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Thursday, November 30, 2006

study break!

This is seriously the first time i am so relaxed on a study break! I barely memorized anything, and i've been going out like i'm already on holiday.

Considering i have one paper on the 4th, Mon, and another on the 15th. The first and the last day of my exam period. Tell me how to not be relaxed?? Haha.

I am so hooked on to my fair princess or better known as huanzhugege these days. I have actually always loved that show since it's first two season aired almost a decade ago. And now that the 3rd season is airing on 8tv, i'm all reeled in at 4pm to my tv. Sigh, i went to the video shop just 2 roads away and they have already rented out the hzgg vcds to someone ese! Grrr! I'm like an addict waiting for its daily dose of injection. Any one knows where i can download it from?????????

And because i didn't get to rent my favorite show, in a spur of the moment, i just grabbed my stuffs and headed out for a hair cut. And now i feel that my fringe is a wee bit too short, so much so that it makes me look like i've just finished spm!! Urgh.. is there anyway to make it grow at least 1.5cm in a week?? :(

Ok folks, lets have one last look of the normal me before pictures of a 'younger' me starts taking over.
Someone told me that this pose is called the 'trigger pose'. Why is that?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Recap of 25th

OOh, last night's dinner was so fulfilling that i'm still full today! And i didn't even eat my lunch just now.

My parents gave me a birthday card like they always do every year, and sometimes there will be an angpau sharing the same envelope. This year however, i wasn't expecting anything because i already told my dad to save the money he wants to give me for me to shop in HK and also as he had already spent quite a sum of $$$ on me this month. So last night,i opened my card and out slipped a cheque into my hands!! 0.0 Sigh, i feel so mushy and guilty now towards them for spending so much money on me.

Thank you darling dadddyyyyyy and mommmyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Love you! :D

Our dinner can be seen here!

Simon let me cut his hair yesterday! This was because that fella in that 12bucks shop cut his hair till it looked like his niece chopped it off while playing with the scissors. He even didn't want to cut simon's hair shorter, because i think he's lazy to layer it all again. I was so pissed off!!

So i told simon that i can do a better job with his hair than that fella he paid RM12 to. And i did! I brought my grandma's pro-scissors and trimmed his hair for him again! Poor simon didn't want to, but because i was so upset seeing his hair in that state that he gave in. :) hehe. Such love!

Don't want to brag or anything but boy does his hair looked so much better now!! haha. I am so proud of myself! :p

Actually, i felt kind of bad, because who would endure such torture of allowing their hair to be meddled by a non-professional?? I know i would have freaked out! But don't worry baby, it looks darn good to me! ;)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME!

I've finally taken off my teenage shoes and put on lady heels! Well, not like i haven't since i was 12, but you know. Another one more year and i'm ALL LEGAL! haha.. i can hear sighs from my parents.

Anyway, the girlies and i went out for a dinner on Thursday for a pre-celebration in OU, then we all headed to Hartamas for drinks after, except Ann who is still in Aus and Lilian who decided to ditch us at 10pm. Boy did we make such a rackus in Decanter playing heart attack! "My petpet very smelly!!" HAHAHHAHAHA! Definitely fun times wey.

I've been eating too much this week! Actually, not just this week la..it's everyday, but it's seems like alot this week because of all the steamboat, pasta, pizza, etc. Even simon is scared of my eating habits. Remember TheNanny, Fran's Mother? I'm like her, just younger..

"Eh, you got to cut down edi.. don't eat so much le"
*gobble gobble gobble..*yum yum
"Eh please la, stop eating!!"

Yoghurts have been my best friend since last week, making me feel better from my indigestion. But since i'm on a eating roll here, i'm going to go for Korean food in KL Hilton tonight! This time with my family and simon. Hehe. After that i'll cut down. Promise! ;p

Pictures of us are here!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy 20th Leong PX!!
Thank you for always being there for me whenever i needed to rant, and thank you for being a siao bitch together with me! haha..
May you find a handsome, rich, talented and "huge" bf and fulfill all your wants and needs in the world, physically, mentally and socially!

ps: pls insaf next semester ok! ;p

Still full from last night

Pei Xzan and I celebrated our birthdays together last night, by going for a full like f*ck steamboat dinner. It was madness.. The food we ate was madness, and the people became mad after the magic mushrooms. Haha.. *hintjunehint*

Luckily we went really early for it and got a place even though they mixed up our booking. By the time the place was swarming with people, we were already almost done. No need to pack and squeeze to get our food. One thing about that place is, damn the chicken wings are good! Although kinda tiny, it tastes heavenly.. much better than many other places who claim to have the best barbequed chicken wings around.
To view our night of makan mania, jump straight to here!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I love weddings!

I went for a cousin's wedding this morning. Nothing much to write about it, just that, it will be quite a long time before i attend another cousin's wedding. That time, it'll be cousins from my generation. Wahh.. En! Meng! TaChe! Lol..

No more, see pictures!
Little cousin & me after breakfast. Sorry en, no head for you. :D
six aunties, one grandmother and cousin. This was considered a really small gathering from my mom's side. Popo has 15 children wey, 10 daughters and 5 sons. Don't play play!
Bride and Groom.
Popo and Yen cheche
Aunty no.9 (mom) & no.10.

Seems like i can't post any more pictures up. :( Nvm. There's always tmrw! haha..
Reminds me, i have my BrandManagemet presentation tomorrow... Eeks. First and last presentation of the semester! And after that exams! Double Eek!


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Loosen up my muscles baybeh

Mum brought be for a full body massage today and boy did that loosen all the knots in me. I foresee a good night's sleep for me later! ;) The lady who did for me was a sweetie, spending extra time on me when she won't get paid extra, but she did scare me at one point though.. while she was using her elbows on my back, i could feel her long straight hair swishing across my back and I was trying so hard not to let out a laugh from the hole you put your face in. Lol.

In the beginning, she thought i was 15 or 16 years old. Dunno whether to be happy or not after all the 'aunty' saga. However, we did have quite a nice chat about our countries. She's from China. All the girls there are, but, they are professionals here to earn some moolah for their families back home. I'm definately going back to her again!

Sigh, loosing my mojo for writing already. I'm starting to not make sense to myself. Better stop.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

All pent up inside

Uptight is how i feel right now. Maybe it's just a small thing blown out of proportion by hormones, i don't know. But i dread going there, to face the immature and selfish demeanor. I hate it. Yet i can't seem to run from it.

Looking in a cliques among groups, to feel alone while amongst people you know. Where do I go from here?
Wanting to move forward to the other side of the wall, only to fall right into the wide gushing river just before the line.
Masks are worn, smiles are shown
I can see through the invisible barrier that's being put up.
I've seen it being done to someone else.

Immature, is what it is.
I've seen it in actions and words.
I've seen it in the ways that was thought to be subtle.
I've seen through it.

I'm tired and worned out.
I don't have the drive i used to because of this, and i hate that this is how i feel.
Maybe it's me, but i wont take the blame for it.

Like yin and yang, after feeling what i felt, i saw my previous lecturer and the conversation i had with him left me in a much happier mood.

"I'm going to Petronas for my internship sir!"
"Oh, that's good! I actually told penny to send you to a good company. She didn't know which SL so i asked her to go find out. Heh. Because i see alot of potential in you."
"Oooh, thank you sir! *kembang*"

After which he told me to look out for one of his previous student from KDU who is working in the PR dept of Petronas. Reza... something. Lol. sorry sir!

I felt so much better after that, i went back to my normal self and convince myself of the same thing i have bene convincing myself for the past year. Tolerance, and i'll rise above whatever it is benefit from it myself.

The faith one has in you can do wonders for your self esteem. :)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Finally accepted by one

URGH! Damn my connection! It disconnects itself every 5 minutes and makes me pop up onto ppl's screen so very often that i find myself irritating. Stupid streamyx, what's up with you la?! Sheesh.

I typed a whole post and it's all gone although i've saved it. Dunno if i streamyx is to be blamed or blogger.

Anyway, back to what went missing..

It's confirmed, i am going to Petronas for my internship in January! After so many weeks of worrying if i'll be accepted or not (because only 2 out of the 4 sent for consideration will be selected), finally all 4 got accepted. So now, i gotta heighten my waistline and button up so i'll be presentable for it. hehe

I came across this video last week, and it still tickles me up till today. It's hilarious! For those who understands cantonese, watch away! :)

Was up in Genting with Igemz during the weekend, and boy did we have fun and lots of good food churned out by anone, anson, weefah and amway products. Haha.. I specially liked the japanese rice soup during breakfast, it really made my day! Especially at 9am in the morn and i'm not a breakfast eater. Loved it!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy 17th Little Bro

I wish you all the happiness and contentment in the world Teddy! :)
Don't keep breaking the law.

Lots of love,
Your DEAREST sister.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I've found you!

I finally found The Dress!
I've been looking all over, not knowing that it was within my reach all this while.

Behold, this is how it looks like:-
Emerald green, Thai silk. I even found a jade necklace of my mum's to match it.
And no $$$ spent! Me so happy!

Anyway, it wasn't like i was frantically looking for one. I was actually thinking of settling for the f21 dress i bought earlier this year if i still couldn't find a decent dress to my liking by that time.

Well, i guess everything turned out for the best. ;)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Another birthday post

and more to come.

First off, a huge Happy Birthday to the ever-cute Lee Swee Feng! May you be forever young at heart, mind and soul. Have a great one! :)

Went over to WongKok at OneU for her supposedly surprise dinner, but.. we were late. haha. Sorry yah!
Anyway, look at her! You can see how playful and child-like she is. haha.. So cute can die. The guy next to her is her husband - ceremony is in December.

Sigh, November is full of birthdays.. I don't think what i'm getting for my own can cover the costs of all the birthdays combined this month.

Let's have a run-down shall we?

* Nov 1 - Tammy Koo & Chan MY
* Nov 4 - Jiar Yi (eek! forgot to wish her. erm, jy, if you happen to stumble upon here, happy belated birthday!)
* Nov 6 - Swee Feng
* Nov 10 - Little Bro
* Nov 17 - Grandma & Mr Tong Ken Yeow
* Nov 22 - Leong Pei Xzan
* Nov 25 - CHIA SUE LYNN ;p *hint*
* Nov 29 - Petrina & Jason

I think there's more, but can't really remember for now.. See how many birthdays there are for this month! Tsk tsk.. it's a hot month for popping babies.

Well, just a few weeks left until i end my 'teen' years, and i am having what looks like the worst teenage break out in all my life. Pimples popping out from all over my face - forehead, both cheeks and the sides of my nose. What is this man?

Not forgetting this mutha of all pimples right smack in the middle of my face, for all to see.
It's at the size and position where once you look at me, your eyeballs will just *zoom* into that volcano.

I bet you've zoomed into the pimple in the last post's pictures! :(

Sigh, enough of teenage probs..
I still have not found a dress to wear for simon's sister's wedding in Dec. It's not like i've not been looking, i have. From bangsar, to hartamas, to one u, to thecurve, to perdana.. Don't know whether it's because i'm too fussy or am just plain unlucky. I just can't seem to find one that fits me well and one with the designs and style that i like.

Any suggestions on where to go get nice affordable one of a kind dresses? hehe

Friday, November 03, 2006

Nov 1 babies

This is late but, Happy Birthday Tammy Koo and Chan MingYang! Anyway, i've already wished you both on the 1st at 12am. ;)
We had dinner at Delicious with Tammy, and then headed over to MY's for his leftover barbeque party. Heh.
Lian, she looks so like you here!! haha..
See!! Haha, ok maybe not this picture. But when i saw that pic, i immediately check if i'd took that pic with you! Lol.
All camping around the barbeque pit, waiting for our balls to cook.

Oh.. that sounds wrong.. haha

Anyway, malas to upload already. For those waiting for it, all the pictures can be found here!

Have a great weekend kanak-kanak sekalian! :)