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Friday, May 28, 2004

ItcHy iTcHy itChY~!!

I have this red patch on the bridge of my nose and it itches really bad! Just came back from the doctor and gotten quite an amount of various tablets from him. There are tablets for cough, tablets for itchiness (morning and night), and tablets for allergies. I am such a weak fish.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

One week flew by just like that. A tiring yet interesting week. To sum it up, went to college everyday from monday till saturday, met up with my dear, the girls, and not having much of my beauty sleep.

Nothing very amusing, but there is one highlight though, Jen Ai had her Baby Girl!!! Received the news by her mom's phone call when i was on the way to college yesterday. So all of us went to the hospital in the evening to visit her. Her little bundle of joy is so darn cute! She's really tiny, weighs only 5 pounce, has this cute red patch on both of her cheeks and her eyes are huge! This little princess's name is Avis Chan Khyo Jean. Hmm, i hope i spelled it correctly, even if i did not, the pronounciation is about the same.

The whole while that we were there, Ai was really worned out. She's still in pain and couldn't move due to the 'cut' they made while trying to get the baby out. Her mom said the cut was almost to her anus. *ouch!* But i guess it is all worth it to have gone through that and bringing out another life to this world. I'm getting all emo right now. I want one too! lol. =p

Monday, May 17, 2004

I have no tuitorial classes for the whole week! Which makes my days in college happily shorter and my sleeping hours a tad bit longer.

Didn't had my lunch today as i was experiancing a really bad cramp and that took away all my appetite. Still, i managed to digest two pork sausages and three fishballs just for my health sake. Though those few little things on stick cost me FIVE bucks! Remind me not to eat those again.

Jen Ai's baby girl is due anytime soon! I can't wait i can't wait! It seems like it was only just a few weeks ago that she had gotten married. I am so excited!

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I am bored to tears. Was moping and lazing around the house the whole day. Went to the lrt station earlier this afternoon to pick my cousin up to my place. As i was supposed to help him practise on his version of Crumbs by Disagree for the audition. Didn't go too well eh shien? lol. I guess i am not much of a good helper.

Made plans with baby last night to go out for dinner later. We have not done that in quite a while now. It is always, dinner in his house then television session with his family or vice versa. So, it is nice to be able to go out and have a little two-of-us session again. And, sorry girls for not meeting you girls up. Thought it would be kind of a rush for me. Hope you girls did enjoy yourself.

Monday, May 10, 2004

My First Day in College

I left my house at exactly 6.45 this morning. Endured the 45 minutes lrt ride and reached my destination at 7.30. Was just congratulating myself on my time management skills when i realised that the buses had chosen this very morning to have pms. None of the buses were there and i had to wait till it was almost eight to get on to the ever-slow-moving college bus. What a good start.

Joined the hustle and bustle with all the freshmens like me in the college hall for our orientation. Watched the clips of various societies and activities that were held and also listen to alot of speeches from chairpersons and the principle herself. Although i must comment that the emcees were being rather annoying (translated: lame) and some of the speeches given could be worked on.

Moved on to the briefing of my course and the things that we need to know and do for the whole year that we would be there. Including joining two societies and lots of school rules to be followed. There are a few fun societies and activities that i would not mind joining though, like the dancing club, orientation odyssey (which i went for the audition today) and the talent-time competition. I also went for the public relations interview just to get myself exposed to the pr scene as that is what i am majoring in.

Well, my verdict of tar college after being there for a day? Bearable. Who knows, i might probably enjoy myself there more than i think i would.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

My last entry which was pretty lengthy is missing! And i have completely forgotten about what i have written there. Darn, what a total waste of my time!

Went to record another with my sister yesterday. This time, it didn't take up as much time as it did for the first song. We started at about two-thirty and finished off at seven. Maybe it is because we didn't record that many second and third voices. After that, went for a dinner with my family, two grandmas, aunt and her family in Kepong, to celebrate Mother's Day. It is the same place as where we ate the cheap crab the last time. And this time, we had two different servings of crabs, both at an equally cheap price!

Before our dishes were served, i suddenly felt really uncomfortable and my back was aching. I started feeling a little nauseas so i rested my head on my arms. When i thought i was feeling better, i lifted my head back up and the dizziness became worst. Soon after, my eye-sight slowly started to turn black. I told my sis about me feeling dizzy. She turned towards me and alarmed my parents as they were busy looking around, searching for a larger table. Mum took me to the roadside as i felt like puking and asked me to squat down to allow the blood to circulate better or something like that. I felt much better after that, could really feel the blood pressure going to my head, especially my ears. I did not puke though. It could be because, i had not eaten from lunch till then, claustrophobic or even because of my strained eyes due to my contact lenses.

Other than that, rashes has started to appear at the side of my face. At the cheekbones. It is so freakin itchy. Can't figure out how it appeared though. Maybe it is heat-rash, allergies or dry skin. Well, no matter what, i hope it clears up fast!