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Monday, September 08, 2008


Very auspicious date ain't it?

Of coz it is! It's simon's and my 5th year anniversary!!

Happy 5th Anniversary to Us! :)

5 years, there's so many i want to say, so many things i have said and haven't said.
But, thank you for all that you have done for me, for us.
I am the luckiest girl to have found a person like you.

Love you darling! MUAKS!

Here's to many more half decades to come!

I was having one of those stressful moments at work when suddenly my direct line rang. This chinese uncle on the other end saying he's outside of my office and there's flowers for me.

Shocked and in a daze, i quickly ran out to retrieve them. Turns out, the darling bf sent a bouquet of dark pink and cream roses to my office as a surprise. Haha. It really made my day after that.

As usual we had to have our celebratory dinner. So we headed over to brazilian styled Carnivore at Vivo for some MEAT fest! Gosh, meat fest was an understatement. Free flow of drinks you've heard, but have you experienced free flow of meat? Roasted lamb, grilled ribs, steaks, ham, sausages with bacon..... all you can eat.

I quote simon, "you come out of Carnivore a Herbivore".

But for all you meat lovers out there, this place is a definitely must try! Only 37 dollars per person excl drinks and tax.

So nice.. haven't had a nice dinner with him in months!

Happy 5 years honey! :)

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I'm officially a graduand and I miss home already!

The past week and weekend have been a very eventful one. Let's recap shall we?

27 Aug (Wed)
I attended my first ever social-networking function with a few other colleagues. We were supposed to meet as many people as possible which will be able to help us in our project and i think we did accomplish that. Met a few speakers and potential sponsors.

That night was like speed-dating for us. Talking and giving out our name cards to people there and moved on to the next victim after 10mins. It was very tiring and something which i really don't fancy much. But, i guess it's something i've got to get used to.

29 Aug (Fri)
Been waiting for this day for a month! The day where i only had to work half a day before i head home!!

30 Aug (Sat)
The day i have worked for for the last 16 years of my educational life. Seeing everyone dressed up in robes and mortar board, walking up the stage with friends cheering for you below, collecting your 'hard-earned' degree, seeing your parents' proud faces amongst the crowd...

No words can describe my feeling then. The only drawback for me was, my bf wasn't around to share this day with me. I admit that it upset me.. until now it still does and i don't know how should i feel about this anyway.

The weekend
I had a great weekend with my family. Enjoyed every second and minute i have there, the food, bed, comforts, love, pampering.. hehehe. It was such a dread to come back to sunny southern neighbour. Sigh.

So now i'm back here, missing everyone and everything back home. And i did a pretty stupid thing as well, i brought back PX's IC with me across the causeway. SLAPS SELF!

I saw it earlier in the morning and told myself to take it out and put it on the table. Halfway through Johor, i looked into my bag and saw her blue card. -_-"

PX! I'm so sorryy!! For making you an illegal immigrant.. no more crubbing for you! :p Don't worry, i'll try to figure out something to get that back to you k.

Back to being a worker.