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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Goblet of Fire = Gelas Berapi? lol

After waiting for the hype surrounding the latest Harry Potter movie to cool off a little, i finally went to watch it today. Yes, although it isn't as fantastic as the book's illustrations, but it did portray the story pretty well, except for some characteristic error. Mainly the rashness of Dumbledore and also the lost of a few scenes but that's expected. But i really do think that however, for the thickest book of all, they could have made the movie at least 3 hours, like LOTR.

Nonetheless, despite all the critics, i still think it is a good movie.

I brought my stone along today, the one simon bought for me in hope of making it into a ring, for i've decided it is too small to be a pendant.

Went into a few shops at first, but non of them provide that sort of services, plus one of the attendants in one of the shop was being very rude (she was still reading her magazine while answering us) so it was a no deal.

Then our last stop was to Poh Kong which we were sure they do provide this service, but then after choosing through the styles and a few talks with the attendant, the price was way out of our budget. So we decided to just drop it and find for other alternatives. Because i really do think paying so much for just a simple thin band is not worth it. Sad..


Sometimes i wonder, what will happen in the future. But then, why wonder so much when all it does is make you wonder more.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Waiting to hit the big 2-0 ;)

First off, a big loud Thank You! for all the lovely birthday wishes.
And also Thank You! for all the pretty presents i've received.

Thank you thank you thank you! :)

So the 25 of Nov is all over and done with, and i am now officially 19 years of age. The day was as normal as any other day, the only thing that sets it apart was all the wishes. :) And the dinner in Victoria Station brought by the boyfriend. Thank you love.

After the my party, i headed to penang with simon, liann and keeliang. All we did there was eat, shop and stone. Lol. I am seriously addicted to the asam laksa there. The taste of it is perfect for me, not too spicy. Even simon who doesn't eat asam laksa back home, whacked two bowls there.

Just the thought of it makes me all hungry now.

As usual, the pictures of 25Nov and Penang will be up later. Lazy. :p So patience my little children.

Lastly, Happy Birthday to Petrina Thong Beng Ching! (i remembered your full name! hehe) May you have a wonderful birthday and enjoy yourself with James Baum!! ;) lots of love my dear!

Friday, November 25, 2005

It's my day!

19 years and 6 hours ago, in a small town in Kuantan, the family gynaecologist who wanted to go on a holiday the next day, induced a hopeful mother and out came little suelynn with thick hair which could have easily been mistaken as a songkok.

i kid you not.

I have been a cheeky talkative duck ever since i knew i can produce noise. And that hasn't change much till now either.

So i would like to take today to thank my amazing family who has yet to disown me for all the trouble i've caused, and to my dearest friends for your friendships, my darling simon who has always been patient with me, and to every one whom i have crossed paths with through out my 19 years on this earth. Thank you for all the positive things i've learnt and discovered through all of you.

Last but not least, a huge Happy Birthday to myself and a huge big pat on my back for the things i've achieved in the past year. *pats self* :)

May i have an awesome year ahead of me.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Happy Birthday PeiXzan! :)

I'll skip all the nice words for i've already said them to you! Lol. But anyway, do have an awesome year ahead of you! Much love.

We didn't get to go to Itallianis as planned last night because of MingYang who has no transport to get to One Utama from MidValley. Such a big piece of meat, scared kena rape ah?? Take a cab la!

But anyway, all of us went over to MidValley's San Fransisco's Steak House for dinner instead.

Birthday girl and i.

With MingYang and EngKien.
During our first semester in pre-u, these two were the only guys in a class of 25 students.


The girls who went.
TammyKooFuYng!!! See the sexy you on Saturday! Lol.

It has been great seeing these people after 2 months of not seeing them. The bunch of silly ones that makes utar not so boring.

Last but not least,

Happy Birthday again Biatch. ;) Muahs.

Monday, November 21, 2005

totally random

In just a blink of an eye, i have already bum through 2 months of my holiday without achieving anything particularly noble. My birthday is coming up and mom has asked me to use that day to do some charity. Hmm.. I think i'll go donate some money on that day.

The paycheck paycheque of the mere 2 weeks i've worked with reen was supposed to be out this week, but i have yet to receive anything. grr. Although it is not alot, but hey it is still money. And i indeed didn't get this little sum of money easily. Damn it. Alot of stress and anxiety build up along the way.

Tonight we'll be celebrating PeiXzan's birthday in Itallianis. I have not seen that girl in 2 months! Luckily for msn though, not much gossip has gone un-gossiped. Hah! ;) Well, you have only less than 8 hours left before you enter your last year of being a teen. See you later babe!

Sigh, i cannot believe i am not 19 yet. Sometimes i feel like i'm already 20, but then i stop and recheck reality, i am only a few days shy of turning 19. Many people want to stay young forever, but not me. Don't get me wrong, i love being young, i do. It's just that sometimes i feel like being 18/19 is too in-between. Like you're not a child anymore, and yet you still can't be considered as an adult. I guess the song 'I'm a not a girl, not yet a woman' kinda fits well here. -_-

I like the process of growing older. Gracefully aging each and every year till i'm wrinkly. Okay, maybe stop aging when i'm 55. I honestly can't fathom the thought of myself wrinkly all over. Oh dear..........

......i really should just enjoy my moment now.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

day trip with my girls

Today, the girls (Liann, Lilian, SueAnn & KhaiYeing) and i headed to Malacca for a day trip. Initially, it was Yeing who suggested to go, for she wanted to do something there. So Liann and Ann agreed to accompany her down where else lilian and i tagged along as kay-po-chees. The whole point was just to go there, gobble whatever malacca food we can eat, do her thing, and leave.

Unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstances, Yeing wasn't able to do her things, so we ended up walking around Jonker Street, shop around, eat and eat some more. -_-"

I feel so uncomfortable right now, i don't even know what's wrong. I get this terrible dizzy spell everytime i get up from the couch and i feel like puking.

I am not pregnant okay..

But seriously.. maybe it's because i didn't get enough of sleep last night, ate too much junk food plus the car ride. Sigh. But hell, it's all worth it. Haha. It's such a pity though that Reen and JenAi couldn't come with us. Nvm, we'll be santas to them. We've got gifts! ;) And in just one more week, all of them have to be santas to me and give me giftsssss! muahahah.. ;)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

weekend joys

There's so many things that has happened that i have yet to pen down, so many pictures to upload that i have yet to do so..

My little brother had a surprise sweet 16 planned for him by his friends. And boy, was he surprised! :)

Yeing is back! For good. Annie is back too, however only for her break. We are one down, one more to go. Hehe.. Yeing is currently curling her hair as of NOW, and i cannot wait to see how it turns out! ;) Lagi auntie lor.. heheh, just kiddin'.

My girls, my boy, his friends and i headed to Friendster on friday night. After hearing that it is a nice place to hang out, i finally went and it is, indeed. Because they provide games/cards for people to play, you can be as rowdy as you want without worrying about people giving you weird stares. Heck, lilian even danced right there and then for part of her 'punishment'. Haha. I have not witnessed this siao chabo part of her in a while. :p

Yes, pictures pictures.. Unfortunately because i cannot find the cd of which contains the program for uploading the pics from the cam, i have to upload from my dad's laptop, and also because my thumb drive is still with reen, i can practically do nothing. Ish.. Well, not nothing, but i am too lazy to go find other means.

So in the mean time, here are more pictures from my china trip! ;)

The MagLev Train. Connected to the tracks by magnets.

It is so fast, the train gets lifted up from its tracks.
So we're actually floating just above the tracks. 0.0

Night view of both sides of the Shanghai Bund from the Oriental Pearl Tower.

Cousin, Bro and I

Dinner in Suzhou.

They've changed the curtains from the toilets to this. And i must say, it's much better too. :)

And then they decided to hang leaves for entertainment purposes, so that males can have fun while taking a leak.
Aim the leaves!

At the steps that signifies China's journey from then till now. In memory of Sun Yat Sen.

The studio of the movie Three Kingdoms.

Performance of the war.

That's all for now folks.
Gonna get myself some food.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Shanghai oh Shanghai

After about a week of not writing, it is becoming hard for me to get back the hang of it. Not to worry, practice makes perfect! ;)

Backtracking to my Shanghai trip..

Too many things to remember, too little vocabulary available in my head right now. I'll just list them down.
~ China drivers, drives like daytona players. If only daytona has a honking device, it would provide an exact feel of the roads in china.
~ The toilets aren't as dirty as the last time i went there, in fact, it has become very much cleaner, even more than our very own malaysian toilets. 0.o
~ The histories in China never fails to catch my attention. I love the progression of how things become the way they are now, the road taken, what happened in the past... Bottomline, i am a kepoh-chee. :p
~ Shopping! Shanghai is a shopping heaven. Too bad we weren't given much time to shop.
~ In just the first few days, i have gained 5kg because of the 9 course meal everyday that consists of practically the same things. Only in the last 2 places did we get different spread of food.
~ The weather there was nice, not too cold but cold enough for walking around without getting frustrated and sleepy. During my holidays there, the coldest it had gone was 7 Celcius, and the hottest was about 25 celcius.
The second i stepped out of the plane in KLIA, the first thing that greeted me was the heat.

We did not only visited Shanghai, we went to Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi, Hangzhou and Wuzhen as well.

Anyway, here are a small fraction of the pictures. We took about 800 to a thousand pictures. Massive.

At the airport, before boarding. These are the ppl who went together, plus my cousin who took this picture.

The famous Shanghai Bund.

The opposite side of it.

Mummy and I

The beautifully lit Oriental Pearl Tower.

Cousin, Auntie, Bro and I.

At a temple, can't remember which now. lol.

Together with our national guide at Sun Yat Sen's memorial park.

The 10 year old who called me a little girl. -_-"

Water Village

Daddy and I at some shopping street. HuaiHai Road i think..

Back in homeland Malaysia.

I cannot wait for my next holiday! :)