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life requires lots of love, and loving brings life

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

i have great producers

During the span of my exams, i finished the remaining two bottles of Essense of Chicken. And this afternoon, i saw a whole new box of it! It seems that, daddy went out to buy it for me, without me knowing it.

So sweet eh!? :)

I like drinking Essense of Chicken. Not because it makes me more awake or whatever it does.. I like the taste of it. Very tasty. That's the part i look forward to in the mornings of my exams, of coz not considering the other one which is ending another misery of a subject.

But, back to the point. My dad's such a sweetheart. He always goes out of his way to make sure that all of us kids are comfortable, healthy and happy. He gives us the best while he settles for less. Sigh.

Just the other morning, while i was sitting at my table suffering with my notes. He came over to me, kissed my head and wished me good luck. Wahh.. After that i tortured myself with my notes more because i didn't want to let him down.

Mum too. On another morning, i was awoken at six something to her scribbling something in the dark on my whiteboard. And when i finally awoken later on, i saw that she had written there "Good Luck Sweetie". Hehe, but then i told her i didn't have any paper on that day. :p

Sigh. I love my parents. *fuzzy*

Thursday, April 20, 2006

information overload

After two papers, i feel nauseous.
My head feels strained
I feel like puking
I don't have any appetite for food :(
My tummy feels queer
I can't fall asleep easily
And all the hair that has fallen out had probably clogged up the drain pipe.

sniff sniff!

Can't it be over already?

I don't even remember suffering this much during my spm. Which probably explains my spm results. heh.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

sinfully divine

This is my sin. Okay, one of it. This sinfully delicious fudge my sister bought back from New Zealand is the most heavenly tasting chocolate! I would've finished the whole damn packet if not for my upcoming finals.

Though, i'm feeling a little heatiness bubbling inside me already.
Anywhere i can buy this bugger in KL? I can just eat this the whole day and swing from my lights and fans. ;)

Finals is finally starting tomorrow! In about 16 hours, time for the finals will be rolling like a bowling ball. yes la yes la yes la!

Hopefully, i'll be able to score and hit all the exams down like the bowling pins. *prays*
Really really hoping..

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

pre-exam steam

I probably say this everytime the exam season is here: I am so in the holiday mood right now it is ridiculous! Why does it feel this way? Shouldn't I be frantically studying for every single subject instead of this 'tak-apa' attitude that leads me to play yahoo pool while glancing at my notes every now and then.

Does exams even justify what we're learning? In my opinion, we learn so much more from assignments and projects compared to having examinations. How many people actually remembered what they have studied for their exams once it is over? But in assignments and projects, you can recall what you have gained from it, what information you have acquired and the experience from doing it.

These words that i am memorizing wouldn't even make sense to me in the next semester, what more the years to come?

Well, there isn't anything i can do about it except to compose myself and comply. I'm staring at this sentence on my calender that reads: Work joyfully and peacfully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts will finally bring right results.

Sigh, i hope what i'm doing is 'right' though.. I cannot imagine how i manage to get all As last semester. I think i was possessed by a genius.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

the last of it

This semester is finally done and over with. We finally completed our last presentation for this semester that is the Mock Press Conference, and we did a mock launch of a new fashion designer complete with a fashion show. Thankfully, after all the time spent discussing, rehearsing and RM70 gone (on some useless stuff grr!), we got pretty good marks, 13 and 1/2 over 15% for the presentation.

Coincidently, the song we performed was our lecturer's favorite song! Lol. Bought us some extra bonus there. And i got praised by her for being a good emcee..heheh Kembang sikit ;p

Now, all we gotta wait for is the marks for our press kit which comprises of 35% out of the 50% of this whole presentation.

Yesterday- setting up and rehearsals

Jen, Afni and I in the midst of all the setting up

The overall setting. i like the vines hanging from the wall at the end of the runway :)

Our press kit with the brochure and invitation card

the stage

My emcee stint

the performers playing ms. sheila's favorite song, Canon in D. :)

all the models wearing Modern Batik with our 'designer' (blocked by our 'pr manager' giving a bouquet of flowers to him)

taking a breather after the whole thing (that black shirt is our class shirt)
which i paid RM35 for an S size, and someone took it. so, now i'm left with rm35 less and no shirt. grr

this is most of my classmates in my tutorial class and all plays a part in this mock press conference.

Lastly, we cannot go without a self-absorbed photo taking in the last day of this semester now can we?

i actually took this photo to see my eye make up, but, a self taken picture however is still self absorbed. no excuses.

There is more pictures, but i'm too lazy to post it here, so head over here instead. :)

Now, i gotta buckle up and motor towards my finals. Sobs!

Monday, April 03, 2006

What Truly Maters

what really matters in life is
not wealth, success, power, fame or glory.
What matters most are
qualities of the heart, such as
Love, Kindness and Wisdom.
If you love, even now, with your whole heart,
if you are kind to all your fellow beings,
and if, with each passing day,
you are learning and becoming wiser,
then rest assured your life
is meaningful and worthwhile.
And when you die,
as we all must one day,
you will be happy knowing that
you have not lived in vain,
that yours is a life well-lived,
a life that is noble and true.

A little reminder to keep me grounded from day to day. Reminding myself of what really matters in life. :)