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Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh My!

Dirty Sexy Money is Awesome!

Got the series from hanoi for RM10. Hehe. And my, it was nice!!

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

From Hanoi

So the day i got confirmed, my sister and i flew our asses to Hanoi for a weekend break with our parents. Nothing much to update about my time here as we pretty much did the same as i did the last trip, minus the vespa ride- which is basically eat, walk, shop.

After almost a month(?) of shopping-fast, i can safely say i have made up for lost time. Just today, i bought a 100% black silk ruched top and a little black vneck polyester hourglass cut dress from a local designer store for 75 US dollars. After discount. Kena hasut by my mother and a family friend to "get it la.. very cheap, this same dress from Zara would have cost 300 ringgit!"


But i really love the dress. It's so corporate looking and sexy. Me like!

Hmm, i've been here for almost 3 days and the bf hasn't even msged me once. So terrible! I'm obsessive like that. hehe. At least la msg and tell me he miss me or something also nice right. Hmph. Grrr

I've got so many things to settle before i pack my life in KL and move down south. Like, settle my convocation things, get a facial, pack, buy necessary things to bring with me (heels, clothes :p), get a pedicure, catch up with friends..

Fifty percent excited, fifty percent half hearted.

Got to do what needs to be done! If i dont move out and be independent now, i don't think i will ever.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Third one's a charm

I am officially employed! Yay!! Do i hear sighs of reliefs from my fellow readers? No more whining about interviews and being jobless! Good for me, good for you. Hehe. Moreoever, it's with a company that gave the best offer, the one that is most convenient to get to and the one with the most grueling interview process. Third one's a charm!

After the four assesment processes last week, i went in to sign the offer of agreement this morning. And right after that, i went shopping! Finally! :) Got myself a nice pair of heels and a top. hehe..

So, i'll be starting my training on the 28th for a week. And if all goes well (pass gets approved), i'll officially start work in August.


Monday, July 07, 2008

somewhere over the melting rainbow

This few weeks, i am neither here nor there. Swinging from one place to another, from one country to another.. Nothing is finalised yet. And i am slowly becoming confused. Confused with what i really want.

When i've made up my mind to do something, one thing or another would always creep up and deter my plans, change them. I know nothing is permanent in life, that is why i am slowly trying to grasp the idea of an "open mind", to go with the flow and try not to control things too much. I am such a control freak!

Will this be a good or bad thing?

I made a promise to myself, not really a serious, solemn promise, but a guilty promise that i will not shop until i get a job. Haha. I don't know if i will stick to it, but so far so good. No purchases yet.

The way i see it, my future is pretty uncertain. My career, relationship.. Not sure if it really is or it's just me being me - by thinking and analysing to much into things.

Ah. The joys of being a fresh grad. When one is only begining the journey of self discovery. I see myself on a dark road.

Another interview tomorrow! Yay! It's hard to score an interview around here. So to have three is an accomplishment by itself. Lol. Let me have this in my bag please!

I really need to shop.

Wish me luck! :)

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