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Sunday, October 30, 2005

I'm leaving on a jet plane

In a few hours, i will be leaving to the airport for Shanghai. My flight is at 1.40am, Monday 31st October, and my sweet simon will be fetching us there. Hehe, gives me more time to spend with him.

I will be there till the 7th of November, so Tammy Koo Fu Yng & Chan Ming Yang, Happy Early Birthday!! You're both finally legal! 21! Enjoy your day to the fullest and may the both of you have a blessed year ahead of you! Hugs! :)

To my girls and my baby, take care of yourselves! See you all in 8 days time! ;p

Lots of love.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I'm a happy girl ;)

OH boy is my pms being overthrown its power by the happenings yesterday and today. I am a much happier girl now, my confidence is up, my mood is up, everything's up. ;)

First off, i have gotten my semester final results! And boy it was the first time in my entire life that i am seriously over the top thrilled with what i got. I got straight As with the cgpa of 3.89. Hohoho..how happy do you think that made me?? For a student who has never gotten straight As in her life and with the average cgpa of 3.4, to get that. And i think, i may have gotten into the President's list as well as its required cgpa is 3.8 and above. Gotta wait for them to send me my results. Yippee! :D

*silly dance around*

The girls, Simon and i went to the funfair last night after almost a week of wanting to. Oh have i not been to a funfair in a long time..and the last time i did, let's just say it wasn't a good experience that involved blood and terror.

We changed RM10 worth of tokens and the first ride we took was one called the Lethal Weapon (i think). It works in a manner similar to the Magic Carpet in Sunway Lagoon only the Magic Carpet moves front/back, this ride moves clockwise/anticlockwise. The first few rounds of it made our stomach do flipflops, but after the 20th round or so, it felt like some boring kiddy ride. Because the idiot left us for more than 50 rounds i think. Just when we thought it was going to stop, it changed direction.

The girls.

Plus my simon.
Matthew paid RM3, came in looked around for 5 minutes and left. -_-

My simon and I. :)

We were all too chickened to sit the other rides, well except for JenAi who was bouncing with excitement. Lol. Damn cute. You really can't tell she is already a mother you know. Too hyper. So undoubtly, that made Lethal Weapon the first and the last ride we sat. The remaining tokens were spent playing all the other booth games. Wasted off was more like it. ;p

After that we watched 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose'. Good movie. Although the whole matter discussed in the movie, which was based on a true story, is a very subjective matter.


My sister surprised my whole family today when she came home without all of us knowing except my dad. Lol.

And my whole body is aching as is Simon's. I'm not too sure about the other girls but the ride and the stupid seats in TGV made my joints and back ached like an old lady. I am going to stick back to GSC, no more cramp, small TGV seats.

But no matter what, I am a very happy girl! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

go away.. go far far away..

Sometimes i hate how pms affects me so much. It wasn't like this last year, and it wasn't like this when i first had it. How did it suddenly become so massive? Is it a state of mind? Can it be controlled by the mind itself? I think it can, but i guess i am too weak to do it.

I feel so vulnerable and sensitive. I know that i am feeling this way, i know that if i am positive enough i can push these feelings aside. But i still somehow succumb to them. I still allow my mind to wander off and absorb negativity instead of the positive. I used to be so optimistic.

What happened? Could i be facing some depression shit related to pms?

I hate feeling this way. I hate how i cannot enjoy myself because of it. It is at this period of time that i feel all needy and need to be baby-ed. The time when i need reassurance the most.

I want to be all happy happy all the time again. I want to be able to think positive no matter what again. Maybe i need medication.
I hate feeling this way. :(

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Stupid movie

Simon, Matthew, the girls and i went for a movie last night. Oh boy were we fooled by the summary and the poster of that movie. Legend of the Red Curse was a total let down. Not only was it visually suffering, it was also suffering to hear the casts speak. It was torturing to sit there and watch the choppy, amatuer scenes.

The only credit i give to the show is their promotions. The movie itself really didn't do justice to the posters. Never judge a movie by its posters. Big mistake.

Anyway, at least we had each other to suffer together with. Muahah..

Friday, October 21, 2005

It doesn't matter

All my life, i have always been perceived by my family as the naughty daughter, the one not as intelligent as the others, the rebellious one, the one they wished were more like the other members of my family. Extended and immediate. Though they don't say it, but their bias attitude shows through their actions towards me. Which contributes to the 'Middle Child Syndrome'.

At times, i feel as though i am incompetent and worthless to people compared to others. My life and views don't matter just as long as i live by their rules and play by their games. Life really is too short to be restrained. In a blink of an eye, you'll wake up and realise what happened to all those years that had passed right under your nose without your notice. I don't want that to happen. I don't want to live my life through your eyes, i want to live my life through mine.

So please forgive me if i rebel at times. Forgive me if i have disappointed you for it was never my intention to do so. Forgive me if i don't produce results better than the rest as a daughter, student, or as a person in your eyes. Forgive me if i have failed as the perfect daughter.

But do believe me, that i have always tried my best to be the best i can be. I have always done all i can do to try and fulfil whatever dreams you have of me. Although i am not good enough, i know, but please believe me when i say, i have always tried my best.

I love you.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

sombre day for malaysia

The news of the passing away of our First Lady flooded the local stations today. This news shocked me, although i had known that she had breast cancer, but i didn't know her end would come so soon. I always thought that she had recovered from it after her treatments and all that. So sad.

May she rest in peace.


Today is the first day i am home longer than i am out in a week. It feels nice to stay at home, do my own things and spend time with my family. Plus, it has been raining the whole of today, matching the mood of malaysia and selfishly also makes it a lazy day for lazing at home.


I will be going for dinner with the girls later. Haha, so much for staying at home. We will be heading to One Utama for some sushi stuffing paired with girly fun. :)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

bflyz plans

My car's done. The window costs RM140. Damn you bloody window-smashers! *Grr..*


The girls were talking the other day about planning a trip for all seven of us in december, somewhere either langkawi or genting. I really don't mind either, as long as it is in favor of all seven i'm on board as well. We have never gone away on a trip with everyone together before, there will always be one or two person missing out on it.

But anyway, i'm hyped up for some girly holiday fun. It would really be more exciting if we are going to a beach holiday like langkawi as we can just chill on the beach the whole day, play beach games, and stuff as compared to genting where it will be more of a girly bonding time. Oh i don't care. Anywhere's fine, it all depends on the company. :)

However, lilian is going to langkawi in December with her college friends. She has asked us to go, but i am going to pass. I don't feel all that comfortable going on holiday with people i am not quite familiar with. Can't really let down your hair and enjoy the holiday, and that's what it's all about right..

So i guess genting is pretty much our destination. No point for lilian to go to the same place twice eh? Anyhow, we still have to wait for a few of them to confirm their availability, and to decide on the date as well. I'm crossing my fingers so that all goes well. :)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

where have you gone lady luck?

For our first day today, we had to follow the boss to see how the job is done. After we met up with him and his lady partner to collect the materials, we headed to mid valley where i parked my car and followed them to the vip samsung branch.

After all's done and everyone's happy, we headed back to Midvalley. In a sotong mistake of leaving the parking ticket in the car, I went to my car to get the parking ticket while reen was waiting at the entrance puffing her lungs away, in a hurry i glanced at my passenger seat and saw alot of things strewn all over. Pads, papers, long sleeve shirt, name cards.. etc.

Hmm, weird. I thought to myself. I figured it must have been Reen who took out things from her bag and left it there. As i walked pass her, i said:
me : "wah reen, you emptied your bag in my car ar.. pad all put on the seat like that."
reen: "eh, wtf? i didn't bring pad out also.."

I didn't give it much thought for the few minutes after that when i walked to get my ticket paid. It was only when i went to my car for the second time that i saw what really happened.

Glasses were all over the floor, my glove compartment was wide opened and empty, my smart tag/touch&go was missing. Even my cheap ass sunglasses was stolen. These fuckers must have thought it was the real gucci deal. Lol. Thank god for fakes.

As we had placed our materials at the back seat, two packets of it were missing as well. Oh god, how fuckin unlucky can we be? We asked the guard to come over as he was passing by and in a mere 5 minutes, 5 guards and 2 person-in-charge were surrounding my car. Asking me questions, helping me fill out the midvalley complaint form, basically just kepoh-ing.

Finally, after everything, they asked the housekeepers to come clean up the mess. There really is nothing much that i can do besides complaining to the midvalley management. My sweet simon came all the way from home after i called to tell him what happened.
Such love.. :)

Sigh, out of all the spanking new cars all around mine, they chose the 10 year old one. So for those who believes in 4D, here's a treat : 1037 - my parking space and 868 - my car number. Good luck.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

dinner for four minus one please

Last night was a night that i stuffed myself to the maximum.

After dear Reen got her pay from her job, she so graciously treated us to dinner in Kepong. And us being airhead bitches, we ordered one too many dishes -_-". Four dishes of vegetables and meat, one dish of crab and a plate of fried buns. All these for four ladies, where two ate like puppies.

The amount of food unfinished was able to feed an entire family in Africa. Haha, teaches us not to over order the next time. :) Too bad the other three couldn't join us though..
Not to worry my dears, there's always next time! ;)

Monday, October 10, 2005

mass update


I spent the whole day at home like a good girl, playing with my computer, watched old movies and burned a hole on my chair with the warmth of my bottom for sitting too long on it. ;p The girls came over at around 11pm after my dinner with family to chill. So we had wine, beers and cards to entertain ourselves, but most of all, our highlight of the night was talking to each other comfortably about everything. It could be because of the alcohol.. :p

Anyway, i had a really good time with them. We hung out in my kitchen till about 3 in the morning..taking pictures, playing "truth or dare"-uno where the only dare that can be done in my house was eat my little oscar's doggie biscuits, lol. Thankfully, no one had to. Though frankly i really wanted someone to eat the biscuits and live to tell the taste of it. Haha..

I'm too lazy to upload the pics here, so click sini if interested to view our chabo's night. :)



Typical sunday..
Spent the whole day with simon, lepaking, eating, sleeping.. Oh yea, Canadian pizza is the thing now! It's cheap and filling, well only if you take away or have it delivered. Eating there is not much of a beneficial thing, too sparse an environment and not as filling with the same price you pay for the former two.


Went for an interview with Reen, for a merchandising job. The pay is not really good but the timings are very flexible. It's more of reen's job actually, i just tagged along with her on days that i feel unlazy to earn some extra $$$ ! :)

After that i headed to State with Simon for dinner with his family. I really like his family.. :) I feel really comfortable with them.


And now i'm here, blogging away my remaining minutes of my monday, and downloading more episodes of friends/lagunabeach/theoc to pleasure myself. The bliss of broadband!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

High on purchase ;)

How can shopping be one person's friend, and another person's folly? Why are girls generally designed to enjoy shopping more than men? And girls who doesn't like shopping are perceived as out of the norm, as do guys. It is weird isn't it?

I for one get a rush just by the mere thought of shopping. Simon, couldn't care less about shopping. He absolutely dislikes it when i scamper around in the mall shopping for things with him in tow. He'll grumble, pull me away from shops, divert my eyes if i've gaze at an item on the display window for more than 5 minutes and holds me back tightly from going into the shop. Typical boy behaviour eh? But it's okay. It is more fun going shopping with the girls anyway. We get to squeal like kids over things we fancy and giggle like bimbos over nothing at all.

Ahh, the splendour of female counterparts. :)

So today, Shereen, Lilian and i headed down to Pyramid and Cats Whiskers to do our rountine shopping regime. I picked Lilian up from Sunway College and guess who we saw just a few feet away from my car? Hohoho.. and they are still together! Well, they can both show two-faces and be snakes together right babes? (Lol okay, this will be another post by itself. ;p)

I bought most of the things that i wanted to buy, although i still don't know where can i buy my cropped cardigan since they are all sold out in shops that i've asked. :( Sigh. Guess i'll just have to be patient and continue my search, and hopefully i'll get to buy them before my interest for them wears off.

Here's the things i bought. Not alot, but enough to make a girl like me very happy! ;)

I showed mummy my fake turquoise beads and she took out her real semi-precious turquoise necklace for me to match! haha..

See the difference between the fake and the real deal?
I like ~ :)

This pretty much sums up my very productive day. Eat, sleep, shop, gossip.. very much a tai-tai wannabe in the making. ;) Nyahah!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

i should be so lucky, lucky lucky lucky

Something happened just now that really made me fully aware of just how lucky i am.

Daddy showed my a letter from the MPPJ stating that i have an outstanding summon which had been issued to me on the 26th of June. But, i have already paid the summon on that very day itself. So, in order to show them idiots that i have already paid, i need to have proof which is the receipt, if not rm100 will have to be thrown away just like that.

So i searched high and low like a gila babi all over my table where i usually keep all my rubbish. Receipts, flyers, papers with scribblings.. etc. And while searching for it, i had this strong feeling that i have already thrown the receipt away because i had cleared and arranged my table a month ago, throwing away things that should have been thrown away in the first place. And i remember feeling at that time that i didn't want my dad to know that i received yet another summon.

Trying my best to brush that feeling aside, i continued my search in hope for a miracle. Went through every file on my table, looked through the remaining receipts, flyers, papers with scriblings that have accumulated after i cleared my table but, to no avail. Until finally, i took out a file where i keep all sorts of report cards, transcripts, essays and so on, and what do i see folded nicely right on the top? My receipt from June 26. Wheeeee! I could have sworn i woke the neighbors up with my shout of glee. Haha..

Oh wow. I have already succumb to the fact that the receipt has already been thrown away, and even remembered a faint memory of me taking the receipt and throwing it into the bin. I swear i don't remember putting it into the file though.

Goes to show the extend of how much my memory is failing me. Remembering things that didn't even happen. O.o"

And to top this whole lucky hoo-ha off, i found my favourite bookmark at the same time too! :)

So yes anon, I am the luckiest girl and today proved itself! ;)

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hitz.tv 2nd Bday Street Party

The Hitz.tv Street Party yesterday was not a very happening event, sad to say. However, it's not the emcees fault, JJ and Rudy were as entertainning as they always are on radio, but the crowd was unbearably liveless, typical malaysian crowd. Only the few rows of mat rocks in front that were responding. More like monkeying i would say. One didn't even know that September doesn't have 31 days. Lol.

But luckily for me, i had the presence of my girls to keep me company as we waited for Media Puppets to perform. They performed the song my Simon wrote for me for the first time live yesterday. And the song sounded very nice.. i like! ~ :) I wanted to record their performance when they played that song or rather my song(hehe), but my donkey self forgotten how to record the video. So in the end, i just took pics. Not alot though, because when i finally remembered how to record videos and recorded another of their original songs, my card memory fulled. -_- Never mind, i guess we will all just have to wait for their cd to be out to listen to MY song. *ngeks ngeks* ;p

The name of the song is "Such a Feeling". *gloats!* haha.. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside listening to them play that song, more so when Simon plays and sings for me in private. =D

Before his performance.

The darlings who went with me and whom are also fans of MediaPuppets. ;)

Media Puppets in action!

Really, who wouldn't love em' band of hotties? :)
I know i do..
Haha okay, only the lead guitarist/band leader (me->mengada-ngada). =p But overall, i really do think they rawk! Yeah!

And yes, i vainly wore my new top. I need to look nice while giving my baby support la. =)

Saturday, October 01, 2005

bouts and bouts of waves

Oh gosh, i feel so bummed out. I just got back from the hospital where my great-grandma is currently still awaiting her ct-scan results. She fell unconscious again this morning. This time, her eyes kept fluttering open and then closing. Again and again. Until finally the drips took effect, and woke her up. She looked so frail and fragile. Sigh..

But thankfully, she's all awake now, and hopefully will stay this way for many more years to come. *prays*

I'll be going for the Hitz.tv Birthday bash later. Although i really should be getting ready right about now, i just felt like writing down something for therapeutical reasons. My head feels super heavy because i didn't catch as much shut eye as i should get last night. Need to find some chocolate/sugar bar to hype me up. My simon will be performing later with my song! ;) I can't wait to hear how it turned out.