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Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm thankful to be here

Ahh..so much has happened since my last post. I need to make it a point to write it down as soon as it happens, if not, i'll never remember them correctly when I finally do take the time to sit down and blog.

Last week, we finally finished recording our second album after almost what, 5 months? And these are only the vocals. Now Greg aka MrProducer will have to put the finishing touches- strings, more lead guitars, polishing and tweaking of vocal pitches etc and we are good to launch!Not sure when will be the next time I'll fall asleep on that plush red sofa while waiting for my turn to record.

Last weekend as well, we were invited to perform at this inter-religion World Peace gathering at the Pure Life Society where groups of every faith were invited to share their religious musics to each other. So, we represented the Buddhist community and I'm proud to say we had the better singers present although I truly enjoyed the Baha'i group's chant that incorporated different languages.That same weekend, I played badminton again after a thousand years of not playing. My arm and calves hurt like mad after that for a few days. Gladly so. I desperately need more workout sessions. I'm starting to believe that my Belly Dancing classes alone isn't going to help much.

Oh yea, for those who hasn't known, I've took up Belly Dancing recently in hopes that I will sport a leaner, toner, svelt figure with a more defined waist in 3 months. Which I don't think can happen with just one hour class a week. Heh.

I walked in for my first class feeling all hopeful until I saw my teachers waist. Erm. Not very defined and flat.. But nevermind, I am enjoying the class tremendously! Maybe I'll sign up for their other classes. Like pole-dancing perhaps? :p

Things are going pretty well with the bf so far - 3 months into the relationship. We've done so many things together in this few months. And I'm happy. Very happy. But one thing that I am most glad is the fact that he makes the effort to bond with my family. I didn't want to compare my relationships but this was one of the main factor that irked me the most in my past.

Now, I have to restrain him from professing his love too much for my grandma. Haha. "Byebye, I love youuuu". I think my grandma is getting a kick out of him. =)

Without this turning into a fullblown love profession, I'll save that for more special occasions, I'm just truly happy that I'm with him. He's good for me in every way.

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Monday, May 11, 2009


LJ and this cute little girl who's his neighbor. I saw her walk in from behind him..jump on his bed and started making herself at home. haha. SUPER CUTE!

He's tickling her in the picture.

And that hair!!! *gush*

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Friday, May 08, 2009

Freeze the rainbows now will ya?

Don't you realise how everytime I write now, it's about things that matters but don't really? Scratch that if it doesn't make sense.

I was just thinking about how everyone is preoccupied with one thing or another in their lives right now. Be it work, studies, relationships or whatever. And how can life just be all about this?

I want to run through lake gardens until my legs hurt and I've run out of breath. I want to sit on that roller coaster and scream my lungs out till I'm hoarse. I want to sleep until I can't anymore and have to get up because I am pissed at not being able to sleep again. I want to have picnics in the park all day from morning till night, just eating, lying on my back, feeling the warm sun and breeze on my face, neck, arms and other parts of my body that are exposed whilst not having the slightest worry or thought of what I have yet to get done, not even at the back of my mind.

...You can tell it's a hormonal period now right.

I came across this quote from the internet. I don't even know who it's from but it's such an honest perception about love, so different from the fairytale ending that we grew up with.

"I don’t pretend to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what it is for me; love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with them more than any other person, love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might be ashamed of, love is feeling comfortable and safe with someone, but still getting weak knees when they walk into the room and smile at you."

I read that and felt warm and fuzzy because I feel all the same things that were mentioned in the quote. =)

On the other side of the coin, feeling those is still a fairytale moment, the hard part comes after these feelings slowly subside and you have to work harder to maintain or regain those feelings. But that's a different post altogether.

Now let's get back to reality. Responsibilities & commitments.

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mom always say it's not good to eat in the car.

Oh man, I just read this in the news and it's HILARIOUS!!

A married secretary accidentally bites off boss' penis in the midst of a rendezvous.

This is really a case of biting off more than you can chew.