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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

still high on adrenaline

Today, I have worked a total of fifteen hours, non-stop. And yet, i am still high on adrenaline from the Lemon Garden Cafe launch this evening.

I now know and am sure of what i want to be doing for a career. I have found my calling! PR is definitely my forte, tonight gave me a great platform to experience first hand, the main perks of being a PR. I get to meet loads of people from all walks of life, different journalists with lots of interesting stories to tell and the who's who of the socialites scene. hehe.. in other words, a kaypoh's job la. So girls, guest list to zouk! That is if that guy really is one of the consultants for zouk as he said he was for Voyeur Bangsar. Remember voyeur? :p

Anyway, back to what i feel is my forte, from planning a project/event right down to the invitation lists, this few months of my training have further convinced me that this i what i want to do.

I was still on the fence as to which industry i would like to venture to, events, publications, advertising or PR, all with different job scopes and interesting perks. But right now, i am sure. Not as sure as i want to be a taitai but still sure enough. hehe. Tai tai also gotta work to keep her dough what, cannot always depend on rich man to feed her. I must still be able to feed my rich man in return. Equality. ;)

Alright, i better not talk to much good things about my job lest i jinx it. It has this tendency to happen. Whenever i start to feel good about something, one thing or another will happen to screw up the good thing. That goes to prove that nothing stays good forever..

Initially, i wanted to write about the masacre that happened in the states, and what my views are, not on the victims all per se, but on the killer. However, i was too excited about what i felt tonight that that took a backsit to this post. Nvm, i'll leave that for my next post. heh.

hmm.. this post have been lacking in interesting and pretty pictures lately, it's all words words words.. that proves how my social life have dwindled down ever since i started my internship.
no pictures = no go out and play = :( but = more $$$$$ = :)

hehe. money face.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Today is one of the days.....

................ where the other girl and I work until we,


I cannot wait for it to be over man!

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Time for an update yo!

Three more weeks to go and i'm done from the working world~! No more 8 to neverending time, and no more suits and stokings, and heavy responsibilities.. hehe. Lazy la.

Anyway, yesterday i was doing my work, stressing out over something when "VROOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM"..

I opened the blinds and peeked out, guess what i saw driving in to the hotel? Ferarri cars! Almost ten of them drove in one after the other, and most of them parked right outside of my window. Even Jean Todt was in the hotel as they had a lunch function and press conference.

After that happened, me and the other girl couldn't concentrate on our work for about an hour! We kept looking out at the cars, its engine, its interior, gears.. the whole place was swarming with media. Chatters and clicking of shutters from their cameras. How to concentrate man?

Haha, no pictures taken because my camera was sitting comfortably at home, while the pictures in my phone cannot be transfered coz i don't have the cable.


Randomness of the day: A married man asked if I would be his mistress. Hahahahahha.. :p