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Friday, April 30, 2004

Things that happened, happens the way you want to view it.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

I can't seem to blog anything nowadays as i feel that nothing seems to happen to me except for the daily routine of sleeping, shopping, eating, watching tv, hanging out and so on. Nonetheless, i rather prefer this laidback not-so-boring life much, much more than an up and high, crazy noisy life, which could have a large possiblity of leading to stress. Lol, there i go again. Rambling on, on matters that really doesn't make much sense.

Reen has asked to go pasar-malam tonight, and since i am not much of a 'pasar-malam' fan, i think i am gonna pass. Give me a shopping mall anytime!

I am having a bad ulcer attack since the last few days. Don't know why though. It could be due to the weather or being under the scorching sun for too long a time. I must have gotten heaty. As the everywhere and everyone says, drink eight glasses of water a day and you'll be alright, but how do anyone ever manage to keep track of how many glasses of water they drink in a day and what type of glasses? Is it those juice glasses? Liqour glasses? Or could it be tequila glasses? hmm.. Would somebody give me a definition of the 'glasses' mentioned?

Friday, April 23, 2004

So much for going to the finale of the first season of Latte at 8. Sis, came home kinda late and by the time she got all ready to go, it was already 11.30pm. In the end, we decided if we went, one: there would not be any seats left. two: by the time we reached there, it would have been 12 already. three: the mood is already diminished. When 12 o'clock striked, we watched the show in the comforts of our own home. Not too bad though.

After that, me, cuz and sis watched Catch Me If You Can on dvd. This is a good show i must say. Really interesting as it is a real story and it makes you wonder as to how one can do all the things that he does. Not to mention, Leonardo Dicaprio looks smashing in it!

Sis brought bro and cuz to Mid V to watch Starsky and Hutch. I am not much of a fan for this types of show, so, i am sitting out this time. Hmm, i wonder how did the show go? And did my own judgement spoil my afternoon of incredible scenes for my eyes? I wouldn't know.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

It has been quite eventful this week.
Went karaoke-ing with sis, her friend and cuz shien in Songbird, Summit yesterday. I must admit, it was really fun! We went during lunch and the lunch package was really cheap! We only paid RM8 per person and we get to sing to our hearts content in the karaoke room from 12 till 3pm plus lunch and drinks. I'll definitely go back again!

Khai Yeing and the brothers are back from Aus for a week! Yay! Still the same ol' them. Met up with Ashten and the gang after not seeing them for quite some time. Went to Baywatch last night with them to chill, foos and pool-ed.

Me and cuz went to One Utama today, after sitting at home for half a day not knowing what we're going to do for today. Met up with the girls, walked a little, window-shopped a little, drank and chit-chatted a little. (sorry en, for making you window-shopped alittle with us!=p)

Tonight is the last episode for this season of Latte at 8. For those of you who don't know this programme called Latte at 8, it is a talk show hosted by Jason Lo in Starbucks, Sunway Piramid. A really entertaining and nice show! It is on every Wednesday and Thursday at 12am to 1am. And it shows live on channel 8. Going to go there tonight for the feel of the last episode. Hope they're going to have really good guests tonight! =)

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Wow, how long has it been since i last blogged? Let's see, from wednesday till now, it would be about 5 days or so. Gosh, been too lazy to blog. Okay, let me update this thing.

Picked up my cousin from the Puduraya Bus Station with my baby. Found out that, that place could be a good place to shop as well. Bought a pair of chandeliar earings that costs only RM8. What a steal! After that, i went for my public speaking course finals and gladly, all went smooth and managed to grab a few trophies and presents, including the Best Speaker award and the Best Overall Participant award. Not a bad ending though, for this long and stressful course.

Spent almost half the day at my Buddhist Centre. The National Service kids came over for a look-see. They weren't exactly that friendly though. Then again, it was probably us who didn't make them feel as welcome as they should. Us bad! Planned for our games and drinks stall, about the prizes to give, the drinks to sell, where to store them in, and so on. This followed by a singing practise with us youth and the teens. The catchy and up-lifting beat of the song really put us back into the mood of shaking our booty and coming up with all sorts of wild actions for the song.

Later in the evening, my family and I went for our weekly family dinner that we had missed for so long. Due to many other commitments. We went to Kepong and had seafood. Not only was it tummy-filling, finger-licking good, it was also very cheap! We ordered clams, fish, 2 different types of vegetable, venison (commonly known as deer meat=p) and cheese crab, and all these costs us only RM98!! Freakin' cheap i tell you!

Headed down to Petaling Street with my cousin, sis and my baby. Baby offered to drive us there. It has been long since i visited Petaling Street. Probably since i was in primary school. Everything is so different there, all the fake designer bags, shoes, dvds, clothes, sunglasses and so on. Everywhere i turn, there's more Louis Vuitton bag. Everywhere i turn, there's more Adidas Superstar. The whole street was filled with them. Was trying to find something nice, and saw this two-toned purple Nike shoes, and was contemplating to buy them, but thought otherwise. Now, i'm regretting! I really liked the shoes, and i think i'm just gonna go back there soon enough to get them. I bought a pair of slippers for RM5 from Central Market. It was so darn cheap and i needed another pair of slippers, so what the heck?! Other than that, I came home empty handed and a pair of really tired limbs.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

I'm Rachel Green from Friends!

Take the Friends Quiz here.

This was a quiz i chanced upon when i was surfing friendster. Thinking that since i was so darn free, might as well give it a go. Found out that the questions were dumb and the whole thing was very predictable. Well, just a way to pass my free time and Rachel Green was my favourite character in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, so what the heck?! =)

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Been up since 8 in the morn for our youth car-wash/fund-raising. Washed the ever so many cars with the ever so many mosquitoes till about 12. The response was quite good though, coz i guess they all know that it was for a good cause. Some even paid more than they were supposed too. Bless their kind souls.

Met up with the ladies for a drink in Secret Recipe, ss2. It has been a long while since i last saw them. All of them. Sat there and indulge ourselves with sinful chocolate cakes and girl talks. Found out that liann is going to tar coll too! How great is that? Now, i would have someone to accompany me besides you shien! Eh, but don't foget our agreement yea? We shook upon it! =)

After so many months of not spending time with my oscar, i finally took him for a walk today. (since, my maid's not here to walk him, that task has been passed to me) I felt good walking around the neighborhood after a rain with the evening breeze beating on my face. It was a breath of fresh air for me. As i have not gone for a brisk walk nor have i exercised for a very long time. Well, this is something that i definitely have to do for this 2 weeks. Praying that i don't get lazy or else my poor oscar will not get his business done. lol.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Isn't this guy oh-so-cute? John Stevens is a diversity amongst all the other contestants. He portrays something different and that is so charmingly irresistable. Although he is only 16, he sounds and acts 10 times his real age. As young as he may be, this red-head hunk is a real gentlemen. Be it the way he dresses, the way he talks or even the way he brings himself. He is just so deeee-lish! I could only dream to have a guy like him, serenade me with oldies combined with his mesmerizing voice. In reality, i get a guy who is kepala-rock all the way! Well, what can i say? I'm a sucker for musicians. *wink*

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Don't you just hate those chain-mails that requires you to send the email to a bunch of people and unless you do it, you will receive bad luck for a certain amount of time. How fucking stupid is that? This type of chain-mails are such a waste of time and space in your inbox. And to think that people actually believe in sending them is just another mystery.

I have been sitting and roaming around the house for 3 days in a row. Didn't have the mood to go out and socialize and have been feeling very anti-social lately, don't know why though. *sigh*. Plus, there aren't any plans either. So, it seems relevent to just stay at home and save up on my money.

Monday, April 05, 2004

After a few days of trying to calm down, i'm still traumatised. I could still constantly hear the car screeching and everytime time i close my eyes, the playback of the car screeching and banging could be seen. It's a torture. Though, it is getting better day by day, i am still living in a shock of my own world. I can just stare into space and the playback would start. I caught myself doing that a few times. It makes me feel as if i'm going insane and that's making me crazy. Mum says that no matter what, i cannot stop myself from driving. It's true. Well, at least the shock is starting to wear off. It is not such a big deal after all.

The cost to repair my car is rm1700 and that kancil's is rm600. I have to pay 20% of the repair cost and that's rm500. What a big burn in my pocket. How much shopping is that?

Me and my sister went for a recording yesterday at the Synchrosound Studio. It really is like what you see on mtvs. There's a studio with all the technical equipments, another room at the other side of the glass completed with a mike and the what-do-u-call cloth infront of it. Plus, a kwai-lou producer! We took about 5 hours to finish recording the whole song and the results were good. A good start for the album. Way to go!

Saturday, April 03, 2004

My day just could not be worst. First, for thinking that baby will come and find me after his coll, and in the end, it was just all about my assumptions. Secondly, daddy asked me if i could don't go to bangsar tonight, and i really was being a good girl by abiding his wishes. And lastly, wanted to go out to meet baby after sending my bro, and my fucked up life just went for its limit. I met with an accident. Yeaps! I did. Let me fill you in on what happened.

I was already in a bad mood today and was kinda pissed off at the earlier incidents. After i dropped my bro off at his tuition centre, i drived like normal to meet baby to watch jason practise his play in his church. While driving after the tunnel heading to bandar utama and taman tun, this kancil infront jammed her freaking break all of a sudden. I too jammed mine and sadly, my car skidded and banged her freaking small kancil ass. Surprisingly though, her car was just a little dented with a broken car-plate. And mine? My car was wrecked. The lights cover was smashed, my bumper and my bonnet was off shaped. I'm still trying to figure out, how can that be. I called baby straight after that, and my sweet baby rushed to the scene with his friends. At first, the owner of the car (the one who jammed the fuckin brakes was her friend) wanted to claim insurance which would require a police report and there goes my license. But luckily i had baby's friends like kar yan, adam and the group there. If i was alone, i would have died on the spot. In the end, they settled it for me. ONe thing too, the ladies weren't unreasonable. That's good. So, all i have to do, is call that woman tomorrow to get her car to the workshop.
Conclusion? Don't JAM the fuckin brake. Think of the cars behind you. But i guess, for me, this is a lesson well-learned.

A BIG thanks to all the people who had called me and asking frantically on what happened. I'm alright darlins! I feel your love! =) And to my parents who were really understanding and all they said was, they hope i've learned from this. Daddy even gave me tips on what to do if i really need to jam the brakes in the future, just pam the brakes.
Really, I'm Grateful.

Friday, April 02, 2004

After a week of whining and frantically searching for the 'right' speech, i've finally finish it. Although, it's not a big deal, but this speech is for the finals, and i want to win this! I cannot and will not lose! lol. I'm a sore loser and cannot stand losing, unless and only unless, i do not see the benefit of winning. ahha..typical normal human being.

Finding today a pretty boring day. I'm just waiting for the time to pass and for a certain simon to come over. I wonder what's taking him so long? Hmm.. Going to bangsar again after 3 months of not clubbing. Don't know why, but i just don't seem to be as excited as i used to be about going clubbing. Maybe the clubbing magic has worned out. Or maybe, it's just me starting to have the kill-joy attitude. Whatever it is, i do feel a tinge of anticipation. So i guess, going i am. Gotta get my groove on the dancefloor back!