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life requires lots of love, and loving brings life

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Random Quirks of Simon

~ He is all about the cleanliness. He has to wash his hands with soap after every meal.

~ He spends almost 45minutes in the toilet. 35 minutes = showering ; <10 = getting ready.

~ Most of the time, he eats KFC using only two fingers on his right hand. No left hand used. Power. And once, he used a tissue to hold the chicken, not wanting to dirty his fingers. While i used both my hands every time and gobble up those damn mal-nourished chickens. *gobble gobble gobble* Whose da man now? ;p

~ Because of him, i've been turned into a nagging grandmother. >.< Don't like. Nag him to cut his hair, nag him to cut his nails, nag him not to bathe too long.. etc.

Haha.. i realised all these sounds like some naggy woman complaining about her bf to her friends.

"I tell you hor, very the stupid wan, he have to take like 45 minutes just to get ready to go out lor. Worst than a girl i tell you." *haha

Actually, he ain't that bad at all compared to other quirks i've heard from other girls about their bfs. Heh. I am not complaining or anything about him. On the contrary, i find all this of him very endearing, nothing i would change at all.
Maybe, the time he spends bathing..... and his proactiveness to cut his hair.
But that's about all. Really! ;)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

life as we know it

Sometimes i am so ticked off by the people who govern 'this place' that i wonder, is there even a chance that we are able to grow with times? They promise a better tomorrow for this place, a place where we can stand proud and be glad that we are from here and be at par with other places. But right now, rather than moving towards that vision, we are somehow moving backwards. Living lifestyles that can be compared with cavemen.

The thing that has gotten into me the most is, their view on the act of love. Why is it so hard to see two people who love each other, showing it? Is it a dirty disgusting thing to love? Why the secrecy and the hiding?

Won't it be better that everyone shows love towards one another rather than hatred? Take the censorship board for example, they would censor most things related to love eg: sex(most of the time it is related to love), kissing, etc. Things that promotes love is being hushed and hidden, where else those that promotes violence are widely advertised. Where is the logic in this?

The 'big' ppl would rather waste their time catching those who decide to show their love to their loved ones than spend some good useful time catching those we really deserves to be caught eg:robbers, snatch theives, rapists etc.

Would they rather we kiss each other than quarrel and whack each other? If so, this place is becoming a sick place to be in. No space for social growth.

If only there can be more open-mindedness in this place. Not alot, but just enough to ensure that we are progressing healthily towards a better society. One where restrictions are logic and relevant. One where we all respect each other culturally, socially and as humans sharing this place.

If only, is all we can hope for.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

to all fathers everywhere and especially to my very special and very much loved daddy!

Thank you for all that you have done for us, all the sacrifices and all the wisdom and knowledge that you have passed down to us. You never fail to show how much you love and care for us.

Love you daddy!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Kick me now!

Happy Birthday Yong Li Lian! :)

Hope you did enjoy yourself as well as we did during the karaoke! heh..

Sometimes, i wish i have the power to make you see the positive and rational light of things. So that it will make things much more simpler to understand and make days easier to live by.
Have Faith and Stay Positive!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

my unwillingness to work shows

Daddy and sis just came back from a 10 day trip to ladakh and delhi where they brought back loads of pictures of the children, old people and landmarks that they visited.

Listening to them tell stories of the reaction of those children and old folks when they received those gifts that the group brought, kinda makes me wish i was there to witness it.

Dad bought mum a shawl that is made 100% of the finest lamb thread something like that. So sweet.. :)Almost made me wish i had a husband to buy me such gifts. Haha

Times like today when i have almost the whole day of free time for me to start on some of my work or at least do some research on the topics, etc. I waste it all camping in front of the tv uselessly. *slaps self*

I keep telling myself, it is just the start of the semester..there's no need to panic. Right? It's already the fourth week. And i have a newsletter to redesign and create that will be due on the 7th week. Until now, we don't even have a proper theme and articles. Can't be so sloppy anymore i remind myself every night before i go to sleep with a promise to myself of a more hardworking tomorrow. But then tomorrow comes and goes, and my work pile grows more and more.

Like right now, where i have some time left before i head for the bed and i'm here rambling on aimlessly. But, i always go through this at every start of the semester. Just need a hard kick on my round (;p) bottoms before the engine starts running.

Therefore right now, i shall wait for that kick. :)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

take me to the stars

Knowing what is going on,
and knowing the root of it,
is one step closer to solution.

Pms is striking again.. :( Gotta keep my head straight and clear, and make sure i constantly remember- things are not that bad.. it is only my hormones that is blowing it out of proportion.

My back hurts, my head feels heavy, i feel bloated but my complexion is glowing.

Sigh, you just can't win.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

yay for results!

After weeks of wondering how did i do for my last semester finals, i finally got my results! Though not as well as the first semester, i did the best i could! :) And i'm happy with my results. Although this would make it the first ever time in my life that i didn't get an A for English.

At least my gpa [3.868] and cgpa [3.8969] is still safe above 3.5. That's all that matters.

I have to start deciding which company i would want to go for my industrial training. I am targetting pr companies / entertainment companies around the pj area.. hehe. Lazy to travel. Any suggestions? I have thought about companies like warner bros. and ogilvy(but it's in kl). Well, have to see if they want me too.

My classmate told me the other day that there is an opportunity that we could go overseas for our internship. Not too sure about the terms and conditions though, but if i could get that opportunity, it would be fun. Just for 3 months, i get to experience the pr/advertising/production industry, what more overseas?

But for now, my aims are somewhere closer to home. I am not made to be far from home. That's why my uni is just 5 minutes drive from my bedroom. haha

Tonight, we will be auditioning new female singers for our group. We really do need more female singers. Hope all goes well! :)

On a music group note, simon has quit his band. I think he has made the right choice though what with his different expectations and wants musically from his bandmates. Even if it's just a hobby, you still want it to be as fulfilling as possible. I can't wait to witness more of his good music stuff!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Today marks the 999th day of me and simon. Though it isn't anything special, but 999 has always been a symbol/number of love, aint it? 999 stalks of roses and so on..

999 days of getting to know each other, and everyday, something new about you never fails to amaze me, and i am sure it is the same for you. We are both so comfortable together that farting or burping in front of each other is no problem at all. Of course sometimes the smell is killing. haha.

Talking about our goals in life, gossiping, making a fool out of ourselves are some of the reasons i love being with you. We can be talking about serious stuff one minute, and making jokes the next.

If only words can describe what you are to me..

My heart, my boyfriend, my lover, my bestfriend, my partner-in-crime, my handyman, my companian and more.

Happy 999 days of enjoying each other's company! :)
Love you always.