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life requires lots of love, and loving brings life

Thursday, October 21, 2004

A delicious steamboat dinner at home took my mind off 'things' and cheer me up! :)

I have been feeling kind of low this few days due to the many going ons in my life. It is this indescribable feeling that leaves me feeling like i just want to crawl under my covers and sleep for a long long time. Even tears cannot be the medium of it. There is just too many things on my mind right now that clouds it like as if it were the top of Mount Kinabalu.

Sometimes in life, we all need something to make us feel like we're worth it. Right now, that 'something' for me seems to be missing. It is the emptiness of that 'something' that leaves me searching for the meaning of life and love. Do we have to always do the things that we are expected to do?

There are so many regrets in life that i wish i had not made. But, it is those regrets that teaches me how to make things right.

Friday, October 15, 2004

AssigNments aSsignMeNts asSiGnmeNts..!!

Today isn't my lucky day. I got attacked by a monkey! Or rather, the monkey attacked my pencilbox. It all started when we went to the canteen beside the monkey-filled park, and this monkey wanted to find some entertainment or some sort, (it might be hungry but then again, monkeys are always hungry) it came up to my table and grab my pencilbox and ran off with it. The ironic thing was, that silly monkey has an expensive taste! It only chewed on all my pens which were RM3 and above. The rest were left untouched. Luckily, there were a few boys at the next table who were kind enough to save whatever that's left of my pencilbox and pens.

On an educational note, my public speaking presentation is due on Monday, and I am still struggling on what to write. We were given a very simple topic, one which every single person on earth would know.. "About Me". Such simple topic and yet i still find it hard to write a 3 to 5 minutes presentation about myself. Maybe, i have to start doing some 'soul-searching' to find 'myself'.

I will be going off to Singapore tomorrow morning to watch MammaMia with my parents and siblings for the weekend. As well as to visit my very much missed sister. I can't wait!

* Have a good weekend people! *

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Sometimes, there are some things that you really like, but under some circumstances, you end up resentting it. Just like my Introduction to Arts. It actually is a very fun, interesting and lively subject, but it all takes just one complicated lecturer to make the subject a complicated living hell. Guess, the next few lectures will continue to complicate our already complex mind.

Currently, i'm drowning in a load of presentation preparations. It is at times like this, when your great faithful brain chooses this very time to shut down the Vocabulary Department. Just beautiful. So here i am, having writer's block and still trying my very best to string one sentence after another. Hopefully, i'll get the hang of it and everything will start flowing back to me like a pretty baby. *prays*

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Finally, Malaysian Idol has ended and Jaclyn Victor, emerged as our very first Malaysian Idol winner! Well done Jac! I'm not going to post much about her as facts and opinions about her will be known nationwide tomorrow. Just that, she is the right person to have won. =)

Back to me...

Something incredible happened! I did not go out today and yesterday! *applause* *applause* <:D haha.. Knowing me, weekends for me are going-out/shopping/chilling time! And for the first time in many many weeks, i stayed at home. Shocking huh? Well, mainly it's because the M'sian Idol finals were on. I don't know. It is sort of the mood too. I feel so tired that i don't even have the mood to go out. Is it a bad thing? Am i gradually changing into an Auntie like Reen said? Eee...i hope not!

Had my very first Introduction to Arts lecture today, and i must say that this subject sounds kind of interesting. Except for maybe the 'National Library Visit' which we would require us to write a report based on the informations we had attained from that visit. Which would be according to our Art Proposal. Well, that's next week's headache. So for now, I just have to prepare all the materials from various pencils to the Reference book. Busy busy me!

* Have a wonderful lazy Sunday! * =)

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

On a Monday,
Started College.
Managed a few class.
I skipped Coll.

Hahaha.. this was how my first three days of 2nd Semester went. Well, I didn't exactly skipped College on purpose today, but all the classes in the morning were cancelled, leaving only one pathetic Management Studies class from 1 to 2pm. So, instead of wasting my high-priced petrol for that one hour class, I decided it could be put to better use. Like, meeting reen up for her lunch break, fetching my bro from school, and finding Smo before his coll. Lol. better eh?

Nowadays, i'm having a keen interest in Clutches. But they are pricey! For a little bag that is. Hmm, am deciding which one am i going to get. The Dorothy Perkins one?(which looks retro-ish) Or the Bonita one?(more plain) .... *confused-stressed* face.

Dia, I want the pictures from Rush too!! Send to me! Send to me! =)