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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hello First Class Honours!

Words cannot express how big a breath a let out when i checked my results earlier. My heart was beating furiously, my breathing was short and hurried, hands shaking- as i typed in my user ID after i've checked PX's and waiting for the page to load, i prayed continuously to whomever up there and around me listening, to let my 3 years of hard work pay off. Glancing up every minute from the keypad to the loading page, hoping that i will see something that will ease my doubts and fears.. finally it loads. Scrolling down with trembling hands, and, I've done it! I've finally f-ing done it! CGPA of 3.61 which equals to a FIRST CLASS HONOURS DEGREE YO!!!

Omg omg omg.

I knew my dad was standing outside somewhat anxiously as i suspect he knew what i was checking when he walked over and saw the website. So i skipped/hopped/jumped to him squealing "YAY!!!! I GOT 1ST CLASS DADDY!!!!" haha.. ran around the house, jumping on the couch beside my grandma, running into my parent's room and squealed the news to her, and then messaged the BF to tell him the good news.

What a weight lifted off me. But i doesn't matter if i can't get a job where i want does it? Nvm.. no to being cynical right now. I should drown myself in this news until the next good news comes along.. hehehe..

CONGRATS TO ME! I wonder if i'll get the 'book prize' (money) from the uni? ;p

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

After A Week

I was back from across the causeway for approx 4 days now and i have been pretty much a recluse thus far. Staying at home, sleeping half the day away and spent the rest of my time watching tv and surfing the computer. I didn't even have the urge to venture out to the malls. Very good and weird at the same time.

I think it could be because of the fact that i have spent so little time at home for the past 3 weeks. Plus, i will only be back for a couple of days before i fly off again to my dad's for a week. My duffle bag is barely unpacked and now i have to shift everything into a bigger luggage to accomodate all the other knick-knacks my mother wants to bring over. She even wants me to back soft chewy cookies, freeze it, pack it and bring it. Crazy.

My sister was supposed to come along with us this trip but unfortunately, her seniors disapproved what with this period being the peak or something like that. So it's just me and my elders over there. I was hoping my sister and i would accompany each other to excursions to town, halong bay, filled with gossips and badmouthings. Sigh.. im just gonna stay at home over there and watch more tv. Apparently their cable has more channels than Astro. :)

My time down south was.. "rejuvenating" to say the least. Not much shopping but i did buy a dress for SGD8 tho. hehe. The day i left was the start of the Great Sale. What a waste eh.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back to reality

Tioman was loads of fun! Snorkelling, lazing on the beach, hanging out with friends.. when's the next one guys? :) One thing though, during one of the many snorkelling stops, as i was trying to find a way to get down from the boat, i banged my head pretty hard on the pole/railing. It was so hard that i heard the loud 'thung' first before i even realised the pain. A large blueish red-ish bump appeared not long after that. Gosh, it's still painful as of now.

Apart from that, everything was relaxing and nice. As there was no coverage for both maxis and digi, we were practically cut off from the outside world. Save for one person's phone with celcom line. I kind of liked that feeling of distancing myself away from my life back home. Without the worries, etc. Cowardly, but true.

I am also a few shades tanner. Which i feel is a good thing, seeing that being tan gives the illusion that i'm somewhat toner and more slender. haha. Not that fair and flabby.

Today was spent lazing around the house and packing for tomorrow. I even took some time for a little pampering- eyelash extensions! Haha.. i look like bambi right now. I love it! Maybe i should sign up for the one year package.

This year will be the first in many years that i will not be home for the Wesak Day celebrations. Every Wesak, i will either handle/sell/visit the Brickfields MahaVihara/BUBS food fair. I feel a little heavy hearted for breaking the tradition but life is all about moving on ain't it? :(

On the other hand, news on the earthquake stricken areas makes me sad. I feel so helpless knowing that i am able here but can't do much to help them. I've been looking through Mercy Corp website finding for ways in which i can volunteer to help those victims. Doesn't matter where. I don't want to just donate money, i want to be there, helping hands on. Are there any NGOs conducting relief efforts to them?

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Mambo and more

Mambo last wednesday night with the coursemates was absolutely fun! It's always when things have ended that you just started to appreciate it. Come two more weeks or so, everyone would have jetted off to their choice of place.

A few of the girls (px, fei, jw) were supposed to come by my place to get ready before we head to kl, but these perempuans, took their own sweet time. So while waiting 'patiently' for them, i took out my ol' skool curlers from way back world war one heh, and started curling my hair.

This is the outcome...

But my hair, being naturally straight and artificially sraightened as well, went back to its original form even before we stepped into the club. Lol. How sad is that
Haha, that last picture was supposed to be focusing on my backdrop with minimal narcism. Lol.

Apart from this, my London cousin just got here on Saturday. The last he was here was 8 years ago, so i've brought him to a few places, namely the Attic and Sungei Wang. haha. However, my aunt has brought him to more places for shopping la. He'll be here for 3 weeks, until after his sister's wedding. So there's still loads of time for all his shopping spree. (Almost a decade ago, his sister came during one of our sales and bought up a storm of heels claiming "it's practically free!" haha the exchange rate at that time was like 8 i think. )

I wanna migrate there..

My holidays have just started! I've got to start packing for my tioman trip. Sun, sea and booze fun! Ahh Bliss!

After this, Spore and Hanoi! :)

Status: Still Unemployed

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The end is here

After 15 years of non-stop studying, it's all done now. I'm not quite sure if this will be the end of it, but for now, i'm still quite traumatised from all the stressing/memorizing/studying for finals.

As of today, i am officially unemployed. Although i am sort of frantically sending out resumes to every possible job opp, but to no avail. sigh..

No matter! Mambo tonight! heh

Monday, May 05, 2008

Mini update

What have i been up to thus far since my last post? hmm.. let's see.
* Performed in Malacca with igemz. (Yay!)
* Finished 3 final papers, one last paper tmrw.
* Spent time with my family- dad and sis came back for the labour day weekend
* Shopped a teeny weeny lil bit. Bought a RM15 leather shoe. hehehe. Original price was RM169
* Celebrated my sis's and aunt's bday. Happy 24th Tache! and err.. to you too koko. ;p
* Had dinner with my girls after a gazillion years of not dining together

I think that's about it. So little hor? I thought i did more than that.

So, one last one tomorrow and i'm all done with uni. Don't really know how i feel about that, but i have starting sending out my cv to potential companies. Hopefully they reply me and request for interviews. I really hope they WILL reply me. How long do they normally take???

ps: Dear Comm Law, please do not ask for specific cases and just be kind enough to allow for illustrated ones.

Eeee... they saved the worst for last.

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