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Friday, September 28, 2007

i'll be leaving...

in less than 6 hours and i have not packed yet! eek..

I guess there's nothing much to pack. And my parents and grandmother have been giving me flak about bringing such a big but empty bag there.. hehe.. And i've told them again and again, it won't be empty when i come back! I'll make sure of that! ;p

So people, see you all in 4 days! So short, ya i know. Till then, don't swing. :)

Happy Weekend! =)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

it's about time..

I admit, i had totally forgotten about this space. And that was a first, usually it'll linger at the back of my head, amidst all the nonsensical thoughts and daydreams i'd whip up, and i would brush it aside thinking to myself, wait la, awhile more. But this time, i just didn't even thought about it. hmm..

No difference la anyway.

So what have i been up to since my last emo post?
- jumped onto the facebook wagon (okla, quite interesting ;) )
- frolicked in the outside world
- ate a whole farm of animals and their meals

Yes yes, i gave in to the whole facebook hooha and went along with the crowd. Quite a bad investment of time tho. Lol. Nonetheless, cute!

I realised that after every semester ever since high school, i will without fail, do something to my hair. -Bimbotic statement, yes i know- Either i'd colour it, cut it, or just change it la. So this time, i surpressed the urge to just chop it all off (which i'm known for) and went with a little trim which took off almost half the volume. Anything to change that long straight chunk of mess. I didn't care how she cut it, as long as it looked different. I guess this is my way of releasing stress. Same goes with travelling. When every semester ends, i'd go somewhere. But we'll talk about that later.

Apart from these daily adventures of mine, i also have to start thinking about my grandma's birthday celebration programme. Still can't figure out the activities i can include that will entertain all my ahma's friends and their younger counterparts. hehe.. so cute kan?

Not forgetting also, i have to plan my itinerary for Bangkok! [To conclude my stress outlet statement above.] Which train station, the map, the routes, when to go, etc. All these planning for me to bomb my munny! ;p Joy is me!

On a totally womenshihuarenandwerule note, Happy Mooncake Festival people! :) Hope you all get to enjoy all the wonderful, yummy, but healthy - health is everything nowadays- mooncakes and the black horny nut.

Don't burn your hair lighting candles yo!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Please Excuse Me....

while i go deep fry what's left of my remaining brain cells.

Yesterday's paper was a killer. I think i threw away 35 marks just like that because of time constraint.


nah.. i'll get over it.

no more first class that's all.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Happy 21st Liann!

May you receive all the joy, happiness and love in the world babe! Thanks for the 'grand' party.. hehe, can't wait to see how your wedding reception will be like after that. hahaha..

Lots of love hun!
You look smashin hot last night with your new hairdo and .. B ! :p

hugs and kisses!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Our dreams, then and now

The past few days, i was in such a conflict with myself. On one hand, I am glad and excited that he is going to further his studies in another place; but on the other end of the spectrum, the selfish side of me can't bear to be away from him. Even if it's for a better future, even if it's only for less than 2 years, and even if it is only just five hours and a bridge away.

It broke the momentum. It changed our rhythm.

And that time, I really wished that time would fly past me to when this will end, so that the distance would not have to be felt anymore. Leaving us to see each other as often as we liked, like now.

That was the last few days. But now i am sure that, the time will eventually come. And with all the strength and love, we will emerge from the end of this race linking arms and fingers. Skipping towards a new chapter.


My dad suddenly asked me just a few hours ago if i would want to pursue my masters there. Lol, and this was even before i told him about simon.

I guess things will turn out in our favour in the end. :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Wey People!

Stop asking me to get married hokay! How old only? 21 pun belum mari tau.. At the very least, wait till i'm after a quarter centuries old la.. then that time you pester me. Nono.. you pester him! hehehe..

Till then, i'll keep showing you pictures of what type of diamond ring i like (princess cut please) so you got 'liu' when the time comes. ;p

Okla, stop dreaming! Exam's in 3 HOURS!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

4 years

and many more.


Thursday, September 06, 2007

one day closer

Some days i grumble that time is moving so slow, even watching tv is a drag. Most of the time, i complaint that time is passing me so fast that days are a blur. No winning to that.


Inching closer to the four year mark, i have learnt so much from the both of us as well as so little.

People who asks me "how long have you been together?"

One and a half years is my reply.

It's long enough to feel at ease in each other's presence, yet short enough to still be in the 'honeymoon' stages.

That's how i feel.

The duration really doesn't matter.. It's what we've been through and how we feel. Or at least, how i feel. ;p hehe. Four years isn't long at all, considering that we're in this for the long haul. Four years is just the first few baby steps.

It's been a great few baby steps tho. So much so that, it has enabled me to get a glimpse of what i would get in the future. Of what i really want in my future.

I guess, that's part of growing up. I'm lucky in that sense that, i have that certain someone to grow up and wisen up with. That we not only know who we were as lost angsty teenagers, we also know who we are going to be, and are helping each other achieve being that person.

i'm glad it's you and not some one else. :)

Must be my good karma. Haha


Our anniversaries have ALWAYS clashed with my exams. -_-