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Friday, June 27, 2008


I'm back in Tanah Melayu.

Since my last post, another one of my relative passed on. This time, it's my great-grandma who have taken care of us siblings since we were young and spoil us with love and food. I guess this one did not really come as a surprise as she was already almost a century old and is already senile since 3 years ago- ie: old age.

However, i was still taken aback with her passing. Sigh, one after another. Tomorrow's her funeral so we're all going to go down early in the morning for it. I just got back at 3pm, sis will be reaching at 10pm and dad will reach klia around the same time as well. Only my bro won't be attending as he is on his first abroad trip with his gf to Melbourne.

My very first memory of my great-grandma was at home in KL, us siblings were teaching her how to speak english. We were in our early primary school years and i remember clearly the word we were pronouncing to her- noodle.

Goes like this:
Us kids: "Lao ma! Ta (say) noodle"
Lao ma: "luulel"
Us kids: "hahaha bohsi (not like that), nooooodlleee"
Lao ma: "luuuuulelll"

:) She was more than a great-grandma, more like a grandmother.

I hope she is at a more beautiful place and moves on to have a much better next life. One where she does not have to suffer through all the things she did in this life.

I love you Laoma. Thank you for enriching my life and my sibling's as well as the lives of your children, grandchildren's and other great-grandchildren's.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

This is life. She says.

Still no news from the companies. Why? Am i that incompetent to hire?
Maybe i'm just too impatient. But where can. Other ppl's companies call them back a few days to a week (tops) to let them know the results. Sigh..

What have i done so far? Cleaned the house. Yes, i actually sweeped, mopped, wiped the windows and tables, bed frame, scrub-wiped the fan, clean trash cans... to quote the bf, i was "Martha Steward on steroids". Seriously, with nothing to do after i wake up, i wash up, sweep, if i feel like it, i'll mop. Only thing i dont know how to do is wash clothes. Coz believe it or not, i still do not know how to operate the damn washing machine! Why are there so many buttons? Sheesh.

Apart from these daily domestic past times, i'll coop myself up in the room and watch drama series. I've recently been introduced to this show Brothers and Sisters which i think is amazing! The family dynamics in it truly reflects real life in my opinion. So fun to watch how things go in big families. Sigh.. makes me miss my family even more.

The Great SG Sale is still on, and after being here for almost a week, i am going to proudly announce that i did not spend on clothes and shoes!! Okla, i bought a top from F21, but that's just one amidst all the other temptations! I deserve a standing ovation.

Self praise aside, this is actually because i am trying very hard to tighten my purse strings. I feel really guilty spending money when i still have not found a job. Everything revolves around this one thing.

This morning when i was still groggy from sleep after waving bye to the bf as he was leaving for class, my mum msged me and told me that my oldest uncle (mom's oldest sister's husband) had passed away last night. Sigh. I am still trying hard to grasp the understanding of 'death'. How can one person be there, healthily and the next moment, at the verge of life and then moving on to another? How does that transition period feel?

Whenever we go over to my grandmother's hse last time, this uncle never fails to amuse us, with songs from his time, sayings, teases.. But at 70 plus years old, i guess this is pretty much expected. Part of living this life is knowing that it will one day end.

Tua Ee Tio, may you be well and happy wherever you are right now. Rest in Peace.

Everyone, may you all be well and happy too.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Limbo rock

Hello! It's been so long since my last entry yea. The last post, i was in Hanoi enjoying my daddy's presence, vietnamese food (yummy!), and a driver to drive me around.. now, i'm in Singapore attending interviews.

Not much has happened i guess since i last wrote, unless you consider the last minute decision to rush down here for an interview.

Things are pretty much in a limbo now for me. Many uncertainties. Not too sure if my first interview went well though, i was pretty unprepared in the sense that i did not prepare myself to ask them any questions, brought along my sample work (took out the night before to replace it with another cert) and i did not even show them my certs/recommendation letter etc! I forgot to show, and they didn't ask for it.

Hopefully, they liked me and think that i'm suitable as i liked what i have seen and been told about the company, and all goes well according to plan.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


Ooh, and last but not least,


I hope your work load decreases soon and give you more time to spend doing the things you love
I hope you get whatever you wished for this year
And I hope i will get to spend you soon! (this one pray ok :p)

Enjoy your day babe!!

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

First Vespa Ride

Driving around Vietnam is no easy feat, more so if you're walking. Those who've been here will know what i'm talking about. heh.. You just have to walk around like a blind man amongst the throngs and throngs of motorcyclists zig-zagging past you. So, imagine being said motorcyclist. Gosh. I was the pillion rider of my dad's ex secretary, riding on her Vespa around the city. Although everybody was riding at an average of 30km/h, boy was i terrified!

But because the scenery was beautiful with the old buildings, lakes, etc, and with the cool breeze caressing your face while riding around, it pretty much calmed my nerves a little bit. Nonetheless, i was constantly watching out for other motorcyclists, for fear of them or us coming too close to one another and pressing my legs closer to the bike, seriously, there were so many of us the street had a traffic jam of motorcycles! Crazy man i tell you.

It was a good experience tho, where we sat by the road side and have drinks and food just like the locals, which i dont i'll be able to do so with my family as only my dad understands slight vietnamese.. Actually, i picked up a few words also, like beef, noodles, good, papaya, icecream, chocolate, rain.. hahaha.. Not enough to get by.

Oh! And i did some happy shopping today! RM10 for a pair of heels, RM5 for a bra and RM1 for a panty. Tell me that is not insanely cheap? So happy! But finding something nice is like a dime in a dozen. Got to lower your expectations and sharpen those visions.

Tomorrow, we're heading to the silk factory. Mum's gonna go berserk there. Lol.

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