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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Withrawal Symptoms

I've been back from Hanoi for 2 days now. And it's been hellish. I miss my parents, I miss my grandma, I miss my bf, I miss my home, my bed, Ita... the list goes on and on and on. It's so hard to get back into my groove of working after such a refreshing and comfortable break.

Half a day gone and I don't think i have been of much use to the company apart from little bits here and there.

Pictures of the happy trip are over at my sis's flickr. Wait, i need to ask her for the link. hehe.

Woke up yesterday to a sore throat. Was thinking "shit shit. i hate getting sick on a foreign land". Plus, i can't take medical leave yet. ngek ngek. So i downed mouthfuls of water and green tea after mouthfuls through out the whole day and eh, i felt much better at night!

Then today.. I came to office and starting coughing, had trouble breathing, throat hurting, nose blocking, and then... i feel my temperature of my head rising. Sheesh.. NO MED LEAVE YET LA!! WHY NOW??

Next month can or not? Oops, which reminds me.. my confirmation should be on Tuesday. I wonder if they will confirm me?

Blabbing away during lunch hour. Coz i was feeling too sickly to go out for lunch and every seems to have lunch appointments anyway so i asked another colleague to tapao french toast and a stick of four fishballs from the nearby mamak.

So nice to sit in an empty office where you feel like you can do almost anything! lol. Ahh, i spoke too soon, the whole bunch of sales team just came in.

Can i not work anymore? Can i be Karen Cheng? Her life seems wonderful from her blog. Of course, we know that nothing is really as it seems in real life. But, it really looks as though what you see in her blog is what you get.

It's 1.20pm. I think i should get back to work. No wait, lemme play one game of boom boom volleyball first! hehehe


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Looking at the silver lining

After delaying my production cycle to 2 more weeks, i finally gotten the first draft of the brochure and have briefed my sales team! WEE!!

Then, the nightmare starts again this week. Phone research, calls and more phone calls. :(

But thinking on the brighter side of things, I am going to go visit my father again this week! And, winter is starting, so will be enjoying the chilled weather with yummy Vietnamese meals and chauffeured driven cars!

Oh ya, i'll be moving closer to town together with my sister and 2 of our housemates. So broke now. The exorbitant rent is really ridiculous. Let's hope the world economy stables, my events all sell like hot cakes and I will get to pay my rent and go shopping too. hehe. Not much for a girl to ask for right?


Monday, October 06, 2008

Oh no. This is bad.

I'm only updating once a month! Cannot!! I'm living out of home, in a foreign (ok, not so) land, and i have no happening news to share? Sheesh.

The only happening thing i've done so far being here is attended two social networking events. More like speed dating for digital marketers and service providers and people like myself. Lol.

For the past one and a half month, i have been feeling like throwing up. In the morning, after meals, halfway during work, etc. There will be a time when i'm eating where i feel like im getting full, and if i try to stuff another bite, the 'throwing-up' mechanism in my gut will start running.

So i told my dad about it the other time when we all went back KL,

Me: I don't think my digestive system is working fine. I have been feeling like vomiting constantly.... (describes as per above)
Dad: Hmm.. you've got it already.
Me: Huh? Got what?
Dad: The working sickness.
Me: WHAT???

Lol. Yeah. Apparently we'll all get it once we start working. Hehe. Shows that i'm well on my way on the path to a successful career.

Other news, i thought LDR is already a thing in the past.

But, i thought too soon. :(

PX, don't be too sad ok. Just remember what i said earlier, she led a perfect life with the perfect family filled with love, joy and happiness. She's free from all illnesses now.

All dogs go to heaven my dear! :)


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