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Monday, December 21, 2009

Reflection of 2009

I've not been updating for awhile now. Mainly because I have been busy traveling and taking the easy way out by storing all the happenings and memories in a photo album on facebook. People say pictures paint a thousand words. But just a thought I'm throwing out here, how often do we misconstrue pictures with the wrong words?

As we inch closer to the end of 2009, I look back at the year with gratitude. A year ago, I was at the brink of losing my job with the uncertainty of my then company giving way to the world economy crash. Almost a year ago, I gave up on my 5 yr relationship and decided to soldier on alone in 2009. A year ago, I was eating hawker food and maggie mee five days a week as a staple meal, while leaving away from home. A year ago, I was a fresh grad still reeking of the stench of my photocopied university notes. A year ago, dad was living abroad as well, and the family was separated in 3 ways.

I started my 2009 with uncertainties and many worries. Not knowing if this year will be better than the last. But as fate or karma or buddha or kuanyima would have it, my life shifted gear and started picking up again. I am a firm believer now that good things do happen when you least expect it. It is when you relieve yourself of expectations and worry, and put things into action with the hope and faith that you're doing the best you can, things will fall into place. Call it the law of attraction or whatever, the power of optimism works!

I got a job offer from 3 companies in a week, met someone (or rather saw him in a different light) utterly amazing, accepted the job offer with an NGO, fell in love with amazing, dad got a good offer back home, family is still separated in 3 ways but we're good, had a wonderful year traveling both for business and leisure, had a raise and bonus after half a year, learn so much more professionally, enjoyed working with the company, in addition to having so much fun this year.

There's not a thing from my past I would trade as it had brought me to where I am today. So 2009, thank you for providing the space and time for such wonderful memories. I sincerely hope that 2010 will brim even more with happiness, love, joy and success for me and all my loved ones.

In case I do not post anything before that,
Have a Merry Xmas and an even Happier New Year!


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