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Friday, December 26, 2008

Ahh..Home Sweet Home!

It's wonderful to be back home and not fret that I only have 1 full day to spend. Because i have 10 full days!! Altho, 5 will be spent in Phuket. Happy Days!!

It is a wonder that what with the current going ons with my company - restructuring, retrenchments, pay cuts, etc, I am still in high spirits. I guess this is what home does to you. It cuddles you in its warm coccoon - safe from all the big bad wolves outside.

No doubt that I will definitely be affected. Anybody wanna recommend me to their bosses? Lol. I'm hardworking, good (if i do say so myself) copywriter, i think i'm an overall satisfactory project manager, with good discipline (sick also i will go to work ok - i'm on leave now but am still working, where to find such employee??) and and.. err, presentable looking? hahaha. Let me know ok!

So Xmas came and gone. Got the bad news on Xmas day itself, but surprisingly like i said earlier, I didn't feel the hit as badly as other colleagues. Maybe i know there's a high chance i wont be the one to get X-ed because i'm currently holding three projects (hopefully big earners) and maybe also they wont be X-ing producers since we already have quite few events in line. Hmm.

Ok! No more thinking about Office! Put it aside Sue Lynn and only worry about it on 5Jan. :)

On another note, PHUKET!! HERE I COME!! Sun, Sea, Sand, Shopping, Spa.. Ahh.. Bliss

Before that, will be heading up to Awana with the family later. Just a little getaway with steamboat, turkish teas, etc.

In case I do not blog anymore in the days leading up to NY, here's to wishing all of you

Happy New Year!!
May 2009 bring all of us lots of happiness, joy and peace.
And hopefully, our bank accounts will prosper as well with this new begining.

Cheers! :)

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Xmas in SG

I was just reading TzeWurn's blog (Hello girl!!! :)) and she mentioned abt updating more... hmm. I wonder where she got the idea for that? hehe.

The christmas party happened as planned and i believe all of us had a blast - running around CBD buying groceries in under 30dollars, begging for greentea powder from the Jap restaurant downstairs and cooking up a 3-course meal, all done within 2 hours. Phwoar! We can do everything right now ok!

So, i was talking to PX the other day too and she mentioned abt my blog lacking pictures. Hmm. Again, don't know where she got that either.

Anyway, let's break the word spell once and for all! This dry season is about to get wet and fun in about 3 more days!! ahha. Phuket Baybeh!

Finally, some pictures of my out and about or lack thereof in the little land down south of home :)
The 3 teams in the cooking competition
The girls in my 'Japanese Cuisine' team
My secret santa. Who didn't leave me any trinkets throughout the one week. :(
The No.1 team in the overall games section :)
Getting ready in the office for my night out with the girls - that's a small part of my VERY messy table
Our little xmas nook in the office
Hitting the clubs SG style

All in all, I miss our Msian style of partying! Girls! PX, AngAng, Junesy, CMY!

Soon ok! I'm coming home! :)

Have a Merry Xmas Everyone! I know i will.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Healthcare transfo.........zzzzzz

Who knew reading articles after articles of Healthcare Innovation and Transformation could be a form of sleeping stimulant?


Only my first day of reading. Eek. More to come!

Wish me luck!

Monday, December 08, 2008

home is where the heart is.

It feels so good to be home!

Sorry girls for not calling. Been staying at home most of the time, breathing in everything I miss about home.

ahh... bliss.

There'll be more trips home until CNY is over! Weee...!

This is what I look forward to everyday at work. The fridays when i can spend my last hours of the day in Msian soil through the weekend.

My company's starting to feel the Christmas season. The 'Secret Santa' game has just started where everyone of us will have to be a secret santa to another colleague- showering them with little gifts along the way until the 19th where we have our party and the giving of gifts to our recipient.

What should I give?? Little things that wouldn't make me look cheapo? haha.. Becoming quite broke la, what with all those impulse buys which i convince myself are gifts for all the things i've been and am going through.

So liberating having to spend your own monay without answering to anyone. If only this can come at the expense of not working..

Ok, gonna go enjoy the tv with astro now. :)


Monday, December 01, 2008

People are always leaving..

Quite abit has happened since my last post. Can't really reiterate everything, will be too long a post if i were to recollect all incidents. heh.

My 22nd came and gone just like it was any other day - save for the many wishes and messages i received in Facebook. The power of social networking sites yo. Free and borderless. Even my landlord's son found and wished me. haha. Too cute.

The day of my birth was the actual day of our house shifting from the jungle to town. So the eve and wee hours of 25th was spent packing and making sure we had everything in boxes, bags, garbage bags, etc. Come morning, i left for work and left all the dirty work to my sis and other hsemates. haha oops. The cat's out of the bag! No la, i couldn't take leave as well coz of my looming dateline. Sigh.

But i had a nice birthday in the office tho. Lunch, cake, singing.. Followed by a sushi dinner with the bf.


I knew the day would come. Deep down in me, way before i even moved here. Just that i didn't want to acknowledge it or rather thought i could change it. And i was right.

The bf moved back home last week. It's so long a story, or rather, so many things i want to say about this but don't want to. I'm sweeping it under the rug for now. No point in saying things that wouldn't make much of a difference.

It is almost as if i am giving up. Resigned to whatever situation i am in.


The coveted Singapore Xmas sales has finally started! I got my hands and wallet dirty on friday night - hehe. A new bag and a dress. Me likes very much! But sets be back a couple of hundreds for the month. :( No more shopping for me... i hope.

I can't wait till the end finally comes. I want to go home.