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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Been too caught up with things lately to update.
Apologies..apologies.. (",)

Here's a brief update on my week : ~

*P.Xzan's bday on Mon. Hope you enjoyed yourself girl! :)
*Found out reenie has chicken pox. Poor dear!
*Nov 25, it's MY biRthday! Went to Sugimoto in Hartamas with my boy. The food was dEe-Lish!! yUmMy~.. ( to all the wonderful people who msg-ed/called me on that day, a BIG tHaNkyOu to all of you! I felt really special and loved. *sniffle* and to my lovely classmates, tHaNkyOu for the present. i love it! =D)
*Watched 'The Forgotten' yesterday. I must say, Julianne Moore looks great in this type of movies. Just her eyes alone is enough to suck you into the movie. And tammy, i do not only like bimbo/mandy moore movies, i like the forgotten/godsend/pirates ot carribean type of movies just as much.

My sister will be home tomorrow. Which means, sHopPing! yeah~
happy happy happy...~

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Bali was awesome!!!

Pictures of my bali trip can be viewed at my picture website! =)

Thursday, November 11, 2004


Happy happy happy... =)

I've been a cartoonist for the past week, trying my hands on Anthropomorphism. The outcome didn't look to bad, quite cute if i do say so myself. lol.

Our title for the artwork is 'Heal The World'. Very goody-goody! But what the heck, it's the easiest and most meaningful artwork we could think of. Me and Mei-ee that is. We will be trying out different techniques for our artwork -paint, color pencils, crayons etc. And for the earth- paper-machè!! Easy huh?!
There will be teddy bear firemens and a sexy kitten as a nurse in it.. so i'm crossing my fingers that it'll turn out just F-I-N-E.. :)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I miss my sister..
I miss my girlfriends..
I miss my Smo..

Been pretty busy lately with college work and so on. However, thinking back, the past three weeks has been kind of a blur to me, in terms of accomplishment and so on. Two presentations and a few written work is all i recall, there may have been more.. Can't seen to figure out as to why the busy feeling..

My head will be buried in a book i have gotten or rather borrowed, The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown thanks to the generosity of peixzan, though it is on loan so i have to watch out for my dirty fingers and rough handling. *eek* A very intriguing book. A must read by everyone. Well, maybe not everyone..coz it may thug on some unwanted controversial issues. *eek*

On a lighter note, I will be going to Bali on Hari Raya! Yay! It has been so soo long since i have been to a beautiful beach with my family! This is the hotel that we will be staying in. http://www.kutaparadisohotel.com/kuta/default.asp I have been told that we will be enjoying a 50 minute plus balinese spa/massage. *woot!* I can't wait!