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Friday, September 29, 2006

Random Update

I realised i miss going for classes and doing assignments when i'm on holiday relaxing without any reservations. Stupid -_-"

What a week, been going shopping almost the whole week and done some pretty nice damages on both my purse and the plastic. heheh.. That's it i say for this month! No more buying clothes! Yes siree no more! Until next month la that is. ;)

The weather this few days has been causing a cold to brew inside me. I've been sneezing all day, my throat hurts and not helping also is the crazy heat i feel from inside me and the outside environment as well. I've been itching to go for a holiday, somewhere, anywhere! Anywhere, that is breezy and cooling. Some where by the beach perhaps?

Initially, the plan was to go away for a beach holiday in Sabah or any island in December, but with so many plans cropping up from all sides, i doubt we'd be able to make it. :( I'm deprived of the beach and water. Somebody take me there please!

How i wish i have a pool in my backyard, so that when the weather gets too hot, i can just drop what i'm wearing and jump into the cool water and laze in there to my hearts content. (Reading back what i just wrote, what's the difference with taking a bath eh?) Sigh, damn random.

Talking about random, last night during igemz's meet, we were all singing along to emmi fujita's songs and getting into the mood of the lyrics and then suddenly- "has anyone tried the rojak sauce?"

????? .. that was seriously random man. hahah

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Puffed Up.

A few days ago, i woke up feeling a distinct pain around my left eye. The kind of pain that could be caused by eye-strain, heatiness, 'ngan cham' etc. I didn't pay it much attention for i thought it'd just go away like any other normal pain.. but then, it started to grow at the bottom lid of my left eye. So obviously it IS a ngan cham (what do u call it in english? sty?) right.

Aiya, i thought to myself can just put some lotion and rest it and hopefully it'll subside by itself. Right?

But no.. I woke up this morning, and there it was, more bengkak than it was few days ago, plus my left cheek is swelling up a little too! F*ck the stupid ngancham, even my mouth has moved slightly to the right. WTF man. *wails!*

Damn shy.. i'm too kiamsiap to waste money to a doctor, and am too chicken to do anything about it. :( How? Any known remedy to help cure it?

I would love to put a picture as a testimonial to what i just wrote, so you'll know i'm not blowing some goddamn trumpet. However, i am too vain and self conscious to put up a picture of myself in such state.. maybe later. ;p

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm having a fetish

All of a sudden, i'm having a bag fetish, wanting to run to every store possible and oggle at the bags and buy them. It all started with me seeing a pretty coach bag on ebay retailling for RM1.5k and my mind went all bonkers. Even now i'm still having a fetish headache. -_-

But not to worry! Tomorrow is a shopping day, first to Cats, then to One u to check out pretty bags from Aldo and Fcuk. And other shops too la.. heh

Anyway, finally gotten most of the pictures from the 3 out of 4 cameras that were busy working their asses off during Liann's lunch.
Can view them from-
Jen Ai's

Liann hasn't uploaded hers yet, and yeing's pics are all in my comp and not online, so..... yea.

Now, all i'm waiting for is for 'TheBreakUp' and 'TheDevilWearsPrada' to finish downloading so i'll have some shows to watch! :)

Monday, September 18, 2006


On the 16th of September, last weekend, it was Igemz first full scale concert in Penang. It was a one-hour slot, plus costume changes, many interesting actions and the opportunity to sing some new songs. All in all, it was a great performance. Minus all the draggy programmes at the beginning, i'd say we gave the audience what they've been waiting for and more. ;) heheh..

Great job guys! Awaiting for more from us!


By the way, the hols has just started and i'm revving up to enjoy it to the fullest. Before another semester takes its toll on me again.. at least there will only be 2 subjects to be taken next sem.

Oh ya, love love, i want the pics from liann's lunch! From your cameras too Liann and Yeing!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Happy 20th Liann!

Hope you enjoyed yourself just now at lunch! Love you babe!!

ps: i want all the pics!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Free as a bird

F R E E E E E E E E E E !!!!!

I slept as much as i could once i came back from my last paper, to make up for all the lack of sleep through the whole duration. Been waking up at about 4+/5 every morning.

Now, all feels like a nice cool breeze! Relaxed and calm. No more headaches and vomiting feeling.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

8/9/06 - The Celebration.

My whole day yesterday was spent squeezing as much information as i could into my head. Memorise..memorise.. squeeze..squeeze.. as much as that little brain of mine could contain.

Then in the night, the bf and i went out to celebrate!

We went to this Argentinian restaurant in Chulan park or something in KL, called Gaucho Grill. The food was okay, everything was normal, but the only thing that gave it the oomph was the Chimichuri sauce. Wah! Best man!
That's our food.
Simon's: 1/2 cheese lobster and grilled steak with black pepper sause
Mine: Roasted lamb with tortilla chips and chilli chimichuri sauce
The backdrop behind me.
The backdrop behind simon.
My tummy's grumbling like mad, time to go feed it. More pictures here!

Friday, September 08, 2006


Dear Simon,

When we met 3 and a 1/2 years ago, nothing would have prompt us that the next 3 years of our lives, would be spent in the ways it was. With each other.

From the awkward silences and shy chats, to the endless laughters and chatters.

We never fail to amuse each other with new antics and new qualities that attracts us to each other again and again. And go through that new relationship rush all over.

I still feel butterflies in my tummy everytime i know i'm going to see you. Even though there are silent moments, there aren't any dull or boring moments when we are together. Like your text message an hour ago, and i quote, "You rock my world baby". :)

Happy 3rd Year and many more to come!
Love always,

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Promise

Last night while lying in bed trying to get a good night's sleep, all sorts of thoughts swarmed into my head. I swear this always happens when i want to sleep so badly, and all that happens is more irrelevent thinkings. Anyway, a particular thought, one that had been lurking behind my mind all these while with me not wanting to face it and acknowledge it, came up. The thought of me being unappreciative of my loved ones around me. My dad, mom, grandmother, etc.

When this topic comes to mind, a particular incident would always spring up. About 6 years back, my family and i were having our usual weekend dinner outing. I cannot remember what happened to me at that time, but i was in a foul mood, snapping at people right, left and center. When it was time to go home, we walked past Mcds and dad asked all of us if we wanted ice-cream, me being bitchy said no of course while the others agreed to it. Because he knew i liked ice-cream, he bought one for me nonetheless. When i saw him holding two ice-creams in his hand, one for himself and the other for me, i immediately snapped at him at a somewhat loud tone, "I TOLD YOU I DIDNT WANT IT!" and walked away. The next thing i knew, he had throwned the ice-cream meant for me away.

The look on his face at that moment broke my heart till this day, and my eyes never fails to swell up in tears whenever i think about it. I constantly wished that i could have behaved another way and become more of a better daughter instead. I regret behaving such terribly. Snapping at my parents and grandmother, yelling at them..

My parents are almost half a century old, and grandma is already 70. And the 19 going on 20 year old me knows better now. Of all the times they sat by my bedside soothing my every pains and sickness, massaging my body when i ached with fever, gently tickling my forehead when i had trouble falling asleep and constantly telling and showing me that you love me. Protecting me and cocooning me from the dangers of the world.

I am very sorry for all that i have done and the bad behaviours from me that you had to endure. Last night, I made a solemn promise to myself- from this moment onwards, i will strive to be the best daughter/granddaughter and person i can be, and will control my temper to become a better person. I promise to truly appreciate and constantly show you my love and will never do anything to hurt you.

This, i promise myself.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

A great loss

On the day Malaysia celebrated its 49th year of liberation, a very dear prominent figure in the community attained his own liberation.

I remember when i was younger, i would always run to his room after my sunday classes at Brickfields MahaVihara, pay my respects and just sit there, listening to him or just hanging around with my family. He would never shoo us pesky loud kids away, instead he'd always give us a smile and ask how's our classes and so on.

When the doctor told him that he had cancer, he laughed and said it is not a problem to him, it is only a problem when our mind allows it to be one. Even until his last days, although he was in pain, the strong he supported in presence every charitable event he could.

In the 90's, Chief was in Sydney to perform his heart bypass procedure. On the eve of the operation, a female hospital staff came to him with a bible, telling him it's time to take the holy communion as the operation was a major one. Chief, who was in his hospital uniform, obliged. The lady read a passage from the bible and prayed for him. Chief ended it with Amen.
Days later, a group of Malaysian students who studied at the New South Wales University heard of Chief's operation and went to visit him at the hospital. They paid him respect the Buddhist way by kneeling down, clasping the palm. Chief was still in his hospital patient's uniform. The lady who performed him the communion was watching, and was confused with what she saw. After realising that she had performed the communion on the Chief Monk of Malaysia and Singapore, she went to Chief to apologise.
Chief asked her: "Why do you want to apologise? You have done a good service, good intention, I really appreciate the prayer that you have done for me."
Quoting the experience, Chief said that is the attitude of Buddhism

Today is the day of his funeral.
May Chief Reverend be well and happy wherever He is.

You can read it all from BuddhistChannel
Also from Jeff Ooi and Oon Yeoh.
You can also read about his life story from here.

One More Day

Till everything starts moving along the track.
First test, second, third.... FIFTH!

Oy, faster la.

Last night, while having drinks with the girls, Liann gave us a quiz, on 'Who is Fluffy', what Fluffy likes and don't like.
And.......Me and Lilian are the geniuses who got it! heheh.. Ok, lilian is smarter coz she got it first.
Gonna go around quizzing people already! ;p