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Monday, September 28, 2009


It's the time of the month again.

I'm easily upset and irritated, I'm tired and sleepy all the time. Plus, I feel about as bloated as a hot air balloon.

Not helping is the fact that I have to be in KL at 830am tomorrow. :( Oh my sleep. I'll have to plaster a smile and switch on my PR mode and talk to people twice/triple my age - while acting like I know what the world is going through.

Why haven't you replied me? It's been 2 hours.

And, to think that you'd be gone. Again. :(


Stupid p. Won't you come already! Bring back my sunshine!

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Very long one. Because I feel like it.

The bf has been flying to KK for work very often lately. Most recently was last Thursday morning and this time he'll be there for 2 weeks. This is the longest we have ever been apart in the last half a year that we've been a couple. And I do miss him dearly.

People say absence makes the heart grow fonder; they also say out of sight out of mind. I've been in a long distance relationship before and I hated it and would discourage anyone from going through it.

So what did I do to somewhat lessen the blow of the 2 week absence? I flew to KK for the weekend to spend some time with him and at the same time, visit the other side of my country.

We put ourselves up at the Shangri-La Hotel Tanjung Aru. Nice room, great view, but the downer, dirty beaches. Seriously, the beach there is no different than the murky waters in phuket or port dickson. But the company more than made up for it. :)
More pictures can be viewed here .

Oh, I've got a bunch of pictures from a slew of events that happened between the previous picture post and this. So i'm just gonna post the link for reference. Just in case, u know, you're not my friend in fb or something. But i doubt it.

1. In June, I went on a trip to Bali with the BF and his partners. It was really fun to go out of the country for the first time as a couple. Tho, we both were feeling under the weather for most part of the trip - him first then I joined.

More pictures here and here.

2. Then came Hennesy Artistry.

More pictures here.

3. Last month, we just celebrate the half year mark of us being a couple. It has been a wonderful 6 months. I know we always say this to each other, but i'm going to say it again, I never thought that I would find someone like you. Someone who resembles me so much that from being fast friends to where we are now - inseparable. I look forward to where we are heading to. :)

We celebrated belatedly at Tamarind Spring. This time no cake saying "Happy Anniversary Darling" and a diamond ring. Heheh. Quality drop edi ah? Just kidding love. I would be just as contented going for our ritual mango loh or loklok supper. Muah.

This has been such a mushy post. But what-ever. I am feeling emo and mushy.

I can't wait to go away again. This time what awaits me is the lush and relaxing Pangkor Laut Resort in 1 week's time! :)

No wait, I may be going to Bangkok before that..

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Ghost of girlfriends past

For all my relationships, there is something that always comes between it. Something I think is a problem many women face.

Comparing themselves with the other women in their partners' lives - ex girlfriends, childhood friends, colleagues, etc. Do any of you do that yourself? I know I am guilty as charged.

This has created a lot of problems internally within my own thoughts and emotions as well as taken a toll on my relationships. Where I am constantly comparing myself. But then, why the need for that? Why do we girls do this to ourselves and to our partners? Are we not good enough that's why he chose us?

It's ridiculous. The Bf (the sweetheart) has asked before, why should I compare myself to them? Because according to him, I am incomparable. My answer is, I dont know. I think it's this innate curiosity chip built in us that makes us hunger for those information. What does she look like, how does her hair look, how does she dress, damn she has bigger boobs than I, oh crap she looks cute..etc. Then beat our other halves up for being with us. Poor boys.

I was driving on my way to meet Reen when I had this light bulb moment where I commanded myself in my head to "Stop comparing yourself anymore! You're the one he wants, love and is with!"

There really is not one reason for me bring myself down by comparing, but I do it anyways. Maybe just for fun. Maybe because I'm a masochist and I like the drama in my life. No matter what the reason is, it's suffering to keep doing so.

Therefore, to my dear BF, I promise I will do my best to stop comparing and bringing up other girls in our conversations. They are the past and will be kept in the past-vault with the keys buried deep. I cannot promise that their ghosts won't appear every now and then, but I do promise to try and keep them away with all my will power.

Now, how can i make them disappear once and for all in reality?


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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Blessings are abundant like the air, you just have to notice them.

It's been so long since i penned something down. Always, thoughts are running through my head begging to be unleashed by my fingers into my blog, but when i do find the time to sit down, fingers poised over the keyboard, my vocabulary decides to go on strike refusing to string words into sentences fit for a blog post.

From the time I last wrote that post, quite a fair bit has happened. Some good things that are memorable and some not.

Let's see what we've missed out on:
1. The APEA event in Singapore - which I assisted
2. My Bali trip with the Bf and his partners.
3. The APEA event in Malaysia - which I managed and lost weight for. Working for more than 19 hours in a day one time.
4. Company trip to Phuket
5. Received the news of a tragic accident in Ladakh in which dad and grandma are visiting (One car from part of their convoy plunged down the ravine to the Indus River, losing 4 friends, 1 injured)
6. Am at the phase where I will wear my nerdy glasses to the clubs. Thought I looked somewhat kinky or artistic looking like my sis, but no. I think I ended up looking like some goody two shoes trying her hand at being "happening".
7. Celebrated 6 months anniversary. Wow. It's already half a year? Many more ya love.
8. Received a lawyer's letter for not paying my phone bills in SG and neither have I cancelled it. Sigh, long story.

Continue from point 5 - it goes to wake people up from their daily rhythm, reminding us of how fragile life is. We should all count our blessings and be thankful of who and what we have now.

What's next for me?

For now, my schedule looks like this, KK this weekend to meet the BF, Bangkok from 16-18 September and Pangkor Laut 20-22 September.

My boss was somewhat lamenting to me on how he wishes to have a normal 9-5 job now than flying off and being in different countries every weekend.

Well, humans always want what they dont have. But for now, I think i'm pretty contented with my life.