::Life's Little Mystery::

life requires lots of love, and loving brings life

Monday, May 30, 2005

Is there a reason..

I feel really empty
Like i don't belong
Is there a reason
Please make me strong

Doubts crowds
Insecurities creeps
Is there a reason
Is love too deep

Hold my hand
Wipe my tears
Is there a reason
Come catch my fears

Smile with me
Embrace my feel
Is there a reason
Love me still

Saturday, May 28, 2005

healthy me?

My day yesterday could not be more healthy. After so long of not exercising, (the last time was during the swimming club almost a year ago.) my girls and i hit the gym for some long needed exercise. We did everything from the treadmills to the full body exercise equipments to steamroom to the sauna. I don't get the sauna. How can people actually stand being cooped up in such a hot room which there's hardly any breathing air left for you? I mean, im ok with being in there for 10 minutes or so, but more than that? I get clustrophobic and restless. Other than that, my girls loved it. :) We had a really nice trainer with us, she guided us through our exercises, and also did some cute antics to prove some of her points.

After our gym session, we headed to Liann's place for some swimming fun. Lilian was probably the only one among all four of us who was really 'in the mood' for exercising. She did laps while all of us just laze around in the water, cooling off from the gym. Kudos to that biatch. ;)

I met up with Simon later in the night for our ritual friday night outing. It was already 9pm at that time, and i have not had anything to eat since lunch. Plus, you know what exercise does to your hunger. So we headed to Taman Tun's Secret Recipe for our dinner. On the way there, i was already imagining eating some chicken-chop looking food in my head, and i couldn't wait to order. But due to the lack of chicken in the SR kitchen, i ordered fish & chips. Sadly, that plate didn't satisfy my hunger at all, but at least it made me full. So much for rewarding myself with food..

That pretty much sums up my productive day. A little ache here and there from my body, but it's ok. I had fun. :) Oh, my dad is in the newspaper today! Check out Star Metro, page 14.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

My Thoughts. :)

Life is such a funny thing. You start out by sleeping, and you end it by sleeping. You start out behaving like a child, you end it by also behaving like a child. Ironic huh? I have always been amazed by life itself ever since i was a wee kid. I would constantly wonder, how does it feel like to look at the world through another person's eyes and walk through life with another person's body, soul and thoughts. I'm sure many of you wonder the same too. Questions posed to my own unenlightened mind leaves me puzzled and hungry for answers that till now i am still figuring out.

Think about it, if clocks were never invented, there will not be seconds, minutes, hours, therefore no calenders and age. No one will know how old they are, and there will be no such thing as the old and the young. Hmm, Just a thought.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Happy Wesak Day!

Ah, after all the weeks of preparing for wesak day, it is now over. Ever since i was born, wesak day has always been an important event in the family, like how christmas is to some families. Not one year have gone by that i didn't do anything on this day. From children sunday school sales in Brickfields, to teen dramas in Bubs, to our very own youth stall. Being the youthful youths as we are, our stall has always been the loudest, noisiest, and funniest(to me) in the past few years, be it funny antics, helium effects on broken male voices, or whatever.

So apart from the newly formed acappella group, this year is not much different. For our acappella performance, we sang five songs. Two buddhist songs, Lion Sleeps Tonight, In the Still of the Night, and our own version of one of the buddhist song. And for our contribution to the wesak fair, we sold lemonade and a game stall.

For many who are not familiar with what we do today other than the usual blessings/prayers..etc, there is also a food fair, where many people/devotees sell food, gifts, drinks, deserts and other things, which are paid using coupons and the proceeds goes to the building fund/other donations. Most of the Buddhist Organizations/Societies/Temples and so on, have been carrying similar event like this for as long as i can remember. It's a celebration for buddhists. One that i hope, in the near future, not only buddhists will celebrate. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Am i ready to be in Uni?

I cannot believe after 15 and a half years of studying, i'm finally in what will be the final stages of education. From kindy, to primary school, to high school, to college, and now, UNI!

Yesterday was my first day in uni. Well, it wasn't technically my first day, it's registration/orientation/briefing day. Boring.. Listening to them talk about the facilities in Uni with their Manglish slang isn't very convincing. The uni, is a very small 'factory'. Parking there, is a killer!! Not to mention, if i want to rent a parking lot in the carpark, it costs RM60 a month. Can you believe it? Tarc only charge us students RM20 a YEAR. It's ridiculous. I told dad about it, but surprisingly he said, 'It's ok. At least you'll have a proper place to park.' Well, true. But RM60? I dunno.. Call me stingy or whatever, it's a lot! But i guess, i'll probably get the space, it will be such a hassle to come half an hour earlier just to search for parking outside, considering the journey from my house to the uni only takes about 5-10 minutes.

I miss my girls. I miss having girly talks, gossip sessions, dinner, drinks with them. Through out my hols, i don't think i've seen all of them together at one time. It's either one of us can't make it, or has other things to do. Mostly me. Sorry girls. Let's go for dinner in a nice place soon. Ok?

Saturday, May 07, 2005

I've done a good deed today! :)

I did a good deed today. I donated my blood. :) Though something weird happened while at it. All this while my blood type has always been B, in certs, results from various tests and so on. So is my mother's blood type and my dad. But today, after the required blood test, ta-da.. They told me my blood type is, O. I thought to myself, weird. This can't be. So, the first thing i did was, confronted my parents and asked them if i am adopted. Haha. My parents were surprised themselves as they are dead sure that my bloodtype is B, and has always been B. So, unless my blood suddenly decided they didn't want to be in the B group, and transform themselves into the O group, this is definately a mistake. The thing is, they have already labelled my blood bag as O, and it would be dangerous if they give this blood to a person with an A blood type or whatever. I don't want to harm anyone... But they nurse told us that it's ok, as they usually double check the bloods again in the lab, and mistakes do happen. I guess it's pretty safe to say that i'm not adopted... :p

My arm still hurts. Whenever i touch it, it feels like its bruised or something. Sakit.. But i'm a strong girl, i can take it! ;)

Tonight i will be going to Mont Kiara to give Simon and his band, support. They took part in the Levis 501 day Competition. I really do hope they'll win. They deserve to win this time! Go Media Puppets.. ~!!!

Monday, May 02, 2005

Have you done a good deed lately?

Dear fellow friends,

There will be a blood donation campaign on the 7th of May, this Saturday, which is organized by Bandar Utama Buddhist Society and University Hospital. It will be held in One Utama, on the ground floor, next to Oriental Cravings. For those of you who are interested in donating, and if you have not donated blood in the last 3 months and have no sicknesses/illnesses/diseases whatsoever, please head down to One Utama this Saturday.

All of your clean bloods will be very much appreciated. :)

Here's the information:
Time : 11.00am - 3.30pm
Date : 7 May 2005, Saturday
Venue: Ground floor of the new wing, next to Oriental Cravings, One Utama

Sadhu to all of you in advance. See you there!