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Sunday, July 29, 2007

these boots are made for walking

Gosh, i'm having a sudden burst of craving for boots! Yes.. lots of em!

Look at em! How can you not fall in love? But it's quite riddiculous to wear boots in hot hot msia. Not only will your feet grow fungus from all the humidity and heat, you'll die of a heat wave too.

But i've been looking for the perfect pair of boots since my trip to HK. None that really jumps out and screams 'I'm so you!'. Maybe it's because my taste is somewhat clasic with a lil burst of design that's me. It's soo hard! Grr..

Nonetheless, i've found some pairs where certain aspects of its design i really like. To give me a direction as to what i am really looking for. heh.
I like the fitting look of this one. It really ecentuates your legs and make it look a mile longer, which is always a plus for me!
To me, the patent laced up look always exudes a certain sex appeal. Maybe it's because of the way it resembles a corset, where u lace up for that busty-18inch waist-look or when u untie them for...... ok, u get my drift. :p
I've always prefered round toe pumps to pointy ones. So boots with rounded toe scores for me here. Also, the weaved wedges matches so well with suade, and it's comfortable too! So you can walk around in it without having to bite your lips in pain and stifle that limp.
Now, i don't personally like animal prints. But let's look past the prints and down to the heels. That cute kitten (no pun intended) heels are the perfect heels on boots, if you're wearing them on vacations. Which is most likely what msians would use their boots for. 'Nuff said.
Lastly, black would be my all time favourite colour for shoes. Yes yes, i'm really that boring. And, brown or off white following closely behind.

Sigh, nothing like a pair of boots paired with skinnys or skirts to make a girl feel sexy.

I need my fix soon... :(



Saturday, July 28, 2007

In the papers

During the four months of internship, i wasn't never asked, wait, never thought of to help with the publicity collaterals. Until after that four months, and i went back one day to wish my exboss happy birthday, they asked me to help with the pictures.

hehe.. and it's out today! :) Of all the outlets with new uniforms, they used the one i'm in. Lol.

So there, i'm the hostess/captain whatever. And i've never been one before. haha..

Anyway, it's in Star Metro page 50, or you can click here! =)


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

who's the one?

"How would you know if he is 'The One'? The one destined for you?"


It was one of those days when we had this conversation over cokes and fries in Mcds. It was quite a while ago if you ask me. And my answer for this question is that, you wont.

In theory, in order for that person to be 'The One', you would have to only feel love for that one particular person. And i believe that it is not possible because humans are capable of loving alot of people. And the love for each person differs from the other. How then, from that pool of people you love that you decide on that one particular person to be your 'one'?

I say it's all your choice. You choose the person you want to love, you choose the person you want to invest your time and attention on, and you decide on whether your future is with that person. If for example, one person is your destined one, but yet you choose not to invest anything on that person, is he/she still the one?

The One means the person that you will be with until death, the one you will love and whom will love you until death. These I believe are all created by romance authors to make money that plays on the dreams and emotions of females.

There are more and more people questioning the process of finding lasting love. It's a game of gamble really. To find one who will invest as much as you in the relationship. And it all comes down to choices. Not destiny. Or more aptly, 'Law of Attraction'. ahha..

So, do i believe in destiny? To some extent, but destiny only brings you the person, it's your choice on what you want to do after that.

Footnote: I'm not a skeptic in love, mind you. Heck, i'm a sucker for romance! But i'm starting to look at love at a more realistic viewpoint. :)

Happy loving!

You can tell it's examination time when i start rambling on like this huh..?! ;p hehe


Sunday, July 15, 2007

My week in a nutshell

This week has been a loooong week, what with the rushing of my thesis proposal, coming out with another 30 or more ads, crisis management exams and another presentation.. Fuh..

But i reckon next week will be just as long and hectic. Oh wait, not just next week.. i think this is gonna drag on till september! Oh gosh.

ANYWAY, on to more interesting stuff..

the hot mama of the year and my girl turns 21 today!
Happy Birthday my dear! Love! :)

We celebrated her bday at Maison on Thurs which u can read all about it or rather, the highlights of it on her blog.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

nothing else matters

Why is it that we will proactively do more than necessary to please those we hardly know and procrastinate at pleasing those closest to us, when this action will mean so much more to the latter?

Does money come hand in hand with neglect?

Yes, the intentions of making more money is one that is full of love and visions of a wonderful future, but when the act itself is taking much more effort than you put into the person you dream these visions for, does it still holds the same value?

~ we put on our best behaviour in front of acquiantances and show the worst to the ones we love and who loves us. ~

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Ads for flabs

I seem to have some unresolved issues with fitness centres that two advertising subjects out of four, i have to work on fitness centres. One year ago it was Cali F, and this semester, it's Celeb F. What man.. And it's damn hard to advertise creatively based on a service. Boo!

And each time we conduct researches at the fitness centres, we have to be subjected to all those talks about "it is actually this much, but if you join, i'll give you this price" etc. Not forgetting the "yes..your focus should be at the abdominal area".. Walaoeh. I know la. :( But this time, i am feeling more gungho about working out and toning my flabby areas. Teehee. See la, gotta do some research on my own. ;p

Not forgetting that each and everyone in the group must come up with 30 - 35 ad ideas for this ad campaign. 30 ads EACH! That's only for one week. We got two weeks of idea development tutorials, so all in all, almost 70 ads per person in two weeks. All together now, "SIAO ar??!?"

Sadly, it's the truth. Siao or no siao, it has to be done. And the first thing that needs to get out of the existing ad campaign, is their spokesperson. Ok, lets be critical here, how can you choose a spokesperson with no toned limbs and abs? tsk tsk. Look closely at her ads, and you'll see that flabby bulge that isn't supposed to be on a spokesperson for a fitness centre.

OK! Enough about fitness centres. I will be heading out to Actors Studio with my parents in a while to watch some show. One night, my parents just asked if i am free on sunday, thinking that i won't have anything specific to do, i said yea, and chopchop the tickets were bought. Leaving me still without an idea what i'm watching later. So it's more sitting down and accumulating wealth in my mid area whilst still not working out. Haha. Life's good.

Oh, and it has been a week already, and Oscar's still not home.. :(


Menoupause the Musical is good! Lol.. Great to bring your moms to watch, it's also a great girlfriends outing too! Get a bunch of your girls and watch it. But, it better suits old-er ladies. hehe.

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