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Friday, April 30, 2010

Shadows searching in the night

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My chat with Peanutxz today left me thinking how two person with similar thought processes and likes initially can grow to be different in opposite environments. That conversation led us to talk about which room in Zouk that we prefer most.

Velvet is my choice and Barsonic hers.

My argument is that, while Barsonic has great music, I don't quite get the crowd there. I feel like I don't really fit in with the advertising, creative and pushing the edge with fashion community. She does, since she pretty much honed her skills working in the creative line for the first years of her working life. Me? I thrust myself into the Corporate sector right from the beginning. No nonsense dressing and formal communications with proper English all the way.

I told her that her life has become so happening that Velvet is like a piece of white paper to her. Where else for me, my life has become quite mundane that that piece of white paper still excites me. Hehe. Sad I know.

The most exciting thing I have done for the past 2 weeks was traveling to Singapore with my crazy comrade colleague and 2 Dutch intern boys who taught me many useless Dutch words in the social world. Not exactly useless but words that would get me in trouble. Oh, and attended the National Achievers Convention at both KL and Singapore with the highlight of watching Tony Blair speak about his time in the office, what he thinks makes a successful person and some other stories.

I think the Bri'ish can make a bland story funny just with their accent. That's why their economy is so strong. Sorry, I digress.

The point is that, I have come to the realisation that I am sitting on my life. I don't think I am utilising my opportunities and learnings to my  potential. I am simply just contented or pretending to be contented with whatever success and tangible opportunities I have. One of the few things that I have learnt from the uneducational NAC was that, in order to succeed, you need to step out of the conventional box and venture into the unknown or even paths that have proven to succeed. Start a business, go into network marketing, trade things, etc.

So with all that realisation, I'm hoping to be able to open myself to new things. Wake up from my bed of contented dillusion and venture into the blue ocean and find my shipwreck fortune.

Hopefully, I may find a talking fish that could grant me some wishes.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Other Person

"Ever since you had a girlfriend, we're not close anymore."
"Does your girlfriend not like me? Is that why we're not best friends anymore?"

How would you respond when your other half's long time best friend presents him/her with that question?

They've been a tight unit way before you came into the picture - been through ups and downs and grew up together and have seen each other at their worst. For most girls whose boyfriends have such a relationship with another lady before them, would a tinge of insecurity. It's the thought that, one day he will realise that his childhood friend has always been the love of his life. Sadly, that's how much movies and the media have manipulated our thinking.

I'm somewhat sitting on the fence on this matter. At times, I feel there should be some boundaries once your best friend (of the opposite sex) has a partner. No more sleepovers, no more pet names, no more pinching each other's asses, no more sitting on each other's laps, etc. And sometimes, I feel that we're living in this 'new age' philosophical-bordering the 70s free willy lifestyle that, it's fine because the trust is there and both of them are just platonic friends. Right?

Many have claimed that a male and a female can never share a platonic relationship. Ultimately, it will always lead to tangled emotions and then more. Either that, or these people are those who have had their hearts broken when their partners ran back to their childhood best friends.

I have been faced with a similar situation, but I am not sure if the other person is right about me not being happy about the friendship or they are just being overtly sensitive. Because truth be told, at times I do get jealous of their relationship and the stories and experiences they have shared. And I too sometimes wondered if one day they would realise that they are soulmates and run off towards the sunset together. But I know for a fact that I definitely do not dislike her. I just don't know her well enough and vice versa.

Human relationships are really very complex. All made even more complicated by the confusing web of human emotions. Perhaps all of us should realise that the start of a new relationship doesn't mean the end of an old one. It just means that people around should give some breathing space for this new relationship to bloom into its own flower on its own ground.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sun, Sea, Sand Getaway #1 for 2010

Just two weeks ago, we left the busy city for a relaxing holiday in the beautiful Lang Tengah island. Sun, sea, sand with the Bf and partners was what I clearly needed to take my mind off everything.

I've never been to Redang or its nearby islands although I've heard aplenty about them. And being an avid lover of the beach, Lang Tengah was definitely one of the more beautiful beaches I've ever been to. But words do not do justice to its beauty, so pictures away!

Can you see the distinct depths of the clear blue water?

The soft white powdery sand
One end of the beach. The other end is the jetty.
 One example of the clear blue water. Some say it looks like a swimming pool. What do you think?
See what did I say about clear waters? The water level was up to his shoulders and yet we could still see his feet and the seabed. Plus a lone fish swimming along the rope.

Sigh. What I wouldn't give to go back to lying on the soft sand bed, feeling the heat from the sun contrasting with the cool sea waters. What I wouldn't give to be distance away from the real world, cut off from any telephone receptions and not knowing what time it really is, only from the position of the sun.

Funny how we've come so far in civilisation, and yet yearn to run away to such primitive ways of living.