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Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm Legal!

Happy Birthday To MeeeEee!! :)

May I be happy wherever i go and with whatever i do
May I succeed in whatever i attempt to do (eg: studies, work..etc)
May all my loved ones be well and happy

A Big THANK YOU to all who had contributed to make my birthday a memorable one, as well as for all the birthday wishes!

My parents booked the entire poolside of Somerset Seri Bukit Ceylon in KL just for my 21st celebration, as well as the 2 bedroom service apartment for me to crash after the party. And my friends and family all turned up to celebrate my coming into adulthood where i can now legally vote in a 'clean' election. hahaha.

The afternoon (pre celebration) didn't go too well, with frustrations and tears due to my lack of patience and understanding. Me and simon was supposed to check into the apartment by 3pm but he was still in ou with his bro till 4pm. So dahlah i thought there wasn't enough time to blow the balloons, hang them, bathe, change, make up all by 7pm, i threw a huge tantrum and gave him the cold shoulder when he eventually came home. Long story short, he was buying presents for ME from him and helped his bro buy mine. I felt so guilty for losing my temper just like that. Sigh.. so guilty. Coz the present simon got me is so darn wonderful. :P No i'm not materialistic. nononoono

But fortunately, everything went smoothly during the celebration. I was waiting for px and the rest of the gang to arrive so that i can blow my candles, but itu orang semua kept on getting lost. Lol. Nvm, reached just in time to habiskan semua makanan dan kek-kek. Thanks for coming even tho you all had not slept after a hectic campaign. :)

All in all, the celebration went well. I'm so happy..

Apart from that, the apartment was so nice that a nice little time in the bathtub was a great way for me to start my journey as an adult. Lol. Any excuse to enjoy la. Not only that, in the morning when we came back from our breakfast downstairs, i found a cake with a card on the dining table from the management and staffs of the place! Gosh, so thoughtful of them.. Really la, i couldn't have asked for a better birthday. Thank you to everyone again! :)

The buffet spread by the poolsideMy darling parentsmom and broYou can tell already that i've become lazy.. heh
Not in the pic: a bouquet of red and yellow roses from my aunty and family, and chocolates from my bro and his gf Brenda.

My simon got me a Tissot watch as seen on the right side of the pic. The one in the red box. :) It's what i want and need and yet i never seem to get up off my toosh to get it. And he knows it although i have never mentioned it. such is lovee.. :)

Once again, THANK YOU to my parents, my family, my boy, his family and my friends!

The rest of the pictures can be viewed here and here!

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

back to normal for the weekend

He's coming back today! All for meeee! or so i'd like to think. hehe

After one month of voices and words, i get to touch and feel again! Yippee! ;p

Anyway, Happy Birthday Leong Pei Xzan! Hope you enjoyed yourself last night and you liked the prezzies we got you! :) You now know all the things i did just for your big day. ahaha Mengada.

Last night we all headed to Decanter, SH, with the girls all decked in white (macam sgt suci only, macam la heh) and the guys in black to celebrate the coming of age of Ms Jaymee Leong. What a ruckus we caused in there. All the shouting, laughing, eating..

We then continued the party at Redbox Curve and from there, i could see everyone's energy pretty much was drained to the last drop. Which caused all of us to missed today's lecture. Naughty naughty!

As usual, the pictures will only be up when ms leong decides to upload em. So chop chop ya! :p Tau cakap orang tak tau cakap sendiri. Hehe, but to my defense, i didn't upload those wed pics coz ms leong said that the professional pics are here and she will send them to me soon. Soon la. See when she'll send.

But here are the ones i've already gotten
Me pre emcee stint at px's sister's wed dinner. phew what a mouthful
Us, last minute speech writing
Last but not least,
Happy 21st again PX! Loads of love to you! xoxo

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

3 things that occupied me

Sorry for the lack of updates. Once you let it slide, it halts the rhythm.

Ok, let's get on to the 3 main events in the last 2 weeks. First was my campaign, which i was the Emcee for. We estimated to end a little later or just a little bit earlier, but in the end, we ended half and hour early, to the happiness of the students and to the dismay of the lecturers. Stupid. It was ok la, though some said we started off really well, but didn't end it with a bang. Which was alright i think. It's all over anyway! :)

On the same day itself, it was my little brother's 18th birthday! Hope you enjoyed yourself at dinner. And may you grow wiser with each year and may happiness constantly engulfs you.
Love you little bro.

And the next day, it was PX's sister's wedding! In which i was the co emcee too. Anyway, PX, i did the closing!! You were busy outside shaking hands already. haha.. pictures will be up next post. Now, abit rushing. :)

Stay tuned!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

before this grows mold

hello people, here's some of the long awaited pictures from my grandma's grand 70th birthday celebration. hehe, cannot put all la.. takes up too much time.
With her two children, their spouses and her grandchildren all dressed in Oriental theme

Her grandkids!

Emcees for the night
My SEXAY ahma!!! hehehe
My youngest cousin from my mother's side of the family.

And what's an array of photos in my blog without one self absorbed one? ;)

There are more photos of my ahma socializing from one table to another all around the function room. But the stupid connection spoiled it.

It was a great event overall, have i said that already? Haha. Taking into consideration that yours truly was the one organising the programmes. I love my ahma! :)


I did something i have always wanted to do but procrastinated and pushed it aside for a few months now. And on Thursday, i finally did it! Lol, after some gungho-ness from reen.

The New Me!

Let's have another look shall we?

And Simon doesn't know about it yet! SHH!! ngekngekngekngek :p

Byebye long hair..

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