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Thursday, August 31, 2006

49 years of Independence

countless of criticisms and complaints, countless of empty promises given, and the dangerously increasing crime rate.. No doubt this place has plenty of negative sides to it, but if we look past all these and look towards the goodness that this place has to offer, we have alot to feel proud (ok, maybe not yet) happy for. The familiar places and settings that we grew up in, the friendly faces of the neighborhood mamak place, the friends and family, the many public holidays and the little quirks in our culture that we've grown so accustomed to.

Naturally, I have made my fair share of critisms towards this place and it's people, but am i still glad i'm living here? You bet! Do i think we still have alot of things to improve here? You bet! But above all, I don't think i could have gone through a more fulfilling childhood and teenagedom in another country as i have here. A fusion of kampung and city lifestyle.

So, after all the negativity around, it's good to have one day in a year when we all stand in unity and proudly call ourselves, Malaysian. After all, which other place gives you the luxury to sit in a mamak stall till the wee hours in the morning? :)

Happy Merdeka!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Daddy!

May you have a great and loving 51st Daddy dearest!~ :)
Love you!

And here, is the very rare occasion where the two man of the house share a moment.

From the usual mumbles and grunts we get out of my bro, this is priceless! ;p

Monday, August 21, 2006


Tomorrow is the dateline for my last and final assignment and i'm done for the semester! I cannot take a huge breather just yet, because following closely behind like an irritating mother in-law whose nose is always in the business of her daughter in-law, is my final exams. Eek~!

Unlike the lecturers of my previous semesters, those lecturers this semester constantly warns and tells as-a-matter-of-factly that it is good if we can pass their subjects and that the average marks their previous students get is a C. Therefore, we can consider ourselves lucky even if we get a C.

What happened to old-fashion encouragement? You can do its? Using the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy theories? I know my students can do it, therefore i'll give them the encouragement they need. What happened to those? Maybe what they aimed was some reverse psychology by instilling fear into us.

Well, the percentage who actually benefits from this reverse psychology may just be a few as compared to giving encouragement. But, who am i to complain? I'm just a whiny undergraduate who's taking a short break from frying her brains.

Simon is off to another business trip with his dad, this time to Sri Lanka. He's been flying all over lately. Next up will be to Brunei where he and his band will be playing in some charity concert. It seems that the people in Brunei really like them as compared to other Malaysian bands. Good for them!

"What if some Brunei princess falls inlove with you and the king offers you 5% of petrol for you to marry that princess?"
"I'll take that offer but come back and give you the money!"

hehehe... ;p

Monday, August 14, 2006

carcus in the safari

Oh god. I'll be standing in front of over a hundred people in lecture, giving a very important yet intimidating presentation tomorrow.

The fear is not in stumbling and forgetting my words, but rather in the questions that will be thrown to us by the students and lecturers acting as clients.

The fear of being jab at the weakest point. We know where we stand. We know where our mistakes lie. I am just hoping that our prepared answers for these unpredictable questions are enough to get us through.

Wish us luck!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

my first ads

Just finish doing my part of one of the assignment for Ad copywriting, which is to design two different advertisements for BHPetrol. I am really happy with what i've done albeit it looking a lil weird. BUT, it is my first time doing such. :) And i do admit that my photoshop skill is still very raw.

Well, there's a first time for everything right?

So here are a few pictures of my ad and my mock up ad agency logo for another assignment.

My mock up agency's logo.

This is a print ad targeting at youths between the ages of 18 to 25 years old.

This is another print ad targeting to Corporate working adults. I came up with an explanation for it on how working adults can relate to it etc, but am too lazy to write it here. This is just for me to remember what i've done in the future. :)

There're others, but.. uploading these is taking too much of my time when i'm supposed to be writing my creative brief for it. Dang. Having mental blockage now..


Simon's going to Penang with friends for the weekend. So happy.. I wanna go too! :(

Saturday, August 05, 2006

My first plastic

When i turned 18, my father entrusted me with a platinum plastic. Although he said it was only for petrol purposes, shopping became an ally with petrol.

Fast forward to now. A few days ago, i was just looking through my wallet and took out the plastic for a look and realised that it looked.... wrecked. :( The platinum word is so faded that you can only make out the P and the M.

Okay, it looks kinda clear in this pic, don't know why. -_-

Anyway, it got me thinking that, this is my first plastic, and it's a platinum.. How am i, or rather, my husband gonna match up in the future??? Lol. But no matter what, no other man can top my father. Period.

feeling so spoilt and mushy all of a sudden.. haha

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Moving towards the battle.

Ahhhhh! Datelines!!

Been very very busy this week and will continue to be till middle of September which is the end of my exams. There's practically one assignment and presentation due every week from now till the end of my semester.

So hectic! I don't even have ample time to go out and play.. :(
If only i had more time and more of me to finish up my work in time and go out and play at the same time.

Anyway, Simon's back! And my sister is going back to Singapore.. What a twist.

Better get back to my work now before it all piles up and falls down on me on Friday (Media Planning's dateline). And after this, i gotta come up with a poster and webpage to promote Alice in Wonderland. OH dear!