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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The grass isn't always greener on the other side

This Sunday is turning out to be a pretty slow and chilling day. The first in 2 months i am able to stay at home and just do nonsense. Well, im actually supposed to do some work since 2pm. And it's already 430pm and i've not even opened up my documents. Wth.

My feelings for my job comes to me in waves. Both good and bad waves. Dunno la. I'm feeling the pressure now. What if it isn't sellable? Stress nya. And the only thing that's keeping me going is the thought of going back home on Fri noon. Gosh, how i miss that place.

Moreover, an incident that happened earlier this week to my sis at the place we're staying gave us a good fright and reminded us of the statement that the govt have always stressed to its ppl, "Low Crime Doesn't Mean NO Crime". How apt. Thankfully nothing happened to her.

Oh, and i faced my first few bitchy wrath.

Hmm, minimal office politics you say?

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

waiting for the wash

It's been awhile since i updated.. hmm

I think i am adapting quite okay with life here. Moving around on my own two feet, literary, finding my own meals, washing my own clothes, making my own bed.. So far so good!

Of course i do miss the comforts of home, my parents, mama, jinn, ita.. Thankfully i have the bf, sis and friends here. At least i still get a taste of home.

Oh right, lest you think that my life here is super dull, it is not! Not really that dull anyway. So far la. hehe. In three weeks, i've watch more movies and series than i ever did in half a year back home. Yes! Not so boring after all rite? :p

Girls, seriously must watch Money Not Enough 2. You'll laugh then in a split second you'll cry then in another split second you'll laugh again. I came out of the cinema feeling confused. As did my reflex systems.

And in the two weekends that i have spent here, i watched 3 of simon's gig. His new 'band' isn't bad, plus he's singing more too. So i've pretty much become a groupie by going with him to his gigs. Not that im complaining. hehe

Now all i've got to get in order, is work. -_-


Friday, August 08, 2008

brand new working girl

My apologies!! For being MIA for awhile now with no interesting posts. There has been lots going on in my life the past few weeks but i'm not sure where do i start and how do i say it.

Nevermind that. I'm just going to give you a short brief. hehe

I've already started work with my company last week and so far my colleagues are really nice and helpful people. Maybe because most of them are around the same age as i am so i feel quite at home.

My job scope is still pretty new to me. It's a constant challenge since i started and i've got lots to learn! Actually, im still on the fence as to whether this is what i really want to do; because all the while, i've always thought of myself doing PR. Something that i'm really comfortable in doing, and i've always been unsure with doing event planning. Lol. I do it, but i dont like all those calling, selling, etc.

However, when i evaluate and analyse my new job (hehe, i know i know, old habits die hard) it encompasses all the things that i feel for, be it in a good way or bad. Research, organising, planning and managing my events, and meeting people. All rolled into one. Thankfully, i don't have to sell/raise sponsorship.. haha. I hate asking ppl for money.

Best of all, i get to be a project manager in my first job! It's a good platform that allows be to learn how to manage ppl at such an early stage.

Okok, i'm rambling too much about my job. What else happened? The week before i moved here, all the cousins in my batch, except for my sis (what la u) met up in KL after not meeting up together for so many years. Hanging out with them again brought back so many nostalgic feelings- eating buffet, playing monopoly..... We'll try to meet more often k cuzzies? Hopefully we can, what with so many of us overseas.

There are a few health issues at home- mainly mom and grandma. Sigh. What wrong timing! With so many members away from home. Hopefully everything turns out ok and everyone stays healthy and happy. Not to forget, wealthy. :p

Okla, gonna head out to dinner and movie with simon now, our old friday night tradition. :)

Will post more sooon!

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