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Sunday, January 27, 2008

How did u spend your Sunday?

Sundays have always been a day of leisure and relax for me. A day where i can sleep, eat, watch tv, laze around.. etc. But ever since simon came back, it has been filled with activities. Fun activities!

A few weekends ago, both of us and the gang went to the elephant sanctuary and deer farm, followed by dinner and drinks in both goh tong jaya and genting.

Last sun, we went for karaoke. And this sun... phwoar.. this sun, that is today, is a day filled with power!

We went to sepang to 'play' with the lotus race cars. Omg.. i have never driven so fast with a stick before and yet still feel safe. Flooring the accelerator and actually feeling the car plunge forward with ease. Syok man.

After test driving it, we played passengers in the car on the race track. My driver, which is a damn experienced uncle, took me on the ride of my life. The drifting, the cornering, the spinning, the accelerating... to say that it was a good experience is an understatement. My, on the one hand, i was holding my breath fearing that the car would overturn from the speed and etc with the occasional 'omg, am i gonna die from this?', and on the other.. i was just amazed.

Some of the guys drove the cars on the track, but the girls stayed back and watched. I personally did not dare to drive on the track what with all the other cars there, but i did drive on the road tho. Lol.

It was definitely a day well spent. I was never really a car person. I dont really pay much attention to details, horsepower, engines, etc. But, i'm one who enjoys the experience. When i see a powerful car doing its thang effortlessly, i'm a fan. Not those modified, vroom vroom cars la. Like simon has always wanted a VW Golf GTI, and i could never fathom what's so good about that car, until i saw it accelerate effortlessly up a hill. From then on, im a fan of that car. :p

Pictures of today's fruitful day will be up once i get them.. if i get them. hehe.. so many cameras.

Really fun day la today. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

i dont feel like doing my work

so i'll post up long deprived photos of my trip to hanoi.

Here's just a few,

On a junk cruising along Halong Bay

The view. There are natural rocks, caves all over the river.
At the Ho Chi Minh museum.
In a Malaysian restaurant. We purposely went there for my parents to try it out so that they can have their fix of msian food when they're there.
Having tea at a french style cafe in the old quarters, or is it the new? not sure.. :p
All dressed up to go for the Welcoming dinner in the Chairman's hse thrown in my dad's honour.

Last but not least, a camwhore picture :p


the ticking clock

My home's currenly undergoing a minor facelift, what with existing furnitures being shifted around, new furnitures, new flatscreens, new coat of paint, etc. The whole place reeks of new smell, which i like! Because it refreshes the place. :)

Daddy's on the go to replace and repair most things old at home fearing them to spoil whilst he's gone as he wont be around as much anymore. Mum and i feel so helpless when it comes to things like changing the light bulbs, automatic gate failure, and other handyman issues. I especially will feel so lost what with both men in my life being so far away. Who am i going to call now if my car breaks down or when my tyres run out of air? :(

You know, all these while, simon has been the one who pumps the air in my tyre, my dad sometimes, and the workshop sometimes too when i send my car for servicing. I know nuts about my car. Which is very bad i know. I only drive, and pump petrol, occasionally asking the petrol station helpers to check my black oil and water. Guess its good that im going over to Sg after i graduate, so cars will be the least of my worries. Lol.

Nonetheless, i am starting to feel the pang of sadness just thinking about my dad being so far away from home. About not being able to see him often. About not being able to talk to him or be a little girl around him often. Sigh.

It's part and parcel of growing up huh? Where the physical distance between parent and child grows larger and larger.

Such an emo post.

I blame it on the stress of too much work.

On a happier note, simon'll be back on sat for a whole month! Wee! :)

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Verbal jumble

My haywired pronunciation went into overdrive last weekend during dinner with one of my girlfriend.

Here's just two examples:

"Ya, when they go for industrial training in the hospitality line they have to rotet around."

When i meant, rotate.

"Oh, you cock yourself?"

When i meant to say, cook.

So embarassing. Lucky it was with someone close, and not someone i'm trying to impress, say in an interview of something. Lol. And i'm in the PR line, where what i say means ALOT.

Can you imagine me telling a journalist during a food review, "this chef cocks well!"

Tsk tsk. I need to learn how to pronounce my words properly. Maybe put some marbles in my mouth when i talk or something. ;p

And try not to make any more of my sentences sound so darn wrong. eheh

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hello 2008!

It's been a week into 2008 and so far, things are going pretty smoothly. And i hope it stays this way.

So here are my resolutions for 2008:
* Be optimistic in every situation
* Stop hunching like quasimodo and walk/sit straighter
* Keep to my exercise regime more regularly
* Control my temper, cultivate more patience
* Curb my procrastinating behaviour

I think that's about it, isn't it? Simple person with simple resolutions. hehe

Classes have started for my last semester before i'm a graduant and im quite happy with my timetable, except for monday's which is from 8am - 4pm with only 1 1/2 hrs break in between. Damn crazy man. But it's ok.. because the remaining days make up for the lack of relaxing time.

And to top it off, my FYP project is supposed to be worked on in full gear this semester but i am already breaking my last resolution to not procrastinate. Oh no. Shlap me please!

This kind of summed up the first week of my new year. But fret not my friends, I am still alive and kicking and am very much geared up to enjoy this year as much as i can!

Work hard and Play harder y'all! :)

Cheers to 2008!