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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March-ing Forward

March flew by in a blink. Three weeks into my new job and I find myself still liking it. This should be a good indication that I am on the right path. Even if I am not, I'll just convince myself that I love my job. Yes I do.

It has been a pretty eventful month. My recording/practice sessions with the Igemz have been going on full blast alongside a hectic work schedule in which I am trailing behind. I foresee my eyebags and dark circles to be a permanent resident from now onwards. Not like it wasn't in the first place. Now it's the pimples that are popping up like daisies.

I used to never have problems with pimples or what not on my face. But ever since I lived and toiled in SG, everything went south. (pardon the pun). Right now, I don't even have time for a facial. Any extra time I have, I'll sleep it away or spend it with Lee. =)

The other day, to commemorate our first month together, he brought me MO for dinner. To be very honest, I still feel that things are surreal with him. I can't believe I managed to find someone who so closely resembles myself. One who thinks on the same wavelength as I do, have the same attitude on life, work and the future as me and not to mention tall, dark and handsome too. Haha, don't kembang if you read this ok.

Time definitely is not the determining factor of the growing bond. It goes way beyond that.

Here's to many more, love.

Ok. /End of romantic expression of feelings.
After not seeing the gang for awhile, it was refreshing to hang out with them again. Also to introduce 'The BF' to them. Too bad my main chop wasn't there. PX, bila lagi?

I wanted to try and get a shot of him dancing coz I am still amazed at how well he can dance. ARR. Sexy ah. But, a lousy cam takes useless shots.
That was all I could get la. I think YLY would have some from previous excursions on the floor.

*More pics at my fb.

A few from our weekend recording session

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Early present

I think i've found Mr Darcy.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Saje la.

Urgh, I love this style!

I've been looking for a wraparound top like such for sooo long.

Anyone wants to buy me one so i don't have to look? :p

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finding answers

I came across this post from Tze Wurn's page and thought it to be very apt with what I'm going through or rather what I had gone through in the past months.

"It is during troubled times like these that people see straight, though others watch with concern and try to convince them that they can't. Weighted minds are just so because of all their new thoughts. When those who have passed through troubles and come out the other side suddenly embrace their new beliefs wholeheartedly, it is viewed with cynicism by others. Why? Because when you're in trouble you look harder for answers than those who aren't, and it's those answers that help you through."

-Quoted from Cecilia Ahern's "Thanks For The Memories"


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunrise sunrise, feels like morning in your eyes.

Work is picking up with full force starting from tomorrow onwards. No more slacking and taking my own sweet time doing things. It's crunch time - do or die.

But looking on the bright side, hopefully i'd get to travel more often to these places should i really decide (if i can't turn it down) to expand the project in these countries.


I really do think that I am at a good place right now. Work and personal wise. All it took was for a low period to turn it all around until a wonderful change came along.

It was very unexpected. Very very very. In the end, it won me over.

Although many people will not be able to understand the decisions I've made, I really don't care anymore. Because only I and those involved know what has been going on and what's going on now. I think those who are close to me would know that I am not one to be swayed by other people's opinions. As long as I know that I have made a good decision, one that is right for me, for now, and in the long run - it's all that matters.

Right now, I am happy. I have been living in someone else's shadow for so long that I forgot what it was like to do things for myself. To make a decision that involves my own happiness.

I've been battling with this question for quite a while - does time have to be the determining factor of the realness of something?

I don't know. But what I do know is that, things work and happen in unexplainable ways.

Time, only comes into play when you decide to take and use it to cultivate whatever you have into something bigger, greater and better.


I've been told several times, You don't have to see the entire staircase, but it's the first step that matters. Right? :)

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Up up up and away!

I'm no longer jobless! :) I am a Project Manager! Wee...

Best of all, the office is a stone's throw away from home. I wanna fart also i can go home to fart. And work starts at 10-1030am. Tell me, isn't this wonderful?

After one offer got the ball rolling, the offers came knocking. Another bigger co offered to counter offer.

It's tempting. So very tempting.

Now i'm confused. Not totally coz I don't know what I want, but i'm swayed by greed.

Ahh. I think i'd be able to make a wise decision by tomorrow.

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