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Friday, January 27, 2006

CNY's coming!

One more day, and we will be ushering another New Year, according to the chinese lunar calender. I love Chinese New Years! I love the festive mood i get whenever i am in Johor visiting my great grandma, or in Malacca visiting relatives. Family gatherings and the gambling sessions. Most importantly, the angpaos!

Everywhere for the past week has been jammed up. LDP, shopping malls, ss2.. Can't get to anywhere these days.

My house is now decorated in alot of things red. Red banners, red cushions, red flowers, red ribbons and trinkets, and even my dog is sporting a red ribbon on his collar. Funny how my mom who doesn't really fancy the hype of Chinese New Years still sports semangatness to decorate the house. Heh

Gonna go bask myself in some preCNY holiday joy right now. Toodles!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

my daddy so cute.

Daddy sent mom, sis and me the cutest email today.
It said,

" Dear Sweeties,

If she can, you can also. "

And then at the bottom of the page was pictures of Lydia Sum's daughter's transformation from that fat little girl, to the svelte young lady she has become.

Is he implying on plastic surgery? Lol. I know my dad, the email probably means that we can become as successful in succeeding whatever we want to do if we have the determination to. Or probably it's a joke, joking that we can become pretty too.

Whatever it is, so sweet my daddy! I seldom get "sweeties" from him. Because he is what i would call a diciplined father, although he has his crazy moments too. He rarely uses sweet words. So, this made my day! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

please don't be late

Where did this come from!? I certainly don't remember banging my knee into anything, and it hurts a little therefore it can't have been pinched by a ghost. So where did it come from?

I got somewhat told off for being late to class today. Not the first time though, as i am late for almost all of my classes this semester. Very bad. I leave my house 5 minutes before class starts, drive 2km to my uni, park my car, walk to class and i am 5 minutes late.

My classmates are immensely punctual, and so are the lecturers this semester. If class starts at 2, right on the dot, when the clock strikes 2, class starts. And i walk in just 5 minutes late, i see everyone all settled and paying attention. Amazing!

Got to change my routine. I have to be ready at least 15 minutes before class starts and leave the house 5 minutes after that. At least. So i will reach to class on the dot and not get anymore disapproving looks and sarcastic remarks from the lecturers.

I went to the Curve's flea market 2 weeks ago and got myself this cute sticker.

Cantik ya? ;)

I couldn't resist buying it, and it costs only rm5 for 100 of these. Though i only printed 50 of this, and another 50 with only my name on it.
I love stickers.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Simon's 20th

Stupid stupid me forgot to bring my camera to simon's bbq party. Hence, no pictures of the awesome array of food we have there.. lamb, sirloin, chicken wings, tom yam fish, pasta, mash potatoes with bacon.. Yum!

I stayed over after all that to help him with the cleaning up and also to spend more time with him. I also got to hang out with all my girls that night, which is a plus! Was so bonked out on Sunday because we only managed to fall asleep at 5 plus. It's all worth it though. ;)

These are pictures of the night i took him out to dinner at San Fransisco's. It so happens that we were both wearing almost the same shades of colour. Hehe, this is what you call compatible! ;p

Escargoes!! We heart Escargoes! :p

His rib-eye

all tender and juicy!

my spring chicken

the chicken is as big as my head. heh :)

Happy, full and contented

The moon that night was big and round, damn pretty! But sadly, it turned out like a yellow dot in the picture. So sad..

This is all at home, after the dinner.

The boyfriend and his best pal :)

Look at his face!! Damn joker.

Last but not least,

Happy Big 2-0 Darling! :)

Friday, January 13, 2006

rainy and comfy

I foresee this weekend to be one without much sleep for me.

I'm taking the boyfriend out to dinner tonight, and tomorrow is his birthday party. That means, photos of him with his newly cut hair will be up very soon! Haha

On a totally different note, Memoirs of a Geisha is marvellous! Go line up once the ticketing booth opens and grab a ticket. It really lived up to the hype surrounding it and also to the book.

Happy! Watched 2 good movies in a row. I better catch a short nap now before i don't get any till Sunday. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

i'm so sleepy..!

From bumming around doing nothing to suddenly being bombarded with assignments.. I'm just into my second week and i am already lack of sleep. I feel sleepy every second of the day, from the moment i wake till the moment before i fall asleep. Sadly though, i find that i am most awake when i am all snuggled up in bed waiting to fall asleep.


I guess this is the time that would start me on caffeine. In the future, i will be telling a bunch of something-holic people in a rehab this story on how i got started with caffeine. The 'how it all started' story. ;p

Last night i actually contemplated on sleeping early, so i'll get at least enough of sleep to get me through today, but i got hooked onto Pride and Prejudice. Gosh, watching the movie is so much better than reading the book. Because most of the time, i didn't really understood what the book was saying. Old english and long winded.

Although i feel Mr Darcy could be played by a more handsome actor as portrayed by the book.

It's only 8.23pm right now, and i feel like turning in to bed, yet i also feel like wathching Pride and Prejudice again.. :p Maybe i'll just watch half of the show. Heh ;)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Back to Books

Ahh.. after a long three and a half months of bumming and holidaying, classes finally started on tuesday. It isn't so much of heading back to my books that makes me dread the thought of classes, but rather my timetable that consists of saturday classes that starts at 8am!

At first my saturday only has one class at 8 to 9.30 am, so i thought, it's not that bad, i can go back to bed at 9.30.. But no.. they just had to add another class right after that till 11am. There goes my extra sleep. Dang.

Last semester i had 6 subjects and no saturday classes. This semester i have 5 subjects and saturday classes! Why the hell man? Why? Tell me why!

It's not even one week of classes and i am already complaining. Control suelynn, control.

On the bright side, this semester sounds quite interesting if all turns out like how the lecturers explains it to be. We will be required to do a mock press conference for a product/event complete with press kits, everything for one of our assignments. A little taste of what we're gonna get into in the future.

And other than those stupid saturday classes, my timetable's rather relaxing. I guess that's consolation to those saturday classes. I don't want.. :(

The boyfriend's birthday is coming up in a week! Still thinking of what to get him.. Food and me. Perfecto no? ;p

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year to Everyone!

It's a new year, and it is time to bid adieu to all the crap that happened in 2005 and try to make the most out of 2006.

My new years resolution:
* Control my temper more often
* Keep up with my newfound brilliance ;p lol
* Be a more responsible person/lover/daughter/friend etc
* End the last of my 'teen' years like a teen.

My hope for 2006:
* More money!
* Everything i do to go smoothly
* Happiness all year round
* My worries to go far far away

I can't really think of much right now.. But i do hope that 2006 will be a much much better year than the last. Happy 2006 people!