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Monday, August 29, 2005

Ads for Computers anyone?

I gave up trying my best to concentrate at home, packed my bag and headed to the library. I have always prefered studying at home compared to anywhere else, but this time around, all my efforts to turn away from all the distractions at home seem to fail.

Well well, want to know how it turned out?
I was revising on the different types of computers at one point, and suddenly had this urge to come up with an advertising concept for one of the comps.

I think i'm brilliant! ;)


I reckon my IT exam won't go too well..

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Tag-along baby! Coz u ain't going anywhere

So finals are looming nearer and nearer, and it is at times like this where i can't wait for it to come and get it over with. Half of me doesn't care whether i do well or not, a pass is enough, and the other half of me wants to push myself in order to achieve the best i can. Caught between this two halves is no fun i tell you.

My notes have followed me everywhere i go. In hopes that it would be of full potential use. From, my room to the tv room to my parents room to the toilet to simon's house.. Sad to say, i did give it a read, but definitely not enough. Bah.

But worry not my ugly clean notes! I ain't going to give up! No sir, i won't! ;)

This is what I've been doing late into the night when i should be studying.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

oh my darling carbos..

Can too much of Carbohidrate make you lethargic?

With my finals looming up ahead, and all those nights spent *trying* to revise and remember the things i have been studying for the past 3 months, i have started to seek solace in toast breads and juices late into the night. Two pieces of toast bread, one spreaded with salted butter(always), and the other either milo or kaya, drowned together with whatever juices that i can find in my fridge. Orange juice, kiwi juice, mango juice, winter melon(ok, that's not a juice)..

I've been devouring too much in it till i gave the impression of loving it. My grandmother started buying more of the bread. And this aint any normal loaf of bread, this particular loaf of bread is freshly baked, transported all the way from johor, and lasts only for 5 days to a week. Kind of like the roti bakar ones served in coffeeshops. So, in order not to let the bread go stale, i've been stuffing my face with bread every single day. Regardless of whether i'm hungry or not. Actually i'm always hungry, so it really didn't matter.

So, rice for lunch and dinner and bread for supper. That's three meals of Carbo in a day. I reckoned that my intake of Carbo and the other supplements like sugar and salt are making me tired. But then i figured also, that if i cut down on my food intake, i'll go crazy and won't be able to think straight.

Anyhoo, i guess i'll just stick to whatever i'm consuming right now. And if my lethargicness(?) still persists, i'll just sleep my days away.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Beauty Comes with Patience

During the weekend, certain instances made me realise that no matter how bad a situation may be, no matter how depressed or how unhappy you may feel, there will always be a little light that will shine their way through and soon light you up all over again. The problem is not waiting for the light to find you, but for you to search for the light. It may come in the most unexpected moments and in the subtlest form. Like the rainbow i saw after days of haze, rain and emotional turmoil.

Always look for the rainbow at the end of a storm.

This little natural phenomena rejuvenated my emotions. And i know, it doesn't matter how big a problem may seem, it is the storm that brings out the rainbow. :) I just have to be patient.

After we celebrated my dad's big 5-0 on Saturday, his friends celebrated again for him on Sunday in Shangri-La, in conjuction with another man who's born on the same day same year as dad, and another lady whose birthday is someday soon. What excited my siblings and i, were the chocolate fountain flowing enticingly at the desert section. My my, it was yummy!! Other than that, the vast array of food ranges from east to west. From extra large oysters to siew mai. I could have just camped in there and eat all day...

Anyone care to bring me for a second round? :p

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Happy Bday Lydia!

May this year be filled with beauty and excitement for you! :)

Lots of Love

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Sun is Peeking Through

Pms times makes me blog more as you can see. Blogging is a very therapeutic method to soothe a person and helps them puts their problems into perspectives when they write it down. I totally agree! It is like telling someone your problems without moving your mouth. More importantly, there won't be reactions of others, hinting to you, "shut up bitch, that's enough of your problems to last me for a century!"

Before this blog becomes too depressing and negative to be read, i shall move on to happier thoughts and drown myself in it.

My idea of throwing my dad a birthday bash to celebrate him turning half a century old is happening! Though it will not be a surprise party as i initially planned, (the adults just have to talk about it) but the bright side is, my mom will be cooking! Lol, it is not everyday i get to say "my mom's cooking". :) She rarely or rather doesn't cook at all you see. When i was younger, and when she didn't have so many business to attend to last time, she did cook. Once in a while. Pasta, chicken pie, all sorts of cakes/cookies/muffins/breads. Now even my oven and microwaves aren't working anymore.. :( That is why, i'm happy to see her in the kitchen again! :)

Another sunshine to light me up, simon bought this baby for me a week ago.

Hand-sewn*My mistake.:) Embroidered Thongs.

In detail

Monday, August 15, 2005

Down Came The Rain

I have been getting ultra sensitive at every single thing lately. I get upset at the utmost littlest things. At first i thought it was because of pms, and after my period came, this emo-ness dissappeared for a day, hence the last post, but came back like usual. I get upset at things that normally wouldn't bother me at all. I hate feeling this way. And when i'm upset, i get even more upset at myself for it. Sheesh.. What is wrong with me?

Depression is something i never thought would befall upon me. I connect this depression to my upcoming finals. I think i minght have been putting too much pressure on myself, hence the thinking too much which causes me to cry at the most ridiculous things. So wish i could turn off the tap to the tears.

I finally broke down with unwanted tears in front of simon. It got to the point where i told him, i think i need to seek help. I think i need to see a mental doctor and if this continues, i might get checked in to a "happy" institution. He was a sweetie. He just sat beside me and consoled me. Saying all sorts of things like, don't worry baby, everything will be alright. And at one point, i told him don't look at me! I'm a mess! He said, No baby, u look beautiful when you're crying. To which i countered, Oh, so you want me to cry more izzit? Lol.. poor him. I love you. :)

I truly madly deeply hope that this insane emotion of mine will end soon. If not, please endure the moody me with love and patience. :)

Saturday, August 13, 2005

I'm 24 and i'm married.

After days of being in the lower end of my emotions, thanks to menstruation cycles, i'm feeling up again. *Smiles* :)

Me and simon was walking around in One Utama yesterday after our lunch, and this salesman came up to us and tried to sell us some perfume. It is not exactly nice smelling and you could tell it wasn't of good quality. But what annoyed me the most was his exxagerated actions. No doubt in his line of work, you have to be 'big' on your words and actions in order to impress. He definitely outdid others. At one point he looked at simon and asked him if he was married, he talked an awful lot more to simon then he did to me, and it was more of a woman's perfume he was selling. So simon being cheeky, told him yes.
The salesman then looked at me and ask simon,
"She's your wife?"
"How old are you ah?"
Trying very hard to suppress my giggles, i thought to myself, "He'll figure out that simon looks too young".
Then the salesman shocked me by saying, "Wah, you look so matured! I thought you are 26 27 like that"

I swear, i almost burst out laughing in his face. And simon kept a straight face the entire time.

Monday, August 08, 2005

The chains in life

The haze has been getting worse and worse as the week goes by, it felt good to be able to get away from the chokingly thick haze for the weekend. I look outside my house and all i see is a blurry view. Darn those fire.

Singapore's university orientation proved that there is a vast difference compared to the unis we have here in Malaysia. I truly enjoyed myself witnessing the rag and flag day put up by the undergraduates of the National University of Singapore. I wish i can post up pictures for all to see, but what a waste, i left my camera at home. We met up with my mom's childhood bestfriend who is also my mom's sister's sister-in-law. That's not complicated at all, compared to how my paternal grandmother and my mom's childhood bestie's mom were old friends cum external in-laws. Means, both their sons married sisters. Small small world. More coincidences stems out from this friendships, involving my dad and his childhood friend. But, i predict it'll get too complicated and confusing to swallow. Lol.

Simon has also been away during the weekend gallivanting up north and south of Malaysia with two more friends. Though it has only been a few days since i last saw him, i miss him. Haha. Sometimes, i feel really selfish to think that i would rather he does nothing but stays at home or spends all his time with me. Self-centered i know. I have to stop having these thoughts!
This has been long due, but i still don't know what should i do with it. Earlier this year, Simon bought this gem from Sri Lanka, it costs about 100USD, and it's a 4.34 carat Aquamarine stone. I'm thinking either a ring or a pendant. Obviously. ;p

Any ideas?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Time and tide, waits for no man.

I feel like there's too little time for me to do anything productive at all. Well, not entirely true, but i truly think that if i were to have more time, i could very well do more of the things that i would like to do. 24 hours a day, is definitely not enough. Days and weeks passed like water. In a blink of the eye, i am already in my 11th week of Uni, another month, and it's hell calling. Finals..Eek!

One of my friend told me, according to some greek mythology or something similar, the world is currently moving towards the age of aquarius, and thus affects time to move faster. This depends on how much you believe. I am somewhat a little skeptical about this theory. No doubt, i do believe in mythologies and all that, it's just that, i have my own logical theory tatooed in mind. That is, humans are all currently laden with so many responsibilities in a day that it seems too much to be done in a day.

Your call.

Simon was down with high fever since early Sunday morning. But luckily, he's all better now! :)