to be more lovey dovey and appreciate each other more today. Why be loving and appreciative of each other only during a marketed day?

Everyday for us is valentines day. Everyday is a day of love.

Sounds darn cheesy but it is true. I rather spend the money celebrating something more worthwhile like our anniversaries. But thus said, i am embarassed to admit that i am a hipocrit to myself. I don't find the need for presents and expensive dinners on valentines day, but somewhere inside, i wanted him to do something for me. Nothing big, but like maybe cook a nice meal for me or give me an hour long massage while playing with my hair or something.

Actually, what am i complaining about..? He does this for me all the time. Well, not hour long massages, but at least he does give me massages, play with my hair, cook for me..etc. ;p Like i said, i don't need no Febuary 14 to make me feel special!

Happy Valentines Day to my lovebug Simon! ;)
Happy Valentines Day to my family!
Happy Valentines Day to my girls!
Happy Valentines Day to everyone with love!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Happy 20th Yeing dear!

Hope you have a good and smooth year ahead of you!
Lots of Love

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Out of Hand

At about 12.30am Thursday morning, just less than an hour after her 20th birthday, my dear girl reen got snatched theft. She was dragged out of her car, got punched in the face and bitten in the hand, and they took her handphone. Thankfully, that is all that happened. I'm not saying this is not a big deal, but really thank god they didn't drag her into the car or anything else.

This happened in ss2/4, near the mosque. It started when reen forgot to off her headlights when she parked her car near jenai's house to take the train together to klia for work. Coming back, they missed an earlier train and had to take the next one. On the way back, reen's brother msg-ed her asking her to be careful of snatch theives as one of his friend just got attacked somewhere in mayang mas. As she didn't off her headlights, her car had to be jump-started by jenai's husband. After that, she went in, locked her doors as always and waited for the engine to warm up. In the meantime, she started msg-ing her brother.

The next thing she knew, a car blocked her path, 2 guys came down and asked for her ic. She suspected they weren't really cops so she refused to open her window. But as the two guys made a move to want to smash her window, she opened a little to see what is it that they really wanted. Bad move. The next thing she knew, they started pushing the window down, opened her car door, and dragged her out. Being the attitude bull that she is, she fought back by kicking the guys, wherever and however she could. I think that probably caused the insensitive fuckers to punch and bite her so she would release her phone.

Hearing screams and shouts of her name, jenai came out only to find reen bleeding from the nose and bruised. The fuckers got away.

She is all right now. Although she came out with only a swollen bruised face, and bite mark still on her hand, she is traumatised and will always be scarred by this incident. Poor girl. Even when i saw her last night, i hardly heard her cursing. Which isn't her at all, ask everyone we know. But it's a good thing. The lack of cursing i mean.

So please girls, and boys as well, if you're driving at night please be cautious of your surroundings. And be careful and be alert at all times! Keep an eye for a dark coloured kancil with blue-ish greenish lights. Watch out for fuckers like them!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

no more sleeping in

First off,
A BIG LOUD Happy Birthday to my girl, Shereen Ong Mei Tse!

Lots of Love babe!
xoxoxo :)


One week of CNY holiday flew by just like that. So darn fast. Back to monotonous uni life and assignments sneering at me. I just finished the final touches of my brochure which will be handed in tomorrow. Hopefully, my work won't be judged too harshly resulting in work down the toilet bowl.

My CNY, was spent mainly eating eating and more eating. Didn't really gamble much, but the two times i did, i won about rm35 in total. Luckily, i 'earned' a whole lot more than that! haha

Been really lazy to walk over to my bro's room to get the CNY pics, so will post them up when i'm feeling more of an athletic. ;)

In the meantime, peixzan, meiee, jinwen, tammy, mingyang and i celebrated yookhwa's and chawzee's birthday on monday in TGIF. It's been a while since we makan berhappy happy ya? I mean, together with me la. So we makaned and bergila talked. After that, they all happied to Luna Bar, where else i went home. Like a good girl.

Gangster PeiXzan and I.
The pictures turned out so dark because someone decided that it would turn out nicer that way. -_-" Dunno who.

The mengada birthday girl, Ms YookieHwa ;p

The other birthday girl, Ms Zee.

All the girls. :)