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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Out goes 6, in comes 7

I sincerely hope that 2007 will bring more joy and happiness to everyone.

Let's all reflect on 2006 and learn from our mistakes, treasure the memories made, and appreciate the teachings that were taught.

May we all grow wiser and prettier ;p as we usher another year in. heheh

Wishing all you folks a Great New Year! :)

Friday, December 29, 2006

28 December 2006

The funeral has come and gone blessed with magnificent weather through out the whole of 5 days. No sun and neither is there rain. Everyone praised that porpor, being the considerate woman she is, choose her passing date so that everyone could be there without much hassle and everything could be done smoothly.

1. School holidays
2. End year where leaves are easily acquired
3. Everything regarding the funeral would have been settled before the 30th which is the date of my aunt's and uncle's return ticket back to their respective countries, which had been bought before her death.

Going back to the old house once more brought back many childhood memories of me, my siblings and cousins playing all over the compound during school holidays, chinese new years and other festive occasions. All our 'hoitoi' sessions, power rangers impersonation, playing in the fish shop at the front of the compound owned by my uncle, and sitting around the round table at the kitchen compound talking with everyone.

It still hasn't sinked in yet that my maternal grandmother is no longer with us. I still feel like she is still in my youngest uncle's house and we will still see her if we go over to visit her or for dinner. Maybe i'm still in shock. Because everything happened so fast!

In a span of 12 days, from a healthy woman of 89 years who hasn't been in a hospital in her life because there was no serious illness with 20-20 vision, to physically bed ridden but still very alert mentally. Even until her last 24 hours, she could still recognise each and everyone of her 15 children and all of her grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.

But this is life. Every birth leads to death, and every death leads to birth. This is the circle of life. I'm sure none of us has any guilt in us for not spending enough time with her etc, for porpor has lived a long fulfilling life, and has even climbed to the top of the Great Wall of China when she was 83 years old. No point also in harping on our loss because we must let go. For only then we can truly move on.

Although i can still vividly recall the 'clingclang' of her jade bangle hitting my marble table, how she will always mumble to herself while doing her things, her habit of applying aloe vera on her skin every night before she sleeps, and how she always remembers the names of each and everyone of her grandchildren and greatgrandchildren, i will always think of these with joy. That i had the chance to meet such a wonderful strong woman, what more my very own grandmother.

May you be well and happy wherever you are right now popo!

:: The last words i said to her less than 12hrs before her death was, "Porpor, you rest ok". And rested she did. ::

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Goodbye Popo

My maternal grandmother left us all early this morning.

May she find peace and happiness wherever she is right now.

Thank you for being the example of grace and feminity to me, and i have so much to learn before i can be as graceful as you in everything you do.

See you again porpor!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

HK here i come!

I'm leaving for Hong Kong!!! Wheeeee......!!!

Enjoy yourself while i'm not around folks! Take care! :)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

bitchy front desker

Such a known institution and organization and they still cannot afford to send their staffs for training. Tsk tsk.

Below is the conversation i had with their receptionist.
*note: her face during the whole duration of this conversation was as if her panties were 5 sizes too tight and all feelings were left there. aka-fuck face

Hi, is MrX there?
What is this regarding what is your name
I'm CSL and it's regarding .....
*walks over to his room, peeks in.
He's not in.
Urm, may i know when will he be back
I dunno.
Can you please give him a call to ask?
We cannot call wan.
Please? Because this is very urgent.. (it is really damn urgent!)
What is so urgent??
*Turns around to ask colleague
Where is X?
Meeting, dunno when he'll be back
*Turns back to me

wth man?? you are being placed at the front table for everyone to enquire for your service and this is how you treat people?? Is this how you represent who you work for?? Where are your work ethics and people manners?

Trying to keep my cool, i simply replied "I would appreciate it if you could be more cooperative". Then walked away.

But thennn...

I remembered i should ask her to tell MrX that i'm looking for him. So i walked back... and saw both of them giggling and talking. Must be about what just happened la.

Can you please tell MrX to call me back?
Write here. *passes me a rough paper folded into a small piece
Thank you
You're welcome.

HAhaha..after all the drama. I memang maintained like mad. But, it's always like that with people at the front desks. They always find one with the worst attitude to shoo all their business away. Dunno why.

Eh! I'm not implying that all front deskers are fuckfaced, there are of course really nice ones who are very cooperative, unlike that thing i encountered just now.

Not to get too worked up because of her, cozzzzzz.... when i've graduated and earning my own moolah, bought my own hse and car, and shopping like a taitai, she'll still be miserably sitting at the front desk, adhering to questions using the same fuck face.

Nah..i'm not so bad wan. At least she would already have a raise of RM250. ;)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Whiny #2

I woke up really early this morning just to read up and refresh my memory of all things moral, and after a while, i decided to take a break and switched on the tv.

Il divo's documentary/interview was on Channel v.

After i watched them open that huge mouths of theirs, *poof!~* everything moral flew out of my mind. I literary had to catch myself back down from wherever they were taking me to. -_-

Went to uni and then found out that not only stacy has gotten her offer letter but edmund too! Panicked together with tzewurn coz we're both the only ones who hasn't gotten ours from P. After all the hooha, came home, and then i received a call from Mr.T telling me that there is still no news from P.

Apparently, the head of departments haven't given any feedback to the person incharge of interns regarding me and tzewurn, unlike stacy and edmund whom the head has already given the nod of approval thus resulting in them receiving their offer letters almost 2 weeks ago. The both of us is still left hanging! Uncertain about our future.

So the problem now is, what the fuck is wrong with me?? Why don't they want me?? :(

I've got to start applying to other companies now, and within a deadline of 2 weeks, find one who will accept me. Many thanks to px who msged her mom telling her about my situation, and making arrangements for me if i want to go to her company.

All the joys and security for nothing. Such a big company, and can't you be more prompt and efficient? Want or don't want? Just say the word. I'm not so stressed if i have nothing to do and am able to sit around my house the whole day waiting for an answer. I won't be around from Sunday until after christmas. And that practically leaves me no time for all these hurrying. Zilch! I absolutely hate it when people don't keep to their word!

Sigh, i pray and i hope. Please please please please please let me and tzewurn be able to find another company who will take us in on such short notice. If not, please please please let our offer letters from P be sent to us soon! PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This definitely spoiled my mood for any happy holidays whatsoever. Coupled with my grandmother who has just been admitted into the icu ward. :(

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm so screwed.

Somebody please get a syringe and sedate me!

I'm running about the house, doing random things and packing for hong kong like an energizer bunny, where else i should be sitting down at my study table like a good girl studying for my Moral exam on Friday. Why oh why, must it be this friday?? Why couldn't they have it like last week or something. It creates anxiety and worry in me in the midst of all the excitement of being on holiday. Damn you moral.

Hmm.. i think i've overpacked.

*slaps self* Enough!! No more thinking about HK until after 11.30am Friday. Stupid moral.

Anyway, here are pictures of simon's sis's wedding, albeit a lil late. But who's keeping track!? heheh.
The night before, during the 'sohhtao' ceremony.
The bride (simon's sis- adelyn) and the groom
Simon's dad, his two sisters and lil niece hayly.
I like her dress..
Simon and his lil nephew aiden
Sigh, i can't seem to upload any more pics. Not to worry! There's always later.. or tmrw!

Something's wrong with blogger. Damn i think i should really switch to livejournal or xanga or something. Anyway, here's the link to a few of the pictures. Hopefully i can get more of them soon. :)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Dig it up

Simon's sister's wedding on sat went really well. It was full of laughter and joys for both the families. Congrats to them!

Pictures will be up later. ;p heheh.. not lazy, but bro took the cam for prom.


Yesterday, px showed me a blog she found and reading it brought up many memories. Although i still don't know if what was done, was done out of spite and purpose or unintentional, it still ruined a friendship. But after that, apologies were made and forgiveness given.

However, the saying "forgive and forget" does not apply here though. Because no matter how hard you try, you can only forgive but you can never forget the hurt that someone caused you, and you cannot erase that feeling of being betrayed by someone whom you thought was your friend all along. All for something you weren't even aware of in the first place.

"Kiasuness" especially.

What's there to get all worked up about anyway? If me being 'kiasu' stressed you so much, who's the 'kiasu' one in the end? But, what's done is done. The past shall remain in the past.

I don't hold a grudge anymore for i think that it is an experience that opened my eyes to my surroundings. It woke me up to reality, knowing fully well that i cannot please every single person in the world. It just made me stronger.

It is also because i have been through these 'bitchiness' from primary school up til uni, all for different cases and reasons. And it all taught me many things in life in which i am very grateful for. It helped me learned who i am and how i portray myself in front of others and it made me stronger emotionally. Without all these, my eyes would never have been opened to the different sides of humans. I would never have grown up and i would never have the lessons to teach me how to become a more graceful human being sharing this place with others. And also finding out who my friends are.

All these is indeed a blessing in disguise.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

bimbotic 101

It's the end of one misery of a subject, and i reckon after this, brand management students have all become turbo artists. Drawing 6 ads and 2 tvc in a mere 2 hours. Not forgetting planning the concept and thinking of the rationale etc.

But it's all over now. pheeww!

All that's left now is just another misery of a subject- Moral. Not to worry, all we gotta do is only to pass this and we're good to go. Plus, i already got 33/40 for my coursework, so i only need another 7 marks to pass it, no? :)

Before i get all caught up with notes again, it's time to wait the arrival of saturday! Because that's the day of simon's sister's wedding, and i've not been to a wedding of my bf's before. So, yeah. Can't wait! Got almost everything all ready, except for the clutch which i've yet to get from lilian. Woman, bila mau bagi?? hehehe.. Manicure and pedicure later and i'm done!

Ish, but i broke on of my nails yesterday and it goes all the way down to the nail bed in half. Urgh! I hope the ladies at the nail place will be able to save it. :(

Have a good day folks!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Tag! You're it!

1. Are u photogenic?
I don't think i am most of the time..

2. What time do you go to bed?
Depends on what i have on the next day

3. What was the last thing you did before this?
I went to have yummy duck rice!! And i meant yummy as in, eat until your stomach cannot breathe, one a half plate of rice kind of yummy. Which i did! :)

4. Who's the one you always meet the most?
My grandma.. She's home most of the time anyway

5. Who's the person you'll call if you need help?
Depends on the nature of that problem. Most of the time, simon or my dad. But if girly probs, then my girls.

6. What's on your mind right now ?
How to do that damn finals ad???!! Grrrr!

7. What do you prefer?american idol/malaysian idol?
American idol. Sorry le, but i feel they're much better in terms of quality and style. Malaysian idol too rojak. Remember that malay rocker who was constantly screaming week after week?

8. With whom do you wanna be with to have fun?
All my loves!

9. What movie do u wanna watch now?
Rob B Hood. Can you believe, i've not watched that?? tsk tsk. Didn't even step into a cinema for the whole month of Nov, and i've got a free coupon to watch in gsc because it's my birthday.

10. When was the last time you went out?
Just a while ago for my Yummy duck rice!!

11. What do you hate the most for now?
That i've got to think of how to do my ad for monday's paper. Not one, not two, but three damn ads and two uncertain ones.

12. What do you do everyday besides eat & sleep?
Go online, go out, watch tv, scratch self, etc.

13. Colors that make you happy ?
Purple! , light happy colours

14. Most fav thing in your room ?
My bed and the computer

15. Miss someone?
Yea... :( But i don't want to..

16. Plan to buy something?
So many I don't even know where to start!

17. Are you satisfied with your life now?
Yes i am!

18.Do you like seafood?
I LOVE seafood! But i gotta control, if not i'll get rashes.. *sobs*

19.Breakfast or dinner?
Depends on what's on the menu. ;)

20. like chocolates?
Definitely!! My happy food

21. Do you have a laptop?
nah.. just my trustee desktop that is being ever so laggy

22. What'™s your favorite food from fast food?
Mcd's->McChicken and Nuggets, KFC-> OR burger and fried chicken(that's a must), Burger king->Mushroom swiss!

23. Cats or dogs?
Dogs please

24. Salty or sweet?
Erm, i've got a very sweet tooth yet a salty tongue. How?

25. city or country?
i dunno la..making me so confused. I'm fine with both for different occasions.

26. Is kissing normal for your age?
i'm sure it is..

27. Are you athletic?
I used to be... now i'm taufu all over :(

28. Favourite bands for now?
no one in particular. can i say igemz coz we rock?? heheh

29. Do you have your own cell phone?
I'll be damn sad if i don't own a hp at my age.

30. What do you wear to bed?
Nothing. Hahaha i'm just kiddin. BigTee and shorts

31.Ever had a crush on a teacher in high school?
Not that i recall any.. But then again, most of them are all horny slimes, so no.

32. Coke or pepsi?
I'm fine with both

33. sugar or spice?
Can i be both? I'll be sugary on the outside and spicy inside! ;)

34. Can you use chopsticks?
Yea baby..

35. Do you care about getting good grades?
Yeap! I'm doing the best i can.

36.Have you ever fallen asleep in class?
Only in high school. Now i can't do so in uni.. too kiasu edi.

37. Get a job or ask your parents for money?
For now, it's ask my parents coz i still can! hahah

38. Is your mom strict?
Erm... she's ok. I'm glad my parents were strict to me when i was younger though, so i can say i'm quite disciplined right now.

39. Do your parents give you enough privacy?
Yea i would say so

40. Do your parents trust you?
I hope they do! haha.. but i think they do le. ;p

41. Would you ever wanna lose your bestfriend?

42. Does your best friend get on your nerves?
Of coz! hehehe.. we all do get on each other's nerves at one point or another.

43. Do you make friends quickly?
Not really. I'm quite a reserved person infront of new people, and i take quite a while to warm up to them. Unless i'm hyper.... but that's another story.

44. Do you tell your mom everything?
Not everything.. most of it.

45. What do you & your parents fight about most?
Last time it used to be for leeway regarding my curfews and such. Now, no more fighting coz i've got what i wanted. hahahahha.

46. If u love someone & she/he rejected u. What will u do to her/him?
Probably make a voodoo doll of him and flush him down the toilet bowl. Lol. No.. i'll just go waste my energy on something else like shopping i guess.

47. Can u sing or rap?
i can sing.. so far, it's praises and not complains, so yea.

48. If u have one wish , who would u make ur wife/husband for life?
Someone who will love me and stay with me regardless of how many other girls are chasing after him, who i am comfortable with, who will make me laugh till i vomit, and someone who will always keep things interesting. :)

49. What do u think bout this survey?
Okle. Haven't done one in a while.

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