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Saturday, January 29, 2005

i love the guitarist!

MediaPuppets got through to the semifinals! *Yay! Just one more step to go to viCtOrY!!

Vote for MediaPuppets coz they are truly THE most potential band in the competition!
*type BLAST MEDIAPUPPETS and send to 32888. All your support are truly appreciated! =)

(p/s: mediapuppets and blastoff will be all that will be writtten in here for the next weeks or so. =p)

Thursday, January 20, 2005

i love Media Puppets!

I was in the newspapers yesterday! lol. It is in the Star Metro section, page four. I was shocked beyond words to see myself there. I mean, there were so many groups and people who performed that day in the Malaysia Tourism Centre, and only my picture was up. Haha.. surreal!

People! Do remember to vote for MediaPuppets! Just type BLAST MEDIAPUPPETS and send it o 32888. Vote for them from now until after the live performance tomorrow night!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

something for smo ;)

You are my real prince charmin'
Like the heat from the fire
You were always burnin'
And each time you're around
My body keeps stalin'
For your touch
Your kisses and your sweet romancin'
There's an underside to you
That so many adore
Aside from your temper
Everything else secure
You're good for me, baby
Oh that, i'm sure
Over and over again
I want more
(me and you)
-8 9 2003-

Saturday, January 15, 2005

exams! eek!

*pHew!~ four subjects down, 2 more miserable ones on the way..

How can exams be beneficial for you when it is actually stressing you out? It tires you, deprives you of your sleep and gives you all sorts of healthy life disorder. I mean, where's the benefit in that? I don't know, i somehow quite fancy exams sometimes, Final Exams especially. I feel a sense of accomplishment, it doesn't matter how i do in it. I'm an idiot. But, this feeling, rarely lasts.

I can hardly think of anything to be blogged, as all i hear and is in my head is the sound of the tv that is being blasted by my brother. Speaking of blast, blast off people, take out your phones, type 'BLAST MEDIAPUPPETS' and send to 32888! I'm blasting off my PR profession now. ;)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

too stressed up

.... *:+:* ....
Bend me before i break down
Dying to be free within
It's not how you'd like to see it
This life is a lesson
Take what you're given
Forcing my self solution
As i fall into line again
When will i find the answers
This life is a lesson
Take what you're given
.... *:+:* ....

This is what too much of computer studies does to me. HeLpP!!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Media Puppets!!

Go MediaPuppets!! *yAy!* :)

I just got back from the o*range club in kl, to watch my bOo perform at the Blast Off! competition. And i must say, his band rocked the house! Oh..I'm so proud! lol.

Anyway, i was pretty impressed with Soul Dinero's vocal performance. They were pretty darn good. The harmonizes were beautiful and their voices complimented each other. The only letdown was, their harmonizing went a little flat during the end.. but so what? MediaPuppets is still the BEST! *muahahaha... *laughs evil-ly*

Once again, everybody ~ *MediaPuppets!!!!!!!!

I rest my case. :)