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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

You never appreciate what you have until it is gone.

My sister came back for the weekend on Saturday. After not having her around the house for a month since she last came back, it was like a breath of fresh air. Having her presence at home makes the whole house feel whole. Like it used to be. I never liked changes.

We or rather I, didn't accomplished much of the shopping spree expected. Instead my sister bought loads of things which ranges from handphone pouches to computer equipments. This one good thing about living abroad, you get to come back and buy the whole shop for all you care and still not get a 'money-spending' lecture. I wish i could too. On Sunday, my sis, bro and I went to One Utama together. Just the three of us, for the first time. And on that day did our sibling bond grew stronger. Maybe it was because of the under-the-rain, eating rm35 worth of lok-lok. Or maybe the change did make us appreciate each other better. I remember the childhood memories of us cursing each other of being adopted and being picked-up from the garbage can. Now, i'm never more proud to say that I'm related to the both of them.

I have been having doubts about my Major for the past few weeks. What a friend said striked a cord, " PR is a talent not necessarily a subject ". That jeapordised the goal i had set for myself for the past months. I mean, anybody who has the gift of the gap can be a PR, so i was actually contemplating on changing my Major to either Advertising or Broadcasting. That way, i can have the best of both worlds! Changing Majors isn't the main concern. I'm not sure if Utar offers Advertising and Broadcasting. And if they don't, where am i to go? I was thinking of applying for Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore, but then again, doubts.

So here i am, my own fickled-minded self, sitting down doing nothing about anything. It is no wonder my life turned out they way it did. Faulty wirings dim lights.

I'm hoping everything turns out for the best.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

I discovered a great new cafe this afternoon called Hot Buns Cafe in Taman Tun. They serve a massive ham-cheese-chicken chop! *yum!* I can feel my tummy grumbling just by the thought of it. Now, i no longer have to scratch my head and think of where to go and eat! So many places that serves food which leaves a prominent lingering taste not just in your mouth but in your mind and heart. Remember the statement, " Food is the way to a man's heart"? Well, i'd give that person who said it a high-five. Well, i would probably change the 'man', to 'person' first.

Here are a few places which i recommend.
*- Pan's Bakery: Pancakes.
*- Hot Buns: Ham-cheese-chicken chop. There may be more.
*- Fish&Co
*- Fook Kee, Bandar Sri Damansara: Cheap crabs!
*- Leong Ya, somewhere near Mines: Paper-Wrapped Chicken.
*- Mama Chop Papa Grill: Western food.
*- Gusto, Damansara Perdana: The environment. =)

Other that that, I received a call from JenHai telling me about his birthday bash tomorrow night in some club in Phileo Damansara. Not too sure if i'm going or not (not too keen on clubbing anymore), but the bright side is, i get to see him, Lydia and a few other old classmates(hopefully). So, i'll see how it goes tomorrow. Waiting for your call Dia! =)

Nites everybody!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

One Year and Still Counting!

Today, I celebrated my one year old relationship with Simo. How time flies. It felt like just yesterday i was gushing to Lydia about the cute boy with dimples i met at his brother's wedding. And now, i cannot imagine what my life would be without him in it.

I gave him a little something which i spent the past week sewing. It is a sewing of a heart with our picture in the middle, our names and today's date last year, all in a photo frame. Every detail and every inch was specially handmade by yours truly. =) Too bad the camera wasn't with me, or else i could have taken a picture of it.

Sweet sweet Simo didn't let the day pass without doing something for me. He baked a cheese cake for me, which i must say tastes okay for a first-timer. lol.

We went to One Utama later in the evening for dinner. Wanted to shop around as he said he wants to treat me to a shopping spree. But, due to time contraint, i didn't manage to see anything to my liking. Though, i pursuaded him to buy a polo/golf shirt and a pair of boxers. Nice nice! *sneaky grin*
After that, headed straight to Fish & Co for some divine seafood. Me being blur as usual, ordered a Seafood Platter for Two. Forgetting that 'Two' is meant for 'Four'! Only when the food came that i remembered. I told Simo about it and surprisingly he said he wanted it 'Two'. So there we were, happily finishing up our creamy clam chouder and our caeser salad with smoked salmon, and trying to 'dig in' our huge pan of fish,chips,calamari,mussels and rice. Trying. But the shocking thing is, we both actually finished 95 percent of it. Leaving a few miserable calamari and rice to waste.
It's not a bad place, with good food, nice soothing environment(outside with the sound of the man-made waterfall and a large fishtank!?), plus good service too! Simo just looked up at the still fan and the waitress immediately told him she will switched it on. Lol.

Well, everything between Simo and me is going smoothly now. Hopefully, everything stays smooth and not forgetting beautiful.

Lastly, Happy One Year Celebration to me! .... again.