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Friday, October 16, 2009

I see your true colours

When the Brazillian colleague left for the day, she gave my Exec Dir air kisses on both cheeks, telling us that’s how they say hello and good bye in Brazil while all of us just gave her a wave. And I was just thinking, she must think us Asians as an individualistic bunch, what with us being so anal about keeping our distance and close proximity should only be between people whom you are close to, family, spouse, friends, partners, etc.

Then I thought of how some Malaysians who adopted that way of greeting people – air kisses, wearing all hip hop-py, etc. I don’t know. I’m just a little, okay quite irritated at them, MALAYSIANS, born and bred in Malaysia greeting their fellow Malaysians with air kisses. Hello? You’re in Europe now kah? You’re greeting an European? You’re not Malaysian lah? You know the saying, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. So I would understand completely if you are in a place where it’s a norm for people to greet like that or you’re greeting someone who greets others that way. Heck even I have given air kisses to business associates hailing from UK, Aus, etc. But that’s because it’s their common way of greeting.

But come on la, like I said, if you’re from Malaysia, in Malaysia and are greeting people from Malaysia and in Malaysia, greet in the Malaysian way la. Wanna kiss kiss on both cheeks all, especially my BF’s cheeks!! Grr. Slap you ah! What a poser. I was jealous like that. And THAT was what I felt then la. Just like that Malaysian artist – trying to be all hip hop, rapper, with your blingblings etc. Seriously, if you were in Malaysian Idol against the Mat Rock from 2nd season, I would so have voted for the Mat Rock, just because he’s original.

Why should I care about how others want to live their lives right? It is after all their own experiences they are creating for their own lives.

I guess I was once like that too - trying to adopt a foreign lifestyle as my own just because it seems cool to be associated with it. But now that I am much older than I was at that phase and a little bit wiser, why shouldn’t I be proud of my own ‘rojak’ culture?

When I was in SG, I was so glad that I am Malaysian, we are like this special species where we could incorporate 3 different languages/dialects in one sentence during conversations. I am starting to embrace the little quirks that we as Malaysians do. The good ones la of course.

So my whole point is that, why try to be someone else? Are you that insecure in your own skin/culture that you have to adopt someone else’s? Take the time to appreciate the culture you are in, however screwed up it might be at times. At least it’s your own.

This is such a lengthy post stemmed from what happened today and the other day.

I may be biased coming from a jealous angle, but it’s my two cents lah.

Biar Ori, Jangan Copy. (supposed to be ‘Beli ori, jangan copy’ hehe)


Friday, October 09, 2009


I'm excited till I'm anxious!

Excited with the thought of seeing you again
Anxiously looking at the clock ticking away until I can leave to pick you up
Although it'll only be for a few days, we'll have lots of fun house hunting and costume hunting this weekend. And then it'll be back to phone conversations for another week.

It's a busy month ahead.

But no matter, you're coming home in approximately 2 more hours! :)

Was just thinking last night as well. I miss spending girly time with my mom and sis. And also family dinners. Haven't had one of those in a while where previously we'd have one every weekend without fail.

Everyone's so busy.

Nevermind. It's Friday!

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Thursday, October 08, 2009


Running by the hills
Face caressed by the cool breeze
Skin kissed by the sun rays
Salty air to tease

All the things I love
Of the two places I miss
Thoughts dancing away
You will put me at ease

I'm young, I'm old
I'm up, I'm tired
Would you mind
Really, it just seems right

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Catch 22

I hate my curiousity.
It troubles me.

But I like knowing.


Friday, October 02, 2009

What happened in Pangkor #1

I was having a wonderful time in the office toilet and I remembered a particular incident that happened in Pangkor (I do my best thinking in the toilet. Don't we all?)

Like any normal travelers, we bought junk food to be consumed along the way and given that we left at 8am, these were necessities to keep us full and happy. Upon checking in at PLR's jetty office, where we have to leave our bags with them so that they can transport it to the island, bring it to our rooms etc, so I kept the remaining food in my luggage bag - Pringles, sandwiches and water.

All is well, we arrived, checked in, had lunch..

When our bags arrived to our rooms, being wary of all the food with my clothes in the bag, I wanted to separate them asap, lest i attract ants to my panties and bikinis. I opened my bag and the first sight that greeted me was, Pringles everywhere!!!

The cap of the almost full pringles bottle dropped off in the midst of all the movements and spilled 90% of it all over inside my bag.

Naturally, I panicked and squealed like a girl to the bf, "You seeeee!!! My clothes all got crumbs!! It's everywhere!!! Your pringles laaaaaaa!!!!! Help me take it out!!!"

I took my bag to the bathroom section (Bathroom's huge, dont even know what to call it. Picture below!) and started taking the crumbs out. The bf joined in my quest to clear my bag and clothes of the crumbs. So i sat on the floor while he stood, he took out my clothes one by one and dusts the crumbs off them over the bin. Me? I sat there, scooping the crumbs out and putting them into the bin and in my mouth.

The whole scene goes - him, diligently cleaning up my clothes and bag; me, sitting on the floor, eating; It sounds like this:
BF: "LINGGG! Don't eat it!!"
Me: "Hehehehe" Nyam nyam crunch crunch

But to my defence, I did clean ok. Just that I detoured a bit la. It's still edible what, don't waste.

This got me thinking, I guess this somewhat describes each of our personality. When problem arises, he will jump right in and solve it. Me? I sit, take my time and enjoy the crumbs first before putting everything back in order.

Not all the time I'll be like that though. Neither is he. But it's a good glimpse of our complex characteristics.

Here's the picture of our luxurious, spacious bath area. I hope to own a bathroom like this one day.
Nice eh? There's two cupboards on each side opposite both wash basins.